We were so pleased to welcome back George Sakellariou this week, and we’ll have videos of his premiering over the next few weeks. To kick it off, here he is playing the Weiss Chaconne in a minor on our first guitar from Spain-based (but English-born) luthier Stephen Hill – a beautiful Granada style Indian and spruce guitar,

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11 Responses to “George Sakellariou – 2014 Stephen Hill”

  1. Joel Henderson says:

    That was beautiful, George…and the guitar sounds great!
    My old friend & teacher John Mavreas always spoke highly of you, and I now know why…

  2. I fail to hear the beauty in this guitar that the Irish player performed, and I wonder if you changed the string brand on Stephen’s guitar that made it sound this way. Of course, I have critical hearing and this does not sound like it should. Stephen’s guitars are better than this and it blows my mind that one of you might have changed his original intent. I have nothing against Stephen’s work but those strings have got to go, especially the trebles.

    • Kai says:

      Hey Tom – if you mean the videos over on Stephen’s bio page, those were shot by the artists, I think, but in any case not by GSI (you’ll notice no GSI logo), so that would be a matter of what the artists likes. The guitar we recorded, played by George Sakellariou, had the strings that Stephen had provided with the guitar. But string choice is one of those things…

      • Rene says:

        I don’t hear anything objectionable in this recording by George on a traditional spruce top guitar. Nice sound overall. The cedar top that Gary Ryan plays and the other player too on Stephen’s bio page to me have the upper treble sound of a lattice braced guitar. Not as pronounced as a Smallman, but nevertheless lattice braced. I prefer this spruce top.

  3. kirk says:

    I thought this was beautiful playing, and the guitar sounded full and resonant.

  4. Ken Brown says:

    George digs up some wonderful rarely played gems.
    Beautiful playing.
    I thought the guitar was a bit “cold” sounding
    but it had a clarity good for the texture of the music.
    I hope George is featured here regularly.
    Always a treat to hear him play.

  5. Ronjazz says:

    spruce guitars generally need a year of playing to become waarm, but the clarity and power of this instrument bodes well for its development.

  6. Stephen Hill says:

    Interesting points about the strings. On this spruce, (which is brand new) I fitted Dáddario j46 titanium dynacore, as this seems to be what many professionals use currently. I prefer normal tension myself, like Savarez cristal or even J45´s. The other recordings use mostly Savarez Alliance Carbon hard tension. Not what I would choose but again many players like this string.
    Thank you though for the favourable comments.

  7. Nicholas Carracino says:

    I don’t know why anyone would find fault with this recording. I thought everything about is was beautiful, beautiful guitar, beautiful sound, beautifully played.

  8. Mark Scott says:

    Wonderful playing by George Sakellariou…NOT and Irishman by the way…but from Greece! And a lovely sounding instrument too.

  9. Peter Lauzier says:

    The Weiss chaconne is a lovely choice and George’s rendering was enchanting. Steven’s guitar is beautiful to behold and posseses a well-balanced sound. Bravo to both gentleman for the excellence. Peter


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