We’ve updated our site – have a look around! This latest iteration of the world’s most popular classical/flamenco guitar site features a number of important changes and improvements. Read on for the highlights.

For starters, we’ve sectioned the webstore off from the rest of the site. Now located at (feel free to bookmark that directly if you’re only interested in shopping), this corner of our site is home to all of constantly coming-and-going products and the secure shopping cart online purchase system. The GSI Store can be easily recognized by its red themed pages, as opposed to the traditional blue theme of the rest of the site. A button at the far right of our navigation bar can switch you to the store and back from every page.

Next, and at long last, our site has full mobile and touchscreen compatibility. We’ve redesigned the site to automatically adjust its content and fit whatever screen it’s being displayed on, requiring no action from users. This method, called responsive CSS, eliminates the frustration with using a desktop site on a phone or tablet without the complication and hassle of having to have a secondary mobile site. It’ll just adapt based on what you’re using, and that’s that.

We’ve also implemented language translation software. Located in the settings icon (the gear) in the top right of every page, this language selector enables you to translate nearly all of the GSI site into the language of your choosing. We’ll have native speakers poring over the site fixing inaccuracies and awkward translations, but that will take time. It will be passed through automated software in the meantime, and if you spot anything that needs to be fixed – let us know!

Those are the main changes to our site, but there are upgrades and tweaks everywhere. So get comfortable, get familiar with it, have a look around, and if you spot any issues, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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2 Responses to “Updated Website!”

  1. Joe Alders says:

    Cannot find our Forum. Where is it?

    • Dave Tate says:

      Not here anymore! I’m in the process of moving it off-site. Everything is safe and sound. I’ll notify everyone once it’s up and running.


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