Alex Park is a junior at Pepperdine University where he studies with Christopher Parkening. He recently bought a great 1965 Ramirez from us and we were very impressed by his playing so we asked if he would record some videos for us. Here he is playing Andrew York’s Bagatelle on a gorgeous 2014 Bernd Martin spruce.

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3 Responses to “Alex Park at GSI”

  1. Rene says:

    Lovely playing and a great sounding instrument! I would be concerned with the lowered left shoulder, likely due to holding the guitar rather horizontal. This is how Parkening played, and he developed back problems that shortened his performing career. YMMV.

  2. Gary says:

    The way he lowered his shoulder so it makes the “reach” much easier and comfortable and is a “technique” to master. Guitar position should be flexible depending on the piece of music. That being said, I’d still blame whoever came up with the “standard size” guitar. Everyone is different, creating a technique just to fit a arbitrary number makes no sense. Still, his exceptional playing is undeniable.

  3. Rob Rushing says:

    Indeed—Alex has very strong technique, but still plays like he’s enjoying the music (and York writes pieces that are, in turn, very musical but also that emerge naturally from the instrument). As far as stretches, I’ll try the—temporarily!—lowered left shoulder, since, with small hands and short fingers, some of the music I’d like to play is literally out of my reach.


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