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Here’s Luis Gallo, this time playing an Alegria of his called ‘Serendipia’ on a killer 2015 Felipe Conde FC28 negra with mechanical pegs. Dancer Estefanía Narvaez plays palmas.

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Felipe Conde introduced us to Madrid-based guitarist Luis Gallo, who was in town for NAMM and some gigs on the West coast. We caught him long enough to record a couple of videos, including this one of him playing some Taranta on a great 2013 Lucas Martin flamenco blanca.

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John Gallo, a fine art photographer and photo essayist, has recently completed a piece on English luthier Brian Cohen. Titled “The Six Strings of a Guitar”, Gallo’s essay tells the story of how a guitar is born; specifically: the 2014 Brian Cohen that just passed through our showroom. The essay is expected to be featured in National Geographic later this year or early next year, but John has graciously allowed us to showcase his work on our blog for you to view in advance.”The Six Stings of a Guitar” is a unique artistic piece that beautifully captures the essence of luthierie as both an art and a craft, and we are grateful to John Gallo for allowing us to share this one-of-a-kind experience with you.
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It’s been another amazing year for guitar music over here at GSI and as the year wraps up we’d like to take a moment to thank all of the amazing musicians who have lent us their time and talent to create the great videos we publish every week. We obviously couldn’t do any of it without them and we are extremely grateful for the music and for the friends we’ve made over the years in our quest to record every guitar we can get our hands on! So here, in more or less reverse order of appearance, are the artists who have shared their talent with us this year:

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Here’s a great and very in-depth interview with Amalia Ramirez from Roseta Magazine, the magazine of the Spanish Guitar Society. Javier Suárez-Pajares discusses the history of Ramirez, Amalia’s personal involvement in some rough transitions during the 1980’s, and her vision for the future of the Ramirez brand. You can click here to read the article in Spanish, or continue to read the full article in translation below.

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Olivier Chassain was born in Paris, France in 1957. He began studying the guitar in Limousin with Roger Généraux and later became a well-rounded and founded guitarist under the guidance of Carel Harms. In 1977, Olivier was admitted to the Conservatoire de Paris where, in 1982, he earned a premier prize for his studies in guitar with Alexandre Lagoya; that same year, he also won a prize in counterpoint studies under Bernard de Crépy and one in harmony studies with Roger Boutry.

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Amalia Ramírez was born in Madrid in October 1955, daughter to José Ramírez III. She joined the workshop at age 21, learning the craft alongside her brother, José Ramírez IV. After a few years of absence, she returned to help her brother run the shop. Being as creative as she is resourceful, she was at first in charge of the administration and marketing, but eventually took over the workshop itself.

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