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Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Scott Morris – Left Hand Shifting

Here’s another video lesson from Scott Morris, author of Classical Guitar Complete – From Basics to Bach. This lesson deals with left hand shifting, and Scott uses the Schottish-Choro from…

Guitar Lessons

Video Lesson – Scott Morris on String Crossings

Here’s another lesson by Scott Morris from his book Classical Guitar Complete – From Basics to Bach. Today’s lesson is on string crossings and ‘choreographing’ your right hand in order…

Guitar Lessons

Scott Morris – Carcassi #3 and ‘Speed Trap’

Here are a couple more lessons from Scott Morris’ book Classical Guitar Complete – From Basics to Bach. The first deals with a lot of the left hand issues in…

Guitar Lessons

Scott Morris – Moveable Scale Patterns

Guitarist Scott Morris stopped by the showroom to record some more lessons based on his book ‘Classical Guitar Complete – From basics To Bach’. In this lesson he covers moveable…

Guitar Lessons

Adam Del Monte – Faster Scales

For the finale of this series of lessons from Adam del Monte, here’s his lesson on playing faster scales. He’s playing a negra by Alejandro, which he chose because it…

Guitar Lessons

Adam Del Monte – Arpeggio Lesson

Here’s another great lesson from Adam del Monte, this time on Arpeggio technique, which he points out is the foundation of all right hand technique for the guitar. Adam’s playing…

Guitar Lessons

What is Compás?

What is Compás? The concept of compás can be a bit confusing at first, in part because the word has a few slightly different meanings, so I thought I’d break…

Guitar Lessons

Scott Morris Video Lessons – Sor and Aguado

As promised, here are more videos from Scott Morris that further illustrate some of the pieces in his new book Classical Guitar Complete: From Basics To Bach. In the first…

Guitar Lessons

Buleria Compás

So in real life you don’t spend a few weeks getting acquainted with Soleá and then jump straight into Buleria. And in fact I wouldn’t recommend trying to learn Bulerias…

Guitar Lessons

Intro to Rasgueado

Here’s an elementary intro to rasgueado. Since folks love to quibble, I will say that this is simply what works for me, my students, and just about every good player…

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