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LeChic Duo is Iren Arutyunyan and Sofia Gleeson and they stopped by to play for us this week. They played Albeniz’ ‘Cordoba’ as transcribed for two guitars by Emil Pujol and Sokolov’s ‘Polka’ as arranged by Sergei Orekhov. Sofia played a Tobias Berg cedar-top and Iren played a Tobias Braun satinwood guitar and a Teodoro Perez Concierto cedar-top.

LeChic Duo also has a music video coming out at the end of this month, and I’ve posted the trailer here as well.


Guitar Nights is a popular tradition at Pasadena Conservatory of Music. The concert features local guitarists as well as guest musicians and is hosted four times per year by teacher and Guitar Department Chair Felix Bullock. All performances are free and open to the public, although all are encouraged to drop a donation in the box at the front to support the upcoming tour of our traveling student group, the Los Angeles Guitar Orchestra (LAYGO).

A few of the guests who have graced the Guitar Nights stage include Brian Barany, Cambalache, Josinaldo Costo, Brian Head, Rick Ickard, Celia Liu, LeChic Duo, Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, Alex Pettit, Richard Smith, John Storie, Scott Tennant, and Steve Trovato.

For this upcoming event, Scott Tennant and friends perform in the final Guitar Nights of the season!

Pasadena Conservatory of Music
100 North Hill Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91106


Guitarist Iren Arutyunyan stopped by the showroom this week and was kind enough to record a beautiful performance of Ronaldo Miranda’s ‘Appasionata’ on a great Manuel Contreras ’10th Anniversary’ model. You can read more about Iren here and her LeChic Duo with Sofia Gleeson at the LeChic website.

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Sofia Gleeson is in her last year at USC where she studies with Scott Tennant, and she is half of the LeChic Duo along with guitarist Iren Arutyunyan. Here’s Sofia playing Bryan Johanson’s Magic Serenade on a Ramirez Auditorio (Ramirez’ double-top model), and the prelude from Bach’s 2nd cello suite, BWV 1008, on a Sergio Perez ‘Aranjuez’ spruce-top. (I should also mention that while Sofia obviously plays left handed, we simply switched the strings on these guitars, neither of which is made specifically for lefties).
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Looking back at all of the videos we shot in 2011 it’s impossible not to feel thankful for all the great guitarists, most of whom have become friends (if they weren’t already), who came through GSI this year and lent us their talent to help show off and archive some of the countless amazing guitars that come through the shop. They all have hectic schedules and tons to do, so I want to thank everyone for making the time. I like to think that everyone had a good time playing some new and interesting guitars, but it’s also important to remember that they all put themselves out there playing guitars they weren’t used to, and many of them were extremely accommodating of my schedule, for which I owe them a personal thank-you.

A lot of the players surprised me with music I hadn’t heard before or just particularly beautiful performances, and some of them just plain lived up to my already-high expectations of them.

In no particular order, here are the players who made this blog a really great place to hear guitar music this year and without whom many of us might never have heard some of these guitars (names will link to videos or articles about them on the blog):

Scott Morris

Adam Del Monte

Scott Tennant

Ben Woods

Duo LeChic (Iren Arutyunyan and Sofia Gleeson)

Eva Beneke

Julius Reder Carlson

Robert Wetzel

Joseaugusto Mejia

Ed Trybek

David Maldonado

Scott Wolf

Duo Solaris (Scott Wolf and Connie Sheu)

Tonino Baliardo

Thiago Abdalla

Yury Nugmanov

Alfredo Cáceres

Alma Nova (Almer Imamovic and Jessica Pierce)

Fabricio Mattos

Line Forms Hear (Scott Morris, Steve Thachuk and Julian Coryell)

Tom Farrell