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Guitar Lessons


GSI Foundation Funds Another Year of Music Education in Two Elementary Schools in the Los Angeles Area

The GSI Foundation has funded another year of music education classes at two schools in the greater Los Angeles area. Students from Castle Heights Elementary and Brockton Avenue Elementary schools…


Elite Guitarist Offers a FREE Tutorial! Learn How To Play Malaguena With Classical Guitarist, Tavi Jinariu!

Malaguena is one of the best-known pieces in the Spanish guitar repertoire. Our friends at EliteGuitarist.com are offering free access to this tutorial (video lesson, sheet music, and tablature) to…


Watch Tavi Jinariu’s Seven Tips to Become a Better Classical Guitarist.

Elite Guitarist has released a new series of videos dedicated to easy tips for improving classical guitar technique. In the videos, Tavi Jinariu from EliteGuitarist.com explains how to improve 7…


Tomasz Fechner teaches and performs at EliteGuitarist.com. Sign-up today and receive your 30-days FREE trial.

Our very own Tomasz Fechner has recently recorded a series of tutorials for EliteGuitarist.com on several GSI guitars. Tomasz’s first tutorials have already been published and there are several more…

Guitar Lessons

“Anatomy of a Compás” – Soleá

We’ve got another fantastic lesson for all of you from the one and only Kai Narezo, this time on a stunning 1971 Manuel de la Chica. In this week’s edition…

Guitar Lessons

“Anatomy of a Compás” – Fandangos de Huelva

Here’s a familiar face! This week, Kai teaches you the “Anatomy of a Compás,” specifically a section from the exciting Fandangos de Huelva. For those of you who aren’t aware, Kai…

Guitar Demonstrations

EliteGuitarist.com Tutorial – Fernando Sor Study Op. 35 No. 13 (Segovia #2)

Check out the latest tutorial from our friends at eliteguitarist.com – Dr. Ines Thome walking us through Fernando Sor’s study Op. 35 No. 13 (or #2 in the Segovia numberings)…

Guitar Demonstrations

Flamenco Lessons – Compás & Technique Workouts on 3 Blancas

As an example of the kind of lessons we have over on the Flamenco Explained website, I’ve recorded a few lessons on some the great flamenco guitars that are in…

Guitar Lessons

Intro to Flamenco Compás

While some of the material on the Flamenco Explained site features material and tutorials on playing pieces or falsetas, in some of the videos I do my best to explain…

Guitar Lessons

Flamenco Explained – Website and iOS App

Kai Narezo here – those of you who read this blog may know me as the guy who records the videos for GSI, who writes a lot of the blog…

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