Portuguese guitarist Ruben was in the US recenty on tour and stopped by the showroom to play some guitars – check him out playing Konstantin Vassiliev’s ‘Snowdrop’ on five guitars: a Teodoro Perez ‘Concierto’ cedar, a 2002 Jose Marin Plazuelo ‘Bouchet’, a 2013 Juan Miguel Carmona, a 2010 Fritz Ober maple and a 1956 Hermann Hauser II.

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3 Responses to “Ruben Bettencourt at GSI”

  1. Rene says:

    Very nice performances! Such a set of recordings calls for a comparison… The spruce tops worked a bit better for me here in terms of the timbre. My ranking based on this selection would be:
    1. Ober (no weaknesses I heard for this piece)
    2. Hauser (smooth and clear sound, close call with the Ober)
    3. Plazuelo (very even too, a bit more bite on the high end)
    4. Perez
    5. Carmona

    Age of the instrument plays a role perhaps…

  2. Jon Howdeshell says:

    During the early 60’s in southern California I met an amazing flamenco guitarist named Henri Bettencount. Is this person any relation to Ruben Bettencourt?

  3. Tony D'Arco says:

    Very nice recording quality and nice guitar selection. Thanks for posting. I agree with Rene in the ranking. I wonder which guitar Mr.. Bettencourt preferred.


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