I’ve been looking for a video on changing strings for some of my beginning students – there are a lot of videos, but I always find something to disagree with (apparently I’m opinionated about these things). This one, by our friends at C√≥rdoba, is pretty good, and the giant tie block is kind of hilarious.

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  1. John Saldivar says:

    Sorry guys but there is a better way to do this! It’s on David Schramm’s website but was drawn up by John Gilbert! I once had an older poster of John Williams holding his 1972 Fleta which he strung up with Augustine Reds in those days and he uses the exact same method which requires burning a small “ball” at the end of the nylon trebles and making a simpler knot that is cleaner and gets less in the way when playing pizzicato. I used it with Hannabach 815HT on my Fleta(s) including the one you sold #536 !
    Well, look here:
    Just don’t burn the finish on your instrument especially a Fleta! BTW, you can also see where the match stick was used to add the top c 20th fret for Barrios’ Sueno en la Floresta on the early record!


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