We’ve got more videos of Capital, and this time he’s playing some solo pieces – Guinga’s Perfume de Radames on a John Weissenrieder ‘Simplicio’ and Dilermando Reis’ ‘Dr. Sabe Tudo’ on a Jose Ramirez ‘Auditorio de Camara’.

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2 Responses to “Capital at GSI, Part 2”

  1. susie says:

    i own a similar model i had a berneby and a sakura,, but i was searching for a magical compassionate sound from my instrument and i found it in this model she is the most beautiful sensitive instrument i ever heard i was so happy to hear someone play her,, thanku so so beautiful …..

  2. susie says:

    oopps i just realized i forgot to mention i was speaking of the simplicio ,, thanku


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