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Certified Music Practitioner and Auction Winner
Posted February 14, 2020
By Gilbert Wade
I am the winner of the first GSI Auction, a 1974 Ramirez 2a. I was very excited to bid on this instrument! The bidding process went smoothly keeping me apprised of new bids as they came in. I greatly appreciated the inclusion of a countdown timer on the bid screen. JohnPaul contacted me and quickly and completely set up shipping. The instrument was well wrapped. It was everything the description claimed. I'm looking forward to using its beautiful voice to calm, relax and heal my hospice patients.

All of my experiences with GSI has very professional and amazingly friendly. They really know their instruments and care for their customers. Many thanks GSI and JohnPaul!

Gil ( o)===:::
Kudos to GSI and JohnPaul
Posted January 12, 2020
By John Stroman
I have played guitar since the mid-1960s, but did folk-rock until about 1988 when my singing voice abandoned me. After listening to recordings of Segovia, I fell in love with the sound of nylon strings and the intricacy of the music. I began to search for a classical guitar to use for lessons, and after many false starts I ended up at the GSI website. I bought my first classical (Miguel Rodriguez 1965) from GSI, and never looked back. Later I upgraded to a 2004 Sergei DeJonge from GSI, but after I suffered a severe paralytic illness in 2013, I grudgingly sold that guitar because I could only reach 4 strings and 2 frets with my left hand and was afraid I would drop the guitar. Later I used a couple of cheap guitars for physical therapy, and after I could finally play safely again, I bought a Taylor crossover, which is a great guitar but lacks the warmth of a true classical. I turned to GSI again and because of my new physical limitations (finger arthritis and no flexibility), at JohnPaul's recommendation I bought a 2017 Asturias short scale "Comfort." This model is a wonderful guitar, but it sounds a little too bright for my ears, and the neck is a little too thick for me to bar the higher frets. In December I received an email from GSI announcing their blowout sale, and had the opportunity to buy a 1987 Kohno spruce/Brazilian with a pickup already installed. The medication for my illness made my nails too thin and brittle, so I need to use flesh and amplification to perform. Through GSI's generous policy I was fortunate enough to trade in the Asturias for the Kohno, which also has a very narrow neck and allows me to play up top despite my physical limitations. JohnPaul again was very helpful in my shopping, taking many relevant measurements and demonstrating the honesty and integrity I've come to expect from GSI. In general, there are very few merchants that I trust, but GSI and JohnPaul are at the top of my list. Thank you both!
May GSI continue to rock on!
Posted July 22, 2019
By Andrew York
When I first met Tim Miklaucic, Guitar Salon International was still but a dream in his mind. Years later I'm happy to see that Tim’s vision has burgeoned into the world's largest dealer for guitars, and the go-to place for collectors and players alike to find vintage and excellent modern instruments. It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with GSI, recording videos on exceptional vintage instruments, most notably several impeccable Torres guitars from the 19th century. May GSI continue to rock on!

Andrew York
GSI exceeded my expectations
Posted August 29, 2018
By Rob Ziffer
Purchasing my new guitar from GSI could not have been a more satisfying and rewarding experience!. Working with John Paul, I received sound guidance, caring support and a real commitment to making sure I purchased the guitar that was just right for me. Patient, understanding and offering honest answers to my questions, I felt I was working with a trusted friend, not a salesman. I feel John Paul went above and beyond what was required and I ended up a guitar - Jellinghaus Signature - that I am simply thrilled with. There are classical guitar stores and salons much closer to me (Philadelphia), but if I ever wanted a different another guitar, GSI would be my only choice. I cannot recommend them too highly!
GSI Dream Team got me my Dream Guitar
Posted August 4, 2017
By CG AmberSky
After receiving my Cordoba Hauser guitar from GSI, I have been inspired to practice & learn more than ever before in an attempt to do this fine guitar justice. JohnPaul helped me select my dream guitar from GSI’s huge selection of guitars. The Cordoba Hauser guitar JohnPaul selected for me is powerful and has gorgeous projection without sounding forced. The bass strings have a rich deep tone and the treble strings have a pure high tone. This beautiful, dynamic guitar is capable of producing various tones with a clear distinction between the melody and accompaniment. I had dreamed of getting a 1937 Hauser and believed that dream was out of reach. Thanks to JohnPaul and the GSI team I now have my dream guitar. The transaction of selecting and then getting the guitar was smooth and efficient from the beginning of the process through the end. I am a very happy GSI customer!
Posted July 4, 2017
Owner at TLGuitars/ Fretboard Journal Contributor
Posted June 5, 2017
By Todd Lunneborg
So, I'm an A-typical Guitar Salon International Customer. I'm a Guitarmaker and I purchased a Contreras N3 while vacationing in Spain in 2005. I, later, sold that guitar to pay for some fancy wood from another builder and regretted it instantly (as you do). I have been looking for another N3 since I sold my 2005 built by Paulo himself. I watched the only other three N3 guitars built since mine to enter the US disappear to happy new owners through the GSI site.

