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Luthier Spotlight

Luthier Spotlight

Yamandu Costa Releases Videos Documenting his Visit to the Vicente Carrillo Workshop As Part His “Guitar Stories” YouTube Series.

One of the greatest Brazilian guitarists of the younger generation, Yamandu Costa, has dedicated two episodes of his YouTube series titled “Guitar Stories” to guitar in Spain. The main guest…

Luthier Spotlight

A New Berlin Luthier Featured at GSI: Introducing Angela Waltner

We’re very proud to announce that a new Berlin Luthier is going to be featured at GSI! Angela Waltner is an experienced guitar maker who is going to join the…

Luthier Spotlight

From a Computer Software Developer to a Luthier: Youri Soroka from Orléat (Puy-de-Dôme) builds classical guitars for the thrill of playing them!

Since becoming a luthier, Youri doesn’t like “Neither holidays nor vacations.  When it’s 6 p.m. and I have to stop working it makes me sad. I don’t take lunch breaks anymore and…

Luthier Spotlight

Welcome to the Salon: Pavel Gavryushov

We are very thrilled to announce that we’ll soon be receiving our first guitar from Russian-born/Granada-based luthier Pavel Gavryushov (be sure to learn about all the guitar makers we represent)!…

Luthier Spotlight

What ever happened to…?

…luthier Matt Chaffin? Well, it certainly has been awhile since we had one of his guitars (last one was 2017 – see here for examples of his previous, excellent work.)…

Luthier Spotlight

Richard Reynoso: Video profile of a luthier working in Art Deco Los Angeles

Although the classical guitars of Richard Reynoso are fully traditional in construction design and largely inspired by the great Spanish makers of the past, they do have a voice and…

Luthier Spotlight

Luthier Kenneth Brögger visits Maderas Barber

Here is a fun video of Danish luthier Kenneth Brögger selecting tone-woods from the famous Maderas Barber wood shop in Valencia, Spain. Maderas Barber is the world’s largest dealer of…

Luthier Spotlight

Inside David Schramm’s “Lattice” Model

California luthier David Schramm (also a player) has owned several Greg Smallman guitars over the years. His lattice guitars are therefore very close to the Smallman design, and David has…

Luthier Spotlight

Gabriele Lodi’s “Torres Interpretation”

GSI President David Collett with Gabriele Lodi, both holding guitars built by Torres in 1888 – SE 113 and SE 122. Gabriele Lodi on his recent “Torres Interpretation” built for…

Luthier Spotlight

Luthier: German Vazquez Rubio

Current Inventory     |     Past Inventory German Vazquez Rubio (also known as G.V. Rubio) is one of the most talented and prestigious luthiers in the world today. 2018 marks…

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