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We present to you Laura Husbands – a very accomplished classical guitar teacher and performer. We at GSI stood in awe upon hearing her play Ricardo Iznaola’s ‘The Death of Icarus’ in our showroom, amongst other pieces, on a 2014 Jerome Casanova ‘Arias’ guitar. See for yourself what Husbands can do on our favorite instrument, and read below to find out more about her roots in the classical guitar world.

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Here’s Laura Husbands playing Ricardo Iznaola’s ‘The Death of Icarus’ (Etude #11) on a great Jerome Casanova ‘Arias’ guitar, which is based on an 1893 Vicente Arias that Casanova acquired. Laura moved to Denver to study with Iznaola at the Lamont School of Music, where she now teaches.

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Here’s another great video of Laura Husbands, this time playing Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s Tarantella on a new Annette Stephany spruce guitar, which is a slightly modified version of a 1910 Manuel Ramirez (the original of which is owned by Lorenzo Frignani).

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Laura Husbands is a young British guitarist who after graduating from the Royal Scottish Academy and winning a lot of competitions and awards along the way moved to Denver to study with Ricardo Iznaola. Now she’s the director of the Denver Classical Guitar Competition and instructor of guitar ensembles at the Lamont School of Music in Denver. She was in LA for the GFA competition and recorded some great videos for us. Here she is playing Mertz’ ‘Elegy’ on a very unique 1957/99 Fleta spruce.

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We have a few photos of the next guitar coming to us from German luthier Annette Stephany – a ‘Garcia’ model. Her Garcia model is not a replica, but strongly inspired by the 1906 Enrique Garcia that was restored by her mentor, Lorenzo Frignani. Stephany tells us that the bracing is a tight 9 + 2 fan bracing taken from the Garcia and the rosette and other aesthetic details are inspired by Garcia as well. The guitar should be here shortly, and in the meantime continue reading to listen to George Sakellariou and Laura Husbands play some previous guitars we’ve had from Stephany.

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As another year closes on us we once again get to look back at all the great guitars that came through GSI and especially all the great people who came through to play them for us. This year ended in a such a big way – with our acquisition of the Russell Cleveland collection – that it reminded us all just how cool it is to get to steward these amazing guitars on their way from owner (or in this case collection) to owner, and also to document them for posterity.

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2014 was an amazing year in guitar videos for us here at GSI. Of course we can only shoot these great videos with the participation of the fantastic players who give us their time, their talent and a bit of their patience to show off the guitars and share some amazing music with us. So we’d like to take a moment to thank all of the players who shot videos with us this year.

We’d also like to thank the folks at AEA, Telefunken Electroakustik, and Ehrlund for providing some great and really interesting microphones for the video shoots. (We’ll be posting some videos with the Ehrlund mics in the next few weeks).

So here, in more or less order of appearance, are the great players who have lent us their talents in 2014 – and we look forward to even more in 2015!

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Robert Tanaka is a guitarist from Denver who studied with Ricardo Iznaola at University of Denver. He was in town with his wife, Laura Husbands, who was competing at the GFA (see her great videos here). He hadn’t come in to record any videos, but we talked him into it and he played Roland Dyens’ Lettre Encore for us on a 2011 David Whiteman maple and spruce guitar.

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