We were lucky enough to have our friend Scott Wolf come in to record some guitars, and as he was just adding a new piece to his repertoire we thought it would be fun to have him record the same piece on five guitars that had just come in. The guitars are by Tobias Berg, Tobias Braun, Fritz Ober, Otto Vowinkel and Richard Howell. The piece is John Dowland’s ‘A Fancy’, and Scott plays it with the capo on the second fret.

This one’s a 2010 Tobias Berg cedar and Indian guitar.

This one’s a 2010 Tobias Braun spruce and maple guitar.

This one’s a 2001 Richard Howell cedar and Indian guitar.

This one’s a 2011 Otto Vowinkel cedar and CSA rosewood guitar.

And finally a 2005 Fritz Ober spruce and maple guitar.

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2 Responses to “One Piece – Five Guitars”

  1. S Picus says:

    A wonderful way to compare. I know which one I will start looking at. Bravo to Mr Wolf. I am now a fan.

    Thank you
    S Picus

  2. The rocker says:

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