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January 7, 2020

NPR airs Guinga Interview recorded at GSI

You may have seen the videos we produced with the incredible Brazilian guitarist/composer Guinga. What you may not have known was that during the filming of these videos, NPR had sent reporter Betto Arcas to get the full story of this legendary, soft-spoken and until now, somewhat obscure musician. JohnPaul, sales manager from GSI, had lived in Brazil in 2009 and had an encounter with Guinga’s music early on and was happy to share his first experience of Guinga’s music for this piece featured on NPR’s Weekend Edition, which you can also hear below. We were very happy to host Guinga and have NPR use GSI for their interview. Many thanks to Guinga, Betto, Vera Ludmila, and Allison Van Etten for their collaboration to make this all come together.

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