We just had a fantastic event at the GSI showroom this past Saturday evening to raise money for the Guitar Foundation of America. GFA Competition winners Martha Masters (who is also currently the GFA President) and Vladimir Gorbach performed to a packed house who were treated to a great performance and several wonderful extra surprises. Firstly, we were loaned two exquisite instruments – an 1864 Torres, which Martha played, and a 1937 Hauser I, which Vladimir performed with. There were some very special guests in the audience as well – including concert guitarist Zoran Dukic who was in town, as well as Greg Tedesco, grandson of the great composer and friend of Segovia, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. In honor of his presence, Martha and Vladimir made sure to include some of Tedesco’s music in both halves. Martha started the first half of the evening with Astor Piazzolla’s “Milonga del Angel”, then played the exquisite “Sonata” by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. Next up was Vladimir, who played 3 movements from Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Lute Suite, BWV 997”, 2 movements from “Estaciones Porteñas” by Astor Piazzola, then ended with the little-known virtuoso showpiece by Miguel Llobet – his Variations on “La Folia”. For the second half, the two partnered up for some duos: 2 “Preludes and fugues” for 2 guitars by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, 2 movements from “Tango Suite” by Astor Piazzolla, then closed the evening out with a lovely duo arrangement of the lilting “Scherzino Mexicana” by Manuel Ponce. During the intermission and after the concert, Tempranillo and Albariño wines were served (courtesy of our friends at Bodegas M), along with some tapas, rounding out a very special evening for all who attended.

Be sure to check out photos of the evening and of the 1864 Torres and 1937 Hauser, and keep an eye out for videos of the evening, which we should have soon.

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2 Responses to “Masters, Gorbach, Torres and Hauser at GSI”

  1. nik says:

    Yes! It was a good evening and glad I was able to help with the fundraising. I felt so bad for Ms. Masters when her Ipad concked out on her. It seemed to affect her playing after that. Maybe it’s time to go back to good ‘ol sheet music… Otherwise a fine evening.

  2. Grigor Grigorian says:

    Never before or ever again we have seen two great guitarists, who played 2 of the World’s greatest guitars at GSI. I wish there was a way I and others could puchase the CD or DVD of this concert. This could have happened only in Greater Los Angeles area for the 60 people in the audience. Thank You David Collet for puting this concert for all Guitar Lovers. Grigor


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