I, as a customer, only wanted one extremely rare model and that model is seldom built by one particular builder; GSI is the only US distributor.

I recently purchased my replacement N3, 12 years after my first one was built, and while I (as a builder) have some high standards for my own builds and my own customer relationships I wanted to be sure to mention that JohnPaul Trotter, GSI in general, and the Contreras Guitars Family have matched that standard throughout my entire purchasing experience.

I had an issue, early in the process, that JohnPaul (GSI) and Contreras Guitars both stepped up and corrected instantly. I just wanted to share that I have never been more impressed by a Shop and a Builder as I am by GSI and Contreras. Thanks for making my purchase a great experience. Cheers.
Owner of The El Paso Music Learning Corner
Posted May 31, 2017
By Mario Otero
I would like to take this time to say how great The Guitar Salon has been to me. Thank you John Paul Trotter for such a great and inspiring instrument!
The Guitar Salon was very patient with me as I chose the guitar of my dream!!
Wonderful team, Thank you all,
Mario Otero
My Cordoba Torres
Posted December 21, 2016
By Dawn Vallance
At last I took the plunge and bought my dream guitar - The Cordoba Torres Master Series.
I have been thinking about this beautiful guitar for over a year.
It's very difficult to make a purchase like this from Australia which makes the process even more challenging.
Thank heavens I found GSI!
Andrew Lee couldn't have been more helpful, feedback and soundbites to compare instruments, all the specs I could wish for.
The best customer service I have ever experienced, and believe me I am well qualified to make that statement having spent 25 years in the international shipping industry.
This is the beginning of a wonderful relationship with a First Class team.
Hi Andrew.........
and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!
Perfect fit, perfect guitar, can't wipe the grin off my face!
I don't want to put it down.
DHL very professional handling and seamless delivery to Australia.
AND THANK YOU AGAIN for all your help, you made his a very special experience.
Hermanos Camps Primera Blanca
Posted July 17, 2016
By Jeff
I've had my Hermanos Camps Primera Blanca for about a week and it's great. JohnPaul was very helpful throughout the purchasing process. I'm very particular when it comes to action, and he kindly measured a couple of Primera Blancas to let me know their specs. Guitar was packaged perfectly. Communication throughout the whole process was great too. I definitely recommend GSI.
Quality Customer Care
Posted March 17, 2016
By Jason Griffis
Good afternoon,

I recently completed my first transaction with Guitar Salon and just wanted to take a moment to highlight JohnPaul's first class customer service approach. From start to finish of the sales process, I was treated with a sincerity and an authenticity that I found truly admirable. JohnPaul raised the bar as to how to represent oneself and ones company. With so many options in todays market, I've become very selective of the comapnies with whom I choose to do business. JohnPaul delivered "craft service", which I find to be a distinguishing element of Guitar Salon. A truly pleasurable experience.

