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June 1, 2019

PHOTOS: New Bertrand Ligier guitar on its way to GSI!

Bertrand Ligier has just completed his next guitar for us, and has forwarded on a few pictures to give us a sneak peek of what is coming our way. After many years of seeing and playing guitars, it’s always a surprise to see what he has prepared for us – indeed we’ve never seen the same rosette twice from him (and they’re always extremely elegant, complex and perfectly executed), and we’re always curious to know what materials he’s selected for us. Something special about the wood on this guitar – Bertrand has used a gorgeous set of CSA rosewood for the back and sides that he selected from Dominique Field’s private stock. (Ligier also used CSAR from Field’s private stock for a 2018 model we had last year). This is quite remarkable when we realize that Dominique’s latest guitar for us was built with wood Field received decades ago from his predecessor, Robert Bouchet! We’re quite sure this guitar will sound as good as it looks, so be watching as we will list this instrument soon!

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