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News>Coming Soon

News>Coming Soon

A Beautiful Flamenco Blanca is Coming Soon to GSI from the Workshop of Gerundino Fernandez Hijo.

Gerundino Fernandez Hijo is the son of the iconic Almeria builder of the same name. When we met him for the first time, we were immediately convinced that he possessed…

News>Coming Soon

Luigi Locatto’s New GSI Guitar is Almost Finished. See the Sneak Peek Photo Gallery!

A great Italian luthier from Turin, Luigi Locatto, has shared with us the first photos of our new guitar which is coming soon to GSI. The instrument is currently in…

News>Coming Soon

Coming Soon: Ariel Ameijenda Builds a New Guitar GSI! Check Out the Sneak Peek Photos!

Our good friend and a great luthier, Ariel Ameijenda from Uruguay, is already in the process of building another guitar for us! Ariel’s guitars have been very popular in our…

News>Coming Soon

Spanish luthier, Mario Aracama, Builds a New Guitar Made with Flamed Mango Back and Sides!

Spanish luthier, Mario Aracama, builds every guitar with unique and original aesthetics. This time, Mario not only featured a new visual design but also used a gorgeous set of top…

News>Coming Soon

Jake Fuller’s New Guitar Will Arrive Soon at GSI – Check Out Some Sneak Peek Photos!

Jake Fuller has shared with us some photos of our new guitar made with striking wood from some old stock – his last piece of Italian spruce for the top.…

News>Coming Soon

Granada-based German Luthier, Henner Hagenlocher, Builds Two New Guitars For GSI. See the Photos!

It’s been some time since we received our last guitar from German builder, Henner Hagenlocher. Now, we are getting two – one with a spruce top and one with cedar.…

News>Coming Soon

Kenneth Brogger’s Next GSI Guitar Has a One-piece Solid Flamed Maple Back. See the photos!

Kenneth Brögger, Denmark’s leading classical guitar builder, has sent us some beautiful photos of a guitar which is going to arrive in our showroom very soon! The instrument is already…

News>Coming Soon

The Son of a Legendary Almeria Luthier, Gerundino Fernandez Hijo, Builds a New Guitar for GSI.

Luthier Gerundino Fernandez Hijo, son of the legendary Almeria builder of the same name is currently building a new guitar for GSI. When we met him for the first time,…

News>Coming Soon

Carlos Juan Busquiel Builds a New Guitar with Cedar Top and African Rosewood Back and Sides

Spanish luthier, Carlos Juan Busquiel, is currently working on another guitar for GSI. This new instrument will be the third cedar-top guitar from this maker. For the back and sides,…

News>Coming Soon

Spanish luthier, Jose Vigil, Builds a New Guitar for GSI. See the photos!

Spanish luthier, Jose Vigil, has sent us some photos of his new guitar for GSI. The guitar looks absolutely great and we’re looking forward to playing it soon in our…

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