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May 23, 2019

TRAILER: Upcoming Ramirez Documentary

It is with pleasure that our friends in Spain, Cristina and Enrique Ramírez – Amalia Ramírez’s niece and nephew – share the first trailer they produced for the upcoming documentary about the José Ramírez guitar-making family. Watch this 2-minute preview below, and you’ll see that the documentary will touch on how the guitar has survived thus far, plus it will undoubtedly detail the stamp that the Ramírez brand has left in the guitar world with 137+ years of work. The trailer was made for the Madrid Flamenco Festival, and the siblings will share with us (and you) all remaining trailers as the September premiere date approaches. We’re really thrilled for this as much as we’ve been for any other movie released this year (including “End Game”)… Stay tuned!

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