We shot these videos before hearing the sad news of Manuel Reyes’ passing, but it’s a great chance to hear yet again a bit of the magic that made his guitars so beloved among players. Here’s Vahagni playing the same Buleria on 2 guitars – a 1972 Manuel Reyes blanca with pegs and then a new Francisco Navarro Garcia ‘Reyes’ model. The Buleria is an excerpt from a piece that will be on Vahagni’s new CD due out in the Spring of 2015. These were both recorded using the Telefunken ELA M260 tube mic system with the cardioid capsules.

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2 Responses to “Vahagni plays Reyes and ‘Reyes’”

  1. tom says:

    Promoting the copy of another luthier is a strange way to pay homage to a great maker after his death.I guess someone at GSI is a bit lacking in sensitivity, to put it mildly. But that Navarro sounds very impressive.

  2. Well folks, this is definitely a tribute to Manuel Reyes, and it seems that Sr. Navarro has captured a great part of the Reyes essence. But the master shines through with a certain propio sello that causes deeper feeling and ambiente. The Navarro is a lighter sound but right in there for expression of the artist.

    However, Reyes is my favorite..and my applause to Navarro for paying homage to a great master.


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