We just acquired an incredibly rare guitar – a 1937 Hermann Hauser I. Most of you already know that Segovia played a 1937 Hauser, and at one point called it “the greatest guitar of our epoch.” This isn’t that guitar, of course (Segovia’s is at the Met in NYC), but it’s the same year. It also has a tornavoz, which is kind of cool. We used this guitar when we recorded our CD Valseana (to be released very soon), on which guitarist Marc Teicholz recorded 18 waltzes on 18 historically important guitars. Be sure to check out the guitar (and hear Marc’s recording), and enjoy these videos I’ve found of Segovia and his 1937 Hauser, which he mistakenly says was made in 1936 – (it has to be a mistake since he so famously played that 1937 one for so long).

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7 Responses to “1937 Hermann Hauser”

  1. Roger Moritz says:

    WHat?! No Hermann Hauser Gitarre for Giveaway!?!?!

  2. Kris Bjornstad says:

    Shucks!!!! No Hauser giveaway! But I am STILL glad I clicked the link and got to experience these old recordings! 🙂

  3. What an incredible recording… Thanks for shearing with us

  4. Lawrence Tendler says:


  5. Lawrence Tendler says:

    Very nice ,but I’ll stick to my Teodoro Perez which is a lovely guitar : “The greatest guitar of its epoch…”

  6. Erik Phariss says:

    I also read that as a Hauser giveaway and was thinking what? I honestly cant say I’m disappointed because the book looks great and I can’t wait for the CD to come out. I would be almost as happy winning that CD as a guitar. (hint hint massive CD giveaway for the 25th)

    Seriously though I am really glad they started to record the guitars that are going threw there hands sense quite honestly most of them end up in collections belonging to decent to moderately OK guitarist aficionados and will never be heard from again.

  7. Jason Herman says:

    German guitars are the best.

    Many of the worlds top luthiers are from Germany:
    Joachim Schneider
    Frank-Peter & Markus Dietrich
    Armin & Mario Gropp
    Karl-Heinz Römmich
    Angela Waltner
    Kolya Panhuyzen
    Matthias Dammann
    and many more…


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