Russian guitarist Irina Kulikova took some time out of her very busy concert schedule to come record some guitars for us, and we’re very glad she was able to do so. Here she is playing Tarrega’s Gavotte ‘Maria’ on a new Luis Fernandez de Cordoba maple and spruce guitar that features a shallow wooden tornavoz. We have more videos of Irina coming up where she plays from her beautiful Russian repertoire, so stay tuned.

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8 Responses to “Irina Kulikova”

  1. Beautiful! Bravo to both, Irina and Luis de Cordoba.

  2. Joel Henderson says:

    Excellent! I loved the performance, and the guitar sounds great!

  3. Great performance! I love her lyrical romantic expression and tone… Irina lives here in The Hague, in The Netherlands and I’m looking forward to see and hear play at The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam on November 15th.

  4. Rene says:

    Wow, great, nothing beats a well designed traditional guitar in the treble department. The performance is outstanding too, of course.

  5. Angel J Ortiz Jr says:

    Exquisite performance on an outstanding guitar by Luis Fernández de Córdova…Bravo!

  6. Savarez says:

    Dear Irina, It is good to see you ! Thank you for this interpretation of the piece ! Bravo, with our best friendly wishes…

  7. Carmen N Ortiz says:

    Congratulations Luis! I always new you are quite and Artist! Can’t forget when you played for us in Carlsbad and your sensitivity and passion was there! Yes, BRAVO! Keep on making them, the magic is there.
    Irina, you play beautiful.

  8. Rob Rushing says:

    Very nice indeed—great rhythmic expression, and I love the perfectly smooth and even muted scale at the end.


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