09 is an amazing program developed by Matt Hinsley and all of the folks over at the Austin CG Society. Not only is it a really fantastic way to get players of different skill levels playing together (which is a feat in itself), but the proceeds from go directly to supporting Austin CGS’s outreach program. They’ve done an amazing job with their curriculum and I really think anyone who teaches kids (or any groups, really) needs to check this out.

Here’s a bit from their website: is a project of the Austin Classical Guitar Society, a non-profit arts organization based in Austin, Texas. All proceeds derived from subscriptions to this site go directly to support the Educational Outreach Program of the Austin Classical Guitar Society which provides free lessons and instruments for low-income students in the Austin area as well as classroom direction, teacher training, and ongoing classroom classical guitar curriculum research and development in the form of  Major funding for this project has been provided by the Webber Family Foundation.

With an annual subscription, educators subscribe and gain access to which provides ensemble-based repertoire and sight reading materials suitable for medium to large classes (5 or more students). The approach divides classrooms into 3 sections of students (Guitar 1, Guitar 2 and Guitar 3).

The curriculum designates 9 levels of student advancement. If all students in the class are the same level (e.g. beginning guitar class), will provide scores and parts for three-part guitar ensembles for which all students are required to have the same skill set. Ample scores are available for all levels in the case that all students in the class share a skill level, though typically this is only the case for beginning guitar classes (levels 1-4).

If the classroom contains students at different levels of advancement, students will need to be arranged into three sections that best represent their skills. For example, there may be a class of mostly level 5 and 6 students with some beginners who have been added (level 1). In that case, an educator will simply enter “1, 5 & 6” in the search interface, and it will immediately return scores and parts customized for that individual classroom.

Visit to learn more in a hands-on way.

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