Best regards,

Thanks, JohnPaul!
Posted October 5, 2015
By Bill Eisele
I just want to express my thanks to JohnPaul Trotter for his help with resolving a minor fret buzzing problem with a guitar that I had previously purchased from GSI and helping me select a new Cordoba Master Series Torres through the ExchangePlus program. He expertly diagnosed the problem with the previous guitar through a series of e-mails and then directed me to the shorter scale-length Cordoba Torres that I am now enjoying. Over the phone, he was able to expertly compare and contrast the characteristics of other guitars in stock to the Cordoba Master Series Torres to help me make the best choice for my situation. The Cordoba Master Series Torres is definitely a great value for the money. Thanks, JohnPaul, for all of your help!
A million thanks
Posted August 3, 2015
By Matt J.
I have placed several orders with GSI, received (and drooled over) many catalogs, checked their website several times a week, and learned so much from them. I don't think there's a business in America as involved in classical guitar than GSI. They are absolute top shelf in every way. Not many establishments bring the classical guitar community together the way that they do. I would order anything from them and never think twice about it. Thanks, guys.
Posted July 29, 2015
By Bruce Bond
I've bought many instruments from GSI over the years and have a great relationship with the folks there. Most recently I have dealt with Andrew Lee and JohnPaul Trotter who have both been quite honest, attentive, knowledgable, and reliable--not to mention generous with their time. My most recent purchase surprised me. I got an Antigua model made by Teodoro Perez and his co-workers. What a great guitar--one of my favorites that I have played at GSI. Incredibly sweet, good weight to the notes, very focused, very emotional, and it’s opened up a huge amount—a slight period of restraint when new which I like (as opposed to the light-topped guitars that pop when new and so need to mature less to open up than to get warmer and rounder). I'm so glad GSI still has a foothold in the world of Madrid guitars since so many of the instruments I find most moving still come from there. I recommend GSI and this model without reservation. The smaller body size of the Antigua helps, I think, to focus the instrument, so it feels a little less like some the big-box guitars one might associate with Madrid. It's bold but also quite flexible and comfortable.
Thank you Johnpaul
Posted July 15, 2015
By Stephen
Finding a guitar can take time. Be patient with yourself and eventually you will find it. Johnpaul helped me find my recital guitar. Your patience, kindness, knowledge, and friendship mean a lot. I have never even met Johnpaul in person but he is a friend. That is the level of customer service you get from Johnpaul. Thanks dude! I enjoy my expressive Lucas Martin Granada Spruce top guitar. I love guitars in general but the one I want is that which helps me express myself as I play the music in which I believe. I now have that guitar and this would not have happened without Johnpaul; a true protagonist in the magical world of the classical guitar.
Thank You, John Paul and GSI!
Posted May 6, 2015
By Eric
I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to JohnPaul Trotter of Guitar Salon International for his great patience and assistance over these last few months while I deliberated (at what must have seemed to JohnPaul, excruciating length!) over my purchase of a guitar. Finally, I came away with a splendid guitar built by a true master luthier, Fritz Ober, which has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. This is a guitar built for the ages, in terms of its marvelous sound, playability, and its classic, physical beauty; and I say this as someone who has been playing for many years and who owns some wonderful instruments already.

A prospective buyer of a fine guitar can do no better than to deal with Guitar Salon International. Your purchasing experience will not only be very pleasant and fun but you will also be dealt with, as a client, in a very straightforward, honest, and respectful manner. I can tell you from personal experience that this, unfortunately, is not always the case. GSI is the Gold Standard in my estimation.

My sincerest thanks, once again, to JohnPaul and the entire staff of Guitar Salon International. May you always prosper in your happy quest to make fine guitars available to guitarists everywhere.

Otto Rausch SP/MP
Posted December 31, 2014
By James
Really enjoyed playing all the beautiful instruments at GSI and extremely happy with my final choice. Thanks JohnPaul for a great experience, and the shipping arrived without a hitch!
GSI Sunshine despite a dark day
Posted December 12, 2014
By Gary
I am 58 years old and had been playing since I was 14. Due to an unfortunate accident, I suffered permanent nerve damage in my left hand which has left me unable to play the classical guitar ever again.

Finally dealing with the reality of that statement I decided to sell my Mauro Khono guitar that I purchased from Tim Miklaucic back in the Santa Monica Airport GSI days. It was an instrument I cherished and loved to play for family, friends and most important, myself.

I went back to GSI without any hesitation. During this sale process I met JohnPaul Trotter who, from the moment I made contact, offered personal empathy for my plight, sound advice on the options I had, and helped turn a personally tragic situation into one that left me feeling that if I had to let go of that instrument it couldn't be in better hands. Better hands that will pass it along to another musician who has a similar love of classical guitar music.

