Here’s something new – a Ramírez with a nomex-sandwich top. It’s called the ‘Auditorio,’ and if you ever wished your 1a was louder, this is as close as you’re likely to get. It’s actually a really cool guitar that feels just like a 1a (heavier, of course) with an ever-so-slightly raised fretboard, but gets that extra volume. You can check it out here.

Here’s what Amalia Ramírez has to say about it:

The Auditorio guitar was born, as a project, in 2006, when we made the fist prototypes. I was making my experiments with the called double top using nomex, and I knew that the first luthier who ever started using this material was Gernot Wagner. For this reason I contacted him, and he was very kind helping me since the very beginning to let me know how to work with it. He even came to my workshop to make a top with us. After this,my guitar makers and me have been making some changes to adapt this system to our own criteria, techniques and design, until we got what we were looking for.

The double top helps get a better projection and sustain. However, it does not improve the quality. If the guitar has a good sound, then it will give it more power, but if the sound of the guitar is not good, then it will be more powerful but with a poor sound.

My intention was to keep the personality of Ramírez guitars, and we have really done it, so we have the sweetness, depth and richness, as well as the balanced sound that is characteristic of Ramirez, adding more power, wideness and sustain. The best things of our guitars are even more noticeable with this new technique. It takes much more work, because building a double top is very delicate and takes a long time, but it is well worth the effort.

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One Response to “New Model From Ramirez – ‘Auditorio’ Double Top”

  1. Dedrick Koh says:

    I think this is the most exciting new model Ramirez has developed in years.

    Years ago, I never would have expected Ramirez to make a composite top…ever!


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