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The Jose Ramirez Auditorio may be the perfect example of old-world meets new. The Auditorio is essentially a Ramirez 1a, but with a modern nomex-sandwich top for more power and projection, along with a slightly raised fingerboard and a 20th fret. We currently have three Auditorios on sale – one in cedar and Indian rosewood, one in cedar and CSA rosewood, and a cedar and Indian ‘Auditorio de Camara’ – all at fantastic prices as part of our Ramirez sale.

Here’s a word from Amalaia Ramirez about the Auditorio model:

“We would like to share with you the good news about our “Auditorio” guitar, as we have seen that it has achieved a relevant place among many guitarists in the world. As our sales of this model have been increasing since we started making it, we decided to ask for feedback from guitarists who own an “Auditorio” who feel happy and proud of it. Below is a summary of many of the points they have made about it.

The “Auditorio” guitar has the same sound characteristics of the Traditional guitar, although sometimes when it has not been played it seems very similar, but it develops very quickly, and it adapts very easily to the guitarist’s needs and way to play, improving its projection, color, tone, wideness and sustain, and also, as time passes playing it, the guitar player continues discovering new things in its sound that he never suspected that could be hidden there. It is a very “plastic” and moldable instrument.

1) Cedar double-top construction – players find it very unique and innovative especially for a traditional brand like Jose Ramirez.
2) It produces a loud sound easily and quickly with good sustain.
3) The sound is well balanced from the 1st to 6th string.

If you want to try this innovative Ramírez guitar, you can contact GSI who only has three of these instruments in their gallery.”


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