A special sidebar note I shared with JohnPaul is that the guitar was purchased to play in two great friend's wedding back in '85. These friends will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary in 2015. My guitar had more magic than just the great sound.

Tim's vision for GSI, along with exceptional associates like JohnPaul have made GSI an iconic emporium of the finest instruments available. My sincerest thanks helping me through this difficult adjustment. GSI will always have my heartiest recommendation for any customer seeking a great classical or flamenco guitar.
Fantastic way to purcahse a guitar
Posted October 11, 2014
By Linda
Thank you JohnPaul for helping me select my new guitar. It is perfect for me. You provided excellent service and addressed all my questions/issues very professionally. Having the guitar shipped to my home for an audition is the only way I will ever purchase a guitar again. The guitar arrived in solid packaging, was fully insured, and was quickly delivered; nothing to worry about. Also, I really appreciated your follow up after I had the guitar for a few months, very nice indeed!
Another great purchase -Thank you JohnPaul Trotter
Posted October 2, 2014
By murad.bsh
Just got my Teodoro Perez - Madrid today , A Great thank you to JohnPaul
This is my second guitar from GSI. Last year I purchased Camps Primera flamenco guitar both guitars are amazing and rest assured that you get more than you pay for
I cant find words really to thank JohnPaul Trotter
He spent allot of time and efforts he sent dozens of sound samples before I settled on the correct choices , ships very fast exceptional service

Hermanos camps Thanks to JohnPaul Trotter
Posted October 2, 2014
By Brianr
I was looking for a negra with bite and this guitar certainly delivers.
Beautiful Hermanos Camps "Concierto" .
Playing classical it sounds warm with punch, flamenco beautiful deep rasguedos.
Hard to believe the price.
Thanks very much JohnPaul
Another happy customer
Posted October 2, 2014
By jcameron
Thanks to JohnPaul and Dave T. for all your help in my acquisition of a Navarro Garcia. Couldn't be happier with the service and shipping was superb, thanks Hugo-less than a week to my door in Canada. I'm very pleased with the guitar, everything I expected and more.
Thanks to David Collett & Crew
Posted October 2, 2014
By BoogieB
david-thanks for making the options plenty and
the transaction painless. what a great guitar!!
thanks dave tate for nabbing it at the
and unsung organizer extraordinaire hugo
for being the pro he always is!!
Great transaction with GSI, especially with JohnPaul Trotter!
Posted October 2, 2014
By randy8303
Hi, I am Mr. Choi from Korea.

I have purchased 'Cordoba Solista CE Maple' guitar from GSI on last week.

I also bought LR Baggs 'Anthem SL Classical' pickup with my guitar.

Actually, I didn't know about GSI before this.

However, I am so surprised with GSI in this time.

They were so kind and thoughtful to me.

I believe that GSI are truly expert shop at Classical&Flamenco guitars.

I have emailed so many times, but they always replied to me with gentleness.

Especially, JohnPaul Trotter always did that for me and he also called me for detailed

information and explanation to my questions.

They also mounted the best pickup for me. It can be bother them and it also needs effort.

However, they were willing to do that for me.

Now I am falling love with my guitar and Anthem pickup.

I hope to see you again, GSI and JohnPaul Trotter!

Always be happy!

