Pepe Romero Jr. recently approached us and asked for our help spreading the word about an important environmental issue. Along with Al Gore and his Climate Reality Project, not to mention the world-famous musician Jack Johnson, Pepe is determined to do something about the bark beetle infestations that are wreaking havoc on North American ecosystems. Watch the videos, have a look at his photos and read his story below. For more information or to help out, visit the Guitar of Reality initiative page.

Being involved in the “Guitar of Reality” project has been an honor and an eye opening experience. I had heard of bark beetle infestations but had no idea of the magnitude. Billions of trees in North America have already been killed by the bark beetles and it was overwhelming to stand in these forests surrounded by dead trees. For a wood worker like myself who loves and depends on wood it was hard to handle. It is undeniable when you are in it to see that this epidemic is not normal, that the delicate balance of nature has been upset and the consequences for this are severe.

I do feel good about being able to spread the word about this epidemic and be part of a call for change. The beetle epidemic is directly linked to global warming due to carbon emissions. This is something that we can all make changes in our life and work towards a world where we use cleaner energy.

Another thing that we can do is use the incredible amount of wood which is standing dead in these forests. The wood has not been structurally effected and it is beautiful. I hope that people are inspired to build things with the beetle kill pine. I intend to continue to build guitars and ukuleles with it and make some great instruments which tell a story and give a new and positive life to a devastating situation. Anyone can get beetle kill pine from my source at Sustainable Lumber Company in Montana. Use it for furniture, flooring, or even world class guitars and ukuleles!

So far Jack Johnson has and loves his Pepe Romero Beetle Kill guitar and ukulele. Former Vice President Al Gore also has and loves his Pepe Romero Beetle Kill Ukulele. I am going to build myself a beetle kill guitar and ukulele and make them available and open the option for this wood up to any of my dealers to order.

Thanks for taking the time to check out these videos and photos.

-Pepe Romero

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2 Responses to “Jack Johnson & Pepe Romero Jr. Join Forces”

  1. Peter Dutton says:

    I want one!

  2. k.kurz says:

    Thank you so much for working to bring more attention to the beetle problem. In addition to climate change, apparently decades of fire suppression have also contributed to the epidemic. It is my hope that states will review forest practices and come up with a plan that will help to curb the beetle. Thanks again and the guitars are beautiful.


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