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March 27, 2020

Fingerstyle at GSI? Spanish Latin Grammy Award Winner El Twanguero records in our showroom!

This time we have something very special for you – New GSI videos of El Twanguero who recorded fingerstyle music on acoustic guitars (including a STEEL string) from the workshop of José Ramírez III.

“… El Twanguero is a journey into the heart of the music … ” – Rolling Stone Magazine

El Twanguero started his music education in Valencia, Spain at the age of 6 by taking guitar lessons with José Lázaro Villena, a former student of Andrés Segovia. However, instead of going fully classical, he formed his first rock band at the age of 13. When he was 20, he moved to Madrid where his solo career took off. Nowadays, El Twanguero is an internationally renowned artist thanks to his concert tours in Spain, Mexico and other countries in the Americas.

Having such a great fingerstyle guitarist at GSI gave us an opportunity to record music on some very interesting José Ramírez guitars. In the 1980’s José Ramírez III made three different types of acoustic guitars; one of them with the dreadnought shape and steel strings, and the other two with José Ramírez III’s design (called “European”). Of the European designs, one had steel strings and the other had nylon strings.

El Twanguero recorded four of his own compositions with us: “Carreteras Secundarias” and “El Camino” on a 1986 Jose Ramirez “1a Acustica”, as well as “Spanish Rag” and “Green Eyed Girl” on a 2018 José Ramírez “Tablao”. He also recorded one composition by Merle Travis – “Blue Smoke” on a 1982 José Ramírez “1a European Nylon String”.

Luthier: José Ramírez III

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This style of guitar playing is exceedly boring. It is horse galloping ad infinitum, and the alternating base makes every tune sound the same and rythmically perpetually boring. It is enough to hear this style once in a lifetime.

Obviously from the previous comments, not everyone agrees and that is great since no music style is for everyone. That said, this is the kind of music that brought me to guitar in the first place and this gentleman’s playing speaks to my soul. Can I listen to it exclusively, no. I also love classical and flamenco but I am so thankful that there are musicians of this caliber to keep me inspired and fill my need for this kind of music. Thank you for these videos and for sharing these marvelous guitars played by this spectacular guitarist.

it would be cool to be able to play one or two songs in this style as part of a greater set, but I’ll bet it takes some time to get it right. seems more akin to playing the drums as far as keeping two things in time like that. I dunno, maybe it’s easier than it looks

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