My good friend Tara Stewart shot this video of me playing ‘Elegía’, the Granaina from my upcoming CD, on a fantastic 1962 Manuel de la Chica blanca.

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4 Responses to “Kai Narezo – 1962 Manuel de la Chica”

  1. Derek Brereton says:

    I loved the guitar playing. However, the film maker, although well intentioned, made the mistake all filmers of guitarists make: trying to make the film interesting by foregrounding the filming itself, using all the irritating fades, montages, and, worst of all, shooting only one of the guitarists hands at a time. The best film of a guitar performance would be one that got out of the way, and allowed viewers to forget they were watching a film at all. The guitar music is the event; not the filming. Viewers, and especially ones with any knowledge of, or interest in, guitar playing want to see the production of sound. This involves, at the barest minimum, both the guitarists hands simultaneously, always. And the best shot angles allow viewers to see the tips of all ten fingers at once as they touch the strings. However, neither guitar music, nor any other kind of music, is played with the hands only. Musicians most often play with their whole bodies, faces to toes. And so the entire person making the music is what we want to see, and what should be shown to us via long, long shots that don’t break one’s concentration and enjoyment by introducing shot changes and changes in focal length just because they are possible. In filming the making of music, less is more; and more is irritating and inappropriate. I don’t mean to pick on this production alone. It’s an endemic problem.

  2. Thomas says:

    This is another awesome video of Kai. I’m a huge fan of what he’s doing. I can’t wait until his CD comes out!

  3. scott hanson says:

    perfect match of performance and guitar, awesome Kai.

  4. Verly Jean says:

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