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News>Coming Soon

News>Coming Soon

Russian-born Luthier From Granada, Pavel Gavryushov, Builds Another Guitar for GSI.

Russian-born guitar maker based in Granada, Pavel Gavryushov, has just finished building another guitar for us which will be shipped to GSI very soon! Pavel’s guitars are built in the…

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French Guitar Maker, Bertrand Ligier, Shares Sneak Peek Photos of His New GSI Guitar.

Bertrand Ligier is one of the best makers from France of his generation. He works in his workshop in the Languedoc region located in the southern part of the country.…

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Otto Vowinkel Builds a New Concert Guitar for GSI. See Sneak Peek photos!

Otto’s rosette is inspired by the flag of the city of Amsterdam Dutch guitar maker, Otto Vowinkel, has sent us a few photos of his newest GSI guitar. This is…

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Vladimir Druzhinin’s New Guitar Will Arrive at GSI Very Soon. See the Sneak Peek Photos!

We’ve received some sneak peek photos from Vladimir Druzhinin of a guitar which is going to be shipped to GSI very soon! In this new instrument Vladimir continues the course…

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Francisco Munoz Alba – the Winner of the 2nd Antonio Marin Montero Guitar Building Competition in Granada Builds Another Guitar for GSI!

Granada-based luthier Francisco Muñoz Alba is currently building his third guitar for GSI! This is going to be our third guitar from this great maker who won the first prize in…

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Erez Perelman Builds Another Guitar for GSI from Rare Israeli Cypress Wood. See the Photos and Watch the Video!

Erez Perelman, an excellent guitar maker from Israel has finished making another guitar for GSI! Just like with his previous guitar, Erez used a set of his rare Israeli Cypress…

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American Luthier, Andy Culpepper, Builds a New Spruce & CSA Rosewood Guitar for GSI. See the Sneak Peek Photos!

Our good friend, Andy Culpepper, is currently building a new guitar for us. Andy is an excellent maker and guitarist from Ithaca, New York. Over the years of our friendship,…

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Our First Guitar From Swiss Maker, Darragh O’Connell – The First-Prize Winner of the Antonio Marin Montero Competition in Granada!

We’re currently waiting for our first instrument from Darragh O’Connell – the first prize winner from the 3rd Antonio Marin Montero Guitar Making Competition in Granada, Spain.  Darragh receving his…

News>Coming Soon

Italian Guitar Maker, Gabriele Lodi, Builds His Guitar No. 100 As Part of His New “Expo Series” Project.

We have a new, incredibly exciting instrument coming to us from Italian maker, Gabriele Lodi. This is his 100th instrument so it’s a milestone in Gabriele’s work as a luthier.…

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French Guitar Maker, Jean-Noël Rohé, Builds a New Guitar for GSI. See the photos!

One of the top French makers of his generation, Jean-Noël Rohé has shared with us some new photos of his next GSI guitar. This great, Strasbourg-based luthier makes incredibly refined…

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