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November 27, 2018

La Cañada Giveaway – Classical Guitar Magazine

This winter, we’ve teamed up with Classical Guitar Magazine to give away a La Cañada Model 115A! Between now and January 31st, head over to the site below and fill out the form to be entered to win this beautiful instrument.


We’ve always been big fans of the La Cañada model guitars not only because they’re built under the care of master luthier Edmund Blochinger and Wolfgang Jellinghaus, but also due to the amazing sound these instruments consistently create. We find ourselves saying all the time that these guitars are the absolute best bang for your buck!

Learn more about this instrument and the inspiring 1888 Torres that it’s based off on our product page here. And while you’re at it, check out our good friend Marc Teicholz’s beautiful jazz arrangements on the very guitar you could win!

Comments (24)

Guitar Salon is a very good company, I bought a guitar from them a few years ago and it is one of my favorite guitars to play. Hope you & your families have a good Holiday.

Hello, Shawn.
I am sure GSI appreciates your comment, and as a reader I too enjoy positive comments, but I can’t help seeing a slight flaw in your stated reasoning. The fact that the guitar you bought from GSI is one of your favorites has most likely a lot to do with how the guitar was built and little to do with the company itself, save perhaps the fact that the guitar was made available for purchase there, and that they provide a large enough selection of guitars from which you were able to choose the one you liked most at that time.
Still, examples of high quality and reliability of the company’s customer service and reasonableness of their prices for all guitars – from student models to quality concert guitars – would give an accurate picture of the company from a buyer’s point of view.
Happy Holidays!

Shawn and Ivan: I have purchased two guitars from GSI. In both cases the staff took time to discuss the guitars I was considering and were open in their comparisons of each so that I could select the one best suited to my needs. Sadly, one of these became damaged in shipping (cross country). The GSI team stepped forward beyond my expectations and rendered a repair with no cost to me. The guitar is still in great shape after five years. I have continued purchasing strings and other accessories over the years with everything arriving in timely fashion and in good condition. Their product quality is second to none. I hope this provides some insight into the company.

PS: All responders can wish all you want, but I am going to win this guitar!!!! :^)
I would give my left arm to own this one……. if I didn’t need it to fret my chords!!!

Hi, I am 19 years old and I am from Canada. This contest give me the chance to win a perfect guitar for me. I really need to upgrade my yamaha and I really like the sound and look of this one. I just finish college in classical guitar and I need a better guitar to improve my self even better. Thanks to you and keep up your good work. I wish you great holidays!!

What I said was not demeaning to Shawn or GSI. It certainly was not intended to be.
I would hope that anyone reading my post would understand that my point was that praise needs to be relevant. If you find a book satisfying and a great pleasure to read, you praise the author and his or her art of writing, not the bookstore where you bought the book or the library you rented it from. Granted, both places may be fine places deserving praise, but that has little to do with the pleasure you derived from reading the book. It’s no different with guitars.
And, of course, the same applies to criticism. If, for instance, Shawn for some reason stopped liking the guitar he bought from GSI, surely GSI would not find it fair (rightly so) if Shawn claimed that GSI was a bad company because the guitar he bought from them was his least favorite one.
Praise or criticism, it needs to be relevant in its supporting points in order to be meaningful. Just like Dan’s comment was (post no. 18). I read his comment and appreciated and valued it. At the same time, he was fair and polite in his response (as one would expect the norm to be).
On the other hand, your response, Zach, (valueless to the point I was making) only demonstrates your character, your lack of civility, and your poor spelling and communication skills.

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