In the latest All Strings Considered podcast Scott Wolf talks with Adam Holzman, whom most of you have seen quite a bit of in the last few weeks:

From Scott:

“Cornering Holzman for a chat at the GFA symposium a couple of weeks ago, I finally had the chance to ask him about some of those phenomenal recordings he did for Naxos. He is among the first classical guitarists to record on that label, and has recorded several series of complete works from a range of composers, including two discs of Sor, two discs of Ponce, many of Lauro’s Venezuelan Waltzes, and most recently Mertz’s Bardenklang.

A stellar performer and teacher, it’s no surprise seeing so many of his students take top prizes in major competitions, and I’m often struck by his especially engaging approach to composers of the classical style like Carulli, Giuliani, and Sor. He somehow transforms works I’m tired of, or unsure about, into music I adore.

In this episode you’ll hear him discuss his preparations for recording, some excellent practice techniques, and his current experience teaching three GFA finalists. Additionally, he helped me choose some pieces from his ample library of recordings for us to listen to, including some great music by Sor, Ponce, and Lauro.”

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2 Responses to “All Strings Considered – Adam Holzman”

  1. Mike says:

    Hope my playing guitar session liked by everyone who were present at that time. I was little nervous and trembling. But anyhow i played well. 🙂

  2. I believe Adam to be the son of Julian Bream as far as the use of color on the CLASSICAL GUITAR. ADAM was just at the 92nd street ‘Y’ for the 120th birthday celebration of Segovia. Adam is such a great Artist and I love my momentary visit to the world of the all time colorist Julian BREAM and told him so!!!!


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