Adam Holzman recently stopped by GSI to pick up his new Dominique Field guitar. Adam has a very respectable guitar collection, yet he told us that he had never waited so long for any guitar before, and we were very happy to be there as he played it for the very first time. He even shot a few videos for us as he played the first few pieces on it – Antonio Lauro’s ‘Registro’ from the Suite Venezolana and ‘El Niño’.

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6 Responses to “Adam Holzman at GSI”

  1. Nick Carracino says:

    I have all of your recordings, and I love every one of them, but it’s a special treat to actually see you play pieces I own and love. I don’t know anybody living who plays better than you do, few who can play as well. Thanks for every note of everything.

  2. Pavlos Gypas says:

    Beautifull guitar and amazing player,to my friend Dominique,i wish you all your instruments to have good luck ,like this guitar,

  3. JRP says:

    Nick – I see what you mean. Beautiful playing etc.

    Kai – What was Mr. Holzman’s initial impression of the guitar?


  4. Chris Wolf says:

    Awesome. I have a few of your CDs, they are wonderful, but it’s great to get a visual. You make it look so easy.

  5. Bruce Holzman says:

    Ads, absolutely beautiful playing, really love el nino. Guitar has a beautiful sound, really clear and clean and articulate with a quick attack and response. Your playing is beautiful!


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