Mr. Choi
Thank You, JohnPaul -Jose Ramirez "Centenario"
Posted October 2, 2014
By Jamie
Dear JohnPaul,
I wish to thank you so very much for allowing me to try the "Elite" Model and yet, just when I thought it was just good enough, I discussed with you that I would wish to rather purchase the Jose Ramirez "Centenario" Model. As I received it, I was quite impressed and what a guitar I must say, I guess I have been always and forever enchanted with that Warm and yet clear sound of a Ramirez and not to mention the wood in the "Centenario" is the best anyone can ask out of Ramirez stock of their oldest wood, just as you mentioned it to me, the of ease playability and the neck of the guitar is so comfortable that I can say it plays just like butter, yes it is that easy! The sound/headroom is amazing even on the Cedar and as I have been playing the guitar and I can easily say it is loud enough and will continue to open up even more so as I have been experiencing over the last few days since I receive the guitar. Now, the sound continues to change into deeper, rounder, warm and gosh at times piano like, while maintaining the characteristics of a well built Jose Ramirez. I am proud to own ONE.
I must, however appreciate all of your patience, knowledge and guidance as I am a very inquisite costumer and as you now know I love sounds, woods and their timbers. I would never hesitate to purchase another Ramirez and I am also proud to own many of them. Yet the "Centenario" is quite close to my heart and will remain forever one the instruments I truly identify with. Just that sound! Among the most collectible guitars that I own and by now you know my collection, and yes I make the time to play them all, some closer to my heart is the Ramirez. It was worth all my waiting and btw, thank YOU for jumping the fences like a racehorse to snatch this guitar earlier than I thought for me.
As a happy, content and satisfied costumer I can say that I would comeback again and again to GSI and I will always feel comfortable to speak with you directly, knowing that you know what I would look for in a guitar. Now, I will wear my thinking cap again, Miguel Rodriguez also sounds amazing. All of these guitars again, have something in common a piano-like headroom but their very own characteristics of tones. Hope you may be able to make it some day to the Tri-State area.

Warm Regards,

Jamie Cruz
Another Perez
Posted October 2, 2014
By Cheech
Thanks Dave Tate & Dave Collette for all that you did to make this happen. The only problem that I am having is putting it down. I can't.
Thanks guys, an amazing guitar.

Kudos to JohnPaul Trotter
Posted October 2, 2014
By ibexx
Kudos to JohnPaul Trotter. I had a serious problem for which he provided a simple and economical solution.
My new Cordoba Loriente Cedar Top
Posted October 2, 2014
By mbriley
I recently purchased a Cordoba Loriente from JohnPaul. I have been playing classical guitar for over 35 years and I have several great instruments ( Ramirez,Rubio etc.). Because I have started to develop a loss of power in my left hand, I need an instrument that was easy action but with a good sound. For the most reasonable price, the Loriente cedar top is perfection. It is easy to play, great resonnace and projection, even tone and beautifully made. Thank you so much JohnPaul for putting joy back into my music with this terrific guitar! I purchased many guitars from GSI over the years and they are quite simply the best.
Mike B. Toledo, Ohio
Another happy three-timer
Posted October 2, 2014
By Plucking1
Well, I have purchased my third guitar from GSI. It's a wonderful 2008 Tobias Berg cedar top.

I would like to again give many thanks to Dave Tate for his most knowledgeable insight and information in guiding me to this guitar.

The Berg is just what I was looking and hoping for. Playability was the most important feature I needed, and the Berg certainly delivers. Secondly, I wanted the sound of cedar, but with clarity and good focus. The Berg guitar gives me just that sound.

I also like the somewhat smaller body size and lighter weight. It's a very comfortable guitar to play.

Tobias Berg has certainly put a lot of smiles on my face playing his guitar over the last couple of weeks, and for me that's what it's all about, no?

Thanks again Dave and everyone at GSI.

Helpful and really passionate about guitars
Posted October 2, 2014
By ediverudt
I have been thrilled to speak to the staff at GSI on numerous occasions and receive helpful and spot on advice there generosity with there time and monthly giveaways has made them really stand out.
Thanks GSI
Posted October 2, 2014
By benny
Thanks GSI for creating and maintaining this great web-site,and the new web-sites with the luthiers interviews is really interesting. I enjoy these sites very much and I'm glade that there aren't any fancy membership rules or expectations. Benny
2008 Tobias Berg
Posted October 2, 2014
By brettsut
Simply beautiful. There is no other way to put it. I own a myriad of other guitars, but this one takes me to another plane. The color, clarity, tone and feel of the guitar are just wonderful. It has spoiled me for playing any other.

So, if that sounds like a glowing review, it is meant to. I made two trips to California to pick out an instrument. I played many, and settled on the Berg.

It plays wonderfully and has actually made me a better player. The instrument is sensitive, and as such made me more aware of my inconsistencies enabling me to rise to the instrument. At the same time the suppleness of the instrument made it easy to discover nuances of the many sounds it is capable of.

