In the latest All Strings Considered podcast Scott Wolf talks with Russian guitarist Irina Kulikova, who was in town to perform
at the GFA convention as well as judge the competition.

From Scott:

“While Irina was here to judge and give a concert at this year’s GFA here in Southern California, she found some time to chat with All Strings Considered. You’re going to love her playing, she has a beautiful sound, exhibiting a maturity in her playing that is well beyond her years. She never sounds forced or self-conscious. On today’s show you’ll hear her recordings of Bach and Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey, as well as a piece from her brand new CD of music by Russian composers. Hear about her journey to becoming the internationally known and respected concert artist, a journey that hasn’t always been an easy one. You’ll also hear how she prepares for recordings as opposed to concerts, some specific advice for women, her experiences as a new mother and touring artist, and her very personal way of creating her programs.”

You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the ‘Media’ menu (at the top of our site) and choosing ‘podcast’ or you can subscribe or listen on iTunes by clicking here.

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