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We have more of Jan Depreter playing that 1987 spruce Miguel Rodriguez that he couldn’t put down. Here he is playing Paulo Bellinati’s Jongo, a piece that Jan currently uses to open his concerts.

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Here’s Jan Depreter playing one of his own compositions entitled The Isle of Skye on a stunning 1987 Miguel Rodriguez in spruce and Honduran rosewood. This guitar is a bit rare for a Rodriguez in that it is a 650 scale (most Rodriguez guitars are 664), but it doesn’t lose any power or beauty as a result.

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Belgian guitarist Jan Depreter was in town performing and judging at GFA this year and he came by to record some videos for us. Here he is playing Armand Coeck’s “Lamento” on a beautiful 2016 Bertrand Ligier classical in spruce and Indian rosewood.

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It’s been another amazing year for guitar music over here at GSI and as the year wraps up we’d like to take a moment to thank all of the amazing musicians who have lent us their time and talent to create the great videos we publish every week. We obviously couldn’t do any of it without them and we are extremely grateful for the music and for the friends we’ve made over the years in our quest to record every guitar we can get our hands on! So here, in more or less reverse order of appearance, are the artists who have shared their talent with us this year:

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NewspaperGuitarCheck out the Leonardo Guitar Research Project, which is testing our assumptions about the need for tropical tonewoods for the back and sides of guitars. In the audio sample, they have edited together recordings of nearly identical guitars made with various tonewoods, all built by students of luthiers Walter Verreydt and Karel Dedain. In the first video below you can listen to an edit of guitarist Gaëlle Solal playing the guitars with the various tonewoods, and in the second video you can hear Jan Depreter playing the Newspaper Guitar.

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