I would like to thank the good folks at GSI for their patience with me and also Tobias for the obvious passion he embodies in his instruments. It takes both consummate skill and tremendous passion to do what Tobias has done.
GSI You totally rule!
Posted October 2, 2014
By benny
Dave Tate and the GSI staff are people in full possession of that rare quality known as integrity. They are not the first store to have a great sale or discount products, but they maintain there high standards and business ethics during both good and hard times. I recently found an amazing sale at an online store and brought it to Dave's attention he explained how the store was able to make such an offer and using his resources went to work on my behalf. GSI was able to offer me the same guitar at the same price. I now own a beautiful Contreras C4 spruce top. Thank You GSI and Dave Tate. Benny
Hugo Castaneda
Posted October 2, 2014
By adilzahrani
I am a person living in Saudi Arabia
Perhaps I was the only classical guitarist in my country
When I want to buy a guitar or accessories ,
I'm totally on my friends hands in guitar salon
thy are my ears
my eyes that see the guitars
and i Was purchased from them so far,
more than seven guitars in a total of about 40000 U.S. dollars
for me and my students
the didn't let me down not in any of the guitars
Both in quality or specifications requested by me
Of course,
thanks to my good friend
Hugo Castaneda,
who is the person am dealing with
The patience he gave me of my many and sometimes tedious questions

i Was pouring on the generosity of his morals and kind treatment
i thank him
And all friends in g s i very much

i just bay a Teodoro Peres guitar
. It has agrate, moody,
haunting, and very full sound. Just beautiful.
Thank you from my heart my dear, Hugo

And may god guide you,
Respect and appreciation
Guitar Salon and Manuel Contreras made it happen for me.
Posted October 2, 2014
By benny
This August, I received my long awaited Manuel Contreras II C4 from Spain. I can only say good things about this instrument. I thought it appropriate to formally thank Guitar Salon for a very satisfying buying experience. I frequently purchase accessories and sheet music from them. Since, I live near by, I pick the products up myself. I always feel as though I'm going to a friend's house. Everyone there is friendly in a way that allows you to feel that being there is a natural occurrence. Their guitars and various products are outstanding and they know their stuff. I would especially thank Dave Tate, who is just a great guy, but more importantly a great guide in making a purchase. If your not capable of playing the instrument to bring out it's best quality, he certainly can. Thanks for everything Dave Tate and Guitar Salon.

Benny Capasso
Thanks Dave Tate! Thanks GSI!
Posted October 2, 2014
By Anjelo
Before I introduce myself, I would like to share my recent experience with GSI.

Months ago I was in search for my first Flamenco Guitar. Fortunately I live in Los Angeles, I called GSI, Spoke to Dave Tate and he Invited me to come check out the GSI shop.

First of all the GSI shop was really nice and clean. The Guitars were treated with so much "respect" there, very impressive. I came back a few days later to play a few guitars within my budget. Took one home and a few days later realized I could try and work to stretch the budget more because I wanted a Guitar that I could grow with, instead of a Guitar that I might want to trade in after a while. So about 2 weeks later, I ended up with a Guitar that I am very very happy with.

Dave never tried to sell me anything nor pushed me into making a decision. They were more like friends who knew guitars really well and who would give you very honest comments. Dave played Flamenco well and was very generous of his opinions and made my Flamenco Guitar purchase stress-free.

I would like to thank Dave Tate and GSI for a wonderful Guitar purchase experience. Especially these days when the economy is not so well... Getting a good Guitar matched with that great customer service makes it worth every penny.

Michael Thames reborn
Posted October 2, 2014
By Willem
I bought a very beat up Michael Thames guitar found on Craig's List from a teacher who used it for his recording work. The strings were lowered dramatically, and produced buzzing at almost any volume. Somewhat acceptable for flamenco but not my preference for the classical repertoire. The face was severely scratched and the plastic flamenco strike plate added as a protection did nothing to add to the appearance.

But the sound, feel and basic construction of this fine instrument was my inspiration to buy it, and is a credit to Michael Thames' profoundly gifted art as luthier.

