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May 28, 2014

Scott Morris On String Dampening


We have another video lesson from Scott Morris illustrating concepts from his method Classical Guitar Complete. This time Scott tackles the topic of bass string dampening, using Villa-Lobos’ Mazurka Choro as his example, and looks at why we need to dampen bass strings and a few techniques to achieve this. Scott is playing a 2014 Woon Sun Lee cedar/maple guitar.

Comments (3)

Well explained Scott, thanks a lot.

I have a request for you. Could you post a video on how to be more efficient to play on barred positions. Any specific exercises? I know each person has different finger shapes, and different guitars also respond differently. My difficulty is on the 7th fret and higher on the neck.


Hi Scott, great lesson.
Nice to see you are doing so well. I was just about to sell my Ramirez when I found this site.(You were my teacher, beginning guitar.) Thanks for the inspiration.

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