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December 9, 2020

FINISHED: Knobloch Strings GIVE-AWAY! Learn about the Leo Brouwer Limited Edition of Knobloch Strings and Comment for a Chance to Win FREE STRINGS!

Update: The winners of the give-away are users charleskroger, mpcarlson2010, tylerdwells04, conner.wilson1455, violetflamerecords, victortarassov, mkozubek, mdcounts, gponea, neal.conway

In honor of Maestro Leo Brouwer’s 80th birthday, Knobloch Strings launched a special line of high-quality classical guitar strings to pay tribute to Leo Brouwer’s legacy and musical output. To join the celebration, GSI announces a GIVE-AWAY of Knobloch strings, comment for a chance to win. It’s that simple.

Knobloch has a silver sound that shines! I have them on my guitar. – Maestro Leo Brouwer

The new limited edition of Leo Brouwer’s signature set of Knobloch strings consists of LB basses and AT nylons:

LB Bass – Consisting of a special alloy with a composite core, these strings are resonant and shiny. The enhanced sensitivity of LB Bass allows you to express pure emotion. 

AT Nylon – The AT Nylon trebles bring a perfect mix of nylon sweetness with the brilliance and bite of a carbon string to create a treble that is luminous and powerful. These colourful strings have projection, warmth and radiance.

Every guitar is different and responds differently to various types of strings. Achieving the desired sound takes a lot of time and experimentation. At GSI we’re very thorough about matching a good set of strings that will work best with a particular instrument. Therefore, we’d like to encourage you to experiment with sets of strings which you haven’t tried before. GSI offers a broad range of string selection. This time, we’d like to highlight Knobloch Strings that we carry in our store. Knobloch offers several type of sets for you that you can buy at GSI. Check out our catalogue, which is soon going to be expanded by the Leo Brouwer Limited Edition Knobloch Strings:


Comments (48)

Along with the top, of Course, Strings make a marked difference in the tone of any guitar. Death, TAxes and changing guitar strings—the three unavoidableS. One out of Three ain’t all that bad, I guess.

Every instrument responds to string differently and this is a set I have yet to try. I was intrigued by the Maestro’s comment regarding the left hand tension in particular. I’d like to try a set because I have a particular instrument in mind from my collection in which to install these strings.

I attended a 2-week flamenco guitar workshop in Ferreirola (in the alpujarra mountains near Granada) in June 2017 led by the incredible amir-john haddad. “El Amir” exclusively uses knobloch Q.Z. Actives, in both medium and medium-high tension, and recommended that we students try them. I have used them since, an added attraction being that knobloch is of czech origin. Interestingly, I have subsequently introduced knobloch strings to several flamenco players in Czech Republic and Slovakia, and all, like me, love them for their lively sound and astonishing longevity. These are truly premier strings, the best I have yet found.

I am always interested in trying a new kind of strings, I never tried KNOBLAUCH before… I don’t know why, perhaps it is because KNOBLAUCH is not so much commercially driven…but prefers to be found? I’ve heard about them…HEard that they are ‘top level’… a bit out of this world… for professional players. …
and yet, it is savarez or d’adario that is overwhemlingly promoting their strings. that’s perhaps why so many players end up with them? it’s not that i am not happy with them… but i would like to try knoblauch… i wonder: will they be as good as i dream?

I would Love to Try playing with these stRings. I have just started working oN a few Pieces by Carlo DOmeniconi and i think they would sound amazing With these strings.

Playing master Brouwer music is part of more than my life, my career, since I started conservatory 10 years ago his music was an inspiration to my path as a guitarrist and as long as i play, im sure his music gonna be with me forever . His legacy are an inspiration to every musician in the world, not only for guitarrist and I feel so happy that knobloch decided to made and “omaggio” to master Brouwer, it would be an honor test this anniversary strings on my guitar, a beautiful gift for such big hero of classical guitar. Thanks master Brouwer for so beautiful music and thanks GSI and Knobloch for such and amazing opportunity. 😀 😀


In October of last year I had the fortune to listen to the maestro Roberto Aussel live, I was amazed at the color that came out of his instrument, it was brilliant and powerful while still having those characteristic nuances of the guitar. After the concert, chatting in the dressing rooms with him and other guitarists, it occurred to me to ask him what strings he was using, and he told me that he had found a good balance with Knobloch, since he not only liked to have a powerful and bright sound, but vast of colors. That concert was as shocking as it was moving. From there I have the intrigue of how it feels to play these strings. I hope it is as rewarding as listening to them in the hands of Roberto Aussel.

I am slowly making my way through Maestro Brouwer’s etudes. The richness of the Cuban influence is apparent and they are exciting to learn and perform. I would love to be able to perform these etudes on strings approved by the Maestro himself.

Hello from Finland. During the last few years I have tried and tested about 30 different string sets on the same guitar (Greg Brandt), comparing the sets to mainly two reference sets (D’Addario Pro Arte, and Savarez Corum). My nails are also quite consistent with the Fibonacci shape being a template I accidentally discovered, and just by trying noticed it worked very well. I’ve practiced writing critical reviews and given my opinions and suggestions to string manufactures. It all started when it became apparent how different strings vary in their balance of tone and playability. Knoblochs have been on the test bench, different tensions, both nylon and carbon, but they didn’t fit my guitar at that time. I’d be interested in trying some new kind of knobloch set for sure. I gave the knoblochs a chance for about a week, but they were too stiff sounding, but it wasn’t a set wasted, since I don’t throw them away. It might just be that the next time I will put that same set back on, that it might give in and be just right. Some strings require a longer time to settle than others. It’s essential to know how to put them on with a proper knot, and not to overstretch them at any point in order to maintain their longevity and balance. Strings may have a different kind of breaking-in period as well, before they become perfectly tender. A set of High Tension New Crystal Corums break in much faster than the new premium Cantigas. They both stay in tune, but the Premium Cantigas may feel stiffer longer than usual. It takes longer, but it pays off with more power and punch. The corums have a more refined color palette with lower volumes, but that doesn’t mean the Premiums aren’t colorful, they’re just not as enhanced. The feel of a string can often be what it tends to sound like, kind of like the saying something tastes as good as it looks. Differences of strings and tensions is not as subtle as many would think, they’re just not apparent at first, but once you start doing it and keeping notes, writing down all your impressions from the first minutes to the last, it becomes interesting and you really get to love and appreciate the sets that fit your hand, fingers, guitar and playing style, which is always a unique combination. I really hope people would delve into this subject and exercise critical thinking on their own path of discovery, as the end result will better feed your musical devotion and guitaristic obsession. -JW

Hello, I would love to try these set of strings on my GUITAR. It’s been a While since I’ve been trying different ones, and KNOBloch tents to be amazing.

Superb string, I use them on my flamenco guitar, so bright and responsive. I have no doubt these special edition strings will brig to life any guitar and i look forward to trying them out.

Man these strings sound great! I was looking for a new sound, so maybe these strings work. If it’s good enough for Brouwer, it’s good EnoUgh for me.

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