Check out the latest All Strings Considered podcast – Scott Wolf’s interview with lutenist/guitarist/7-string virtuoso and more John Schneiderman:

“After a series of highly guitar-intensive episodes, John Schneiderman brings us the refreshing and distinctive sounds of the Baroque lute, Russian guitar, five-string banjo, and the no-nails perspective on the Spanish guitar tradition.

This episode begins with some vintage radio—KPFK’s Howard Larman’s Hootenanny—featuring the DemiJohns, Schneiderman’s guitar and banjo duo with John Corzine, both of whom were thirteen at the time. Explore some beautifully played solo lute, and chamber music, from composers Weiss and Kohout (Haydn’s lute player), along with some excellent examples of the lute’s special capacity for harp-like campanellas, ease of play in a wide range of keys, and virtuosic octave passages.


Listen to Schneiderman play the music of Coste on the seven-string guitar and the music of Mertz on the guitar and the smaller terz guitar. On the Mertz recording you’ll hear him on both of these instruments simultaneously, as his Mertz recording is comprised of duets where John plays both parts.

Finally, enjoy a few gems from the Russian guitar repertoire, the all-but-forgotten yet vast body of sophisticated guitar music associated with the seven-string instrument tuned DGBdgbd.”

You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the ‘Media’ menu (at the top of our site) and choosing ‘podcast’ or you can subscribe or listen on iTunes by clicking here.

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