We like to say that Antonio de Torres is to the guitar what Stradivarius is to the violin, so it’s nice every now and then to be able to prove it. We happen to have at the moment a fantastically preserved 1888 Torres nicknamed ‘La Italica’ (the guitar has a great history, too, so it’s worth clicking on that link and reading about it). Built in the same year as Tarrega’s famous Torres (the one from the poster), it’s just two numbers away (this one is SE116 and Tarrega’s is SE114) and built from the same materials, etc…, it’s about as close as you can get to playing Tarrega’s actual guitar.

Having said all that, I’m particularly pleased that we got to shoot quite a few videos with Andrew York, who played his own music on this guitar rather than what you might expect (like, for instance, Tarrega). I love that we get a chance to hear how amazing this guitar is and how well Torres’ guitars hold up compared to anything being made today. We have more videos of Andrew playing this amazing guitar and we’ll be posting those over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

So here’s Andrew York playing Yamour, the title-track from his great new CD. You can download the sheet music to this piece and to the music in the other videos we’ll be posting and more from his catalog directly from Andrew – just click here to go his sheet music downloads page.

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14 Responses to “Andrew York Plays an 1888 Torres”

  1. Gorgeous instrument, beautiful song, masterfully played. Pretty great all around!

  2. Mark Small says:

    What a great addition to the GSI video collection. The guitar sounds amazing and Andrew give fantastic performance of his beautiful piece. Watching this made my day!

  3. Sam Halstead says:

    It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Mr. York.

  4. Mark Campbell says:

    Wow! Beautiful piece and I didn’t expect the guitar to be so powerful. You say Torres’ guitars hold up much better than anything made today. Why do you believe that to be so?

  5. Al L. says:

    You do have to admit that this guy is a little bit ‘affected’ by a song that sounds like it’s being made up on the spot.

    First time I’ve heard an electric Torres, he must have been more ahead of the game than I’d previously realized.
    Such a shame, it would’ve been good to hear the guitar without the extraneous effects.

    Any chance of a clean recording?

  6. Rico L says:

    What a great tune, beautifully played.

    I don’t know why though — I think this is a good composition but I don’t have any desire to listen to it again 🙁

  7. Fernando says:

    No doubts, this melody has the York flavor, amazing!

  8. Tom says:

    Astonished at the strength of the upper register of the guitar, even allowing for Andrew York’s beefy attack – best impression I’ve ever had of a Torres. And the music? Just great, a perfect use of a reiterative but subtly varied motive, creating an accumulative and memorable effect. An instant classic of the genre, beautifully played.

  9. Anthony Vaquez says:

    In regards to the audio recording, does your team apply any post production effects? Just wondering if the re-verb is because of the natural resonance of the guitar or if it was artificially applied. 🙂 a beautiful piece, always a fan of Andrew York’s playing and composition.

    • Kai says:

      Hey Anthony – In this case I approached the recording more the way I would approach a CD, so while I still didn’t use any EQ I did add reverb.


      • Anthony Vasquez says:

        Thanks for the reply, yeah most of the time audiences just want that reverb, for a fuller sound. It could be argued that in a room you’re going to get a natural reverb, so adding it to a recording isn’t changing the essence too much. Amazing even presence though out the range of guitar shows. Unfortunately I don’t think they’ve made a sound system yet that gives you the same experience of hearing an instrument live. Either way it’s a beautiful recording. Good job.

  10. Ivan R. says:

    @ Al. L “This guy” is Andrew York, an icon in the guitar world and one of it’s most creative and unique personalities. You don’t have to love the piece but please show some respect.

  11. Brian Cullen says:

    He’s such a good writer, but I can’t stand when melodies cut off accompaniment because it can’t be played at the same time.
    This would be fantastic as a duo piece, well worth the listen. He has such a good tone too.

  12. Jean Vignes says:

    I love hearing Andrew York play his compositions. It’s magical the way he weaves together his considerable musical knowledge and his vast love of music for each piece. Rarely has the guitar had a better ambassador than Mr. York.


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