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17 Jan 2019

Alex Tsiboulski plays Wurth, Gutmeier, and Gilbert

We are always happy campers when Ukranian-born / Austrialian-based classical guitar phenom Alex Tsiboulski drops by the GSI showroom! In addition to his brilliantly expressive playing, Alex’s repertoire is always a refreshing mix of traditional along with a little something new, often from Brazilian composer and guitarist Chrystian Dozza.

This week, we have four performances from Alex to share with you. First, you will hear Barrios’ pleasing Vals Op. 8 No. 4 on a 2018 Dominik Wurth. This is followed with a composition by Dozza based off a theme by the great Brazilian composer Egberto Gismonti played on a 1990 John Gilbert. Third comes from another contemporary composer Dusan Bogdanovic with his “African Sketches” on a 2018 Ross Gutmeier. And finally, the set is finished off with another energetic composition from Dozza, “Baiao de Dois.” Enjoy Alex’s playing and the wonderful sound of all these guitars!

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