We have some fantastic video from our GFA fundraiser a few weeks back, and we’re starting with Vladimir Gorbach playing three movements from Bach’s Lute Suite #2, BWV 997 on that amazing 1937 Hermann Hauser I. Here he is playing the Prelude, Gigue and Double from that lute suite in the GSI showroom on Feb 1 of this year.

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5 Responses to “Vladimir Gorbach at GSI”

  1. Que Bonito!!!!!!!! Paco , como tocan los que saben de verdad

  2. garrett says:

    Vladimir is impressive. I’ve heard him in person and now here. He has a bright future. I love his interpretation here.

    The recordings, however, are WAY over compressed. I can hear the attacks getting crunched too much, especially on the chords. I would back off the threshold quite a bit from where it is now. Right now it ruins the performance. IMO

    Otherwise, keep up the good work.

  3. Rene says:

    Ditto on the performances. I am puzzled by the treble sound and am wondering if that is the tornavoz or the compression issue mentioned above. I have heard him live and I don’t think the metallic, thin tone on the first string is his style of playing. I am not sure the Hauser is put in its best light here. But even with that, the performances are great.

  4. Steve says:

    No one has mentioned strings or nail length. Putting a lot of nail into a thin-diameter treble string (such as the Savarez KF Alliance or DAddario Pro-Arte) will produce a brighter, and (to some) a thinner tone. It would be interesting to know what that guitar was strung with at the time of the performance.

  5. Ricardo Briceño says:

    solo asi se puede apreciar la calidad y el peso de un buen instrumento interpretado en manos de guitarristas de nivel


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