To protect the wood and restore this tattered beauty, I contacted Ken at GSI. After a brief consultation he recommended a facelift and bridge repair.

When I received the guitar back it was a completely different instrument. The woodwork was gleaming and looked brand new, not a trace of the previous scratches or strike plate remained. The action was restored to a perfect level, still low, but now without buzzes, even when played at my usual enthusiastic projection.

Thanks again, Ken and your luthier, who have done another beautiful job of restoring another of my guitars to a second life.

To anyone considering repairs or adjustments to their guitar, I highly recommend GSI.
Kudos to GSI's Repair Department
Posted October 2, 2014
By Douglass
Hi Dave,

Time for another "Thank you", but in a different department.

I recently sent you my '69 Ramirez cedar top flamenco guitar because it had developed a rather lengthy crack along the treble edge of the tap plate. The top also had some minor cosmetic issues with multiple nicks and dings. Part of the rosette area looked "damaged", but this was apparently the result of someone applying an extension of the tap plate to the base side and perhaps smearing glue onto the rosette.

The plan was to remove the old tap plate [and string guard], repair the crack, and dress out the top. I mentioned that I was not requiring absolute perfection regarding the work to be done on the top, just a clean-up that would not threaten the integrity of this highly prized guitar.

Well, I received my Ramirez today and when I opened the case I was stunned!


The top looked virtually brand new - the color was totally homogeneous and the surface was smooth and glassy. While the repaired crack was visible, it was clearly solid and stable. All of the old nicks, dings, and nail marks were gone. A new, broader clear tap plate in the shape I specified covered the crack area and presumably offers added reinforcement to the repair. A new string guard was in place and all of the old string dings under the old string guard were gone. How nice!

And, Dave, as you noted when you spent some time playing it after all of the work was completed, the wonderful deep, rich, mellow tone of this magnificent guitar was totally intact.

Needless to say, I am more then happy and extremely pleased with your help and the workmanship of your resident luthier. Please extend my personal "Thank you" to him for a job very well done.

Mil gracias y mas, Dave.


Kenny Hill 'Rodriguez'
Posted October 2, 2014
By fugue
I've had my Hill Rodriguez that I purchased from GSI about 2 months now. I am in love with it! What a great sound. Loud, focused, very even across all the registers and has a very sweet sound. It's a real pleasure to play (my practice time has doubled because some evenings, I can't put it down). Dave at GSI was great to deal with in helping me select this guitar. Thanks GSI!
New Loriente Isabel- Thanks to Ken
Posted October 2, 2014
By guitar60
Many Thanks to Ken Nagatani. THis is my second guitar from GSI. Ken helped me with both, a Sean Hancock 4 years ago and now a Loriente Isabel.

I would recommend the Isabel highly to anyone looking in this price range or even higher. It has excellent playability and volume. It is clear and even in all registers and from the 7th fret up it is especially sweet. What is really surprising is the sustain. I've had it two weeks and was playing the Satie- Gymnopedie #3 and this relatively slow piece especially displayed the quality of the instrument. With an all French Polish, excellent Fustero Tuners,and beautiful Pau Ferro wood it is a great choice. It is the Cedar top model and has a definite different sound from my Hancock spruce. I cannot compare the two but I would say they are both equal in enjoyment- two different sounds but both a joy to play.
Once again many thanks to Ken
Thanks Dave Tate
Posted October 2, 2014
By Quinbus
Just a public thanks to Dave Tate.

I upgraded from the Clarita to the Marieta.

He was right, it was absolutely worth it. Despite my hectic schedule, including cross country travel, he made the process painless.

thanks. jeff b
The Perez Guitar
Posted October 2, 2014
By Cheech
I started looking into a concert level guitar about seven months ago. Being that I wanted the "Madrid" sound, certain brands came to mind. Dave Tate suggested looking into guitars made by Teodoro Perez. I posted a thread and read all of the raving reviews. They're true. Its phenominal. The sound is unbelieveable. My son thought that I was playing into a microphone. Aside from the volume, the tone is just beautiful. The only problem that I'm having is concentrating when playing more difficult pieces because the sound is so astounding. I realize that I am using a lot of superlatives here but its just that the guitar is more than I expected. Brian R., thanks for information that