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June 1, 2021

Featured Article: “Reproducibility and evaluation of the result in the Spanish Classical Guitar Making” by Druzhinin & Tkach.

Luthiers Vladimir Druzhinin and Timofey Tkach have recently been working on their original article about “Reproducibility and evaluation of the result in the Spanish Classical Guitar Making.” Both of these excellent makers agreed to share their work with GSI and make it available for everyone to read for free. Their plan is to publish a series of academic articles dedicated to Spanish classical guitar making. 


The consistent reproduction of a previously achieved result is one of a luthier’s key goals. First and foremost, this applies to such basic properties of the instrument as the character and class of sound. The ability to objectively evaluate and reproduce the result is a precondition for developing and improving mastery.

Our article aims to discuss the problem of reproducing the sound of an instrument and to formulate a general practical approach to solving it. We also define the basic notions and describe the criteria for evaluating the sound of the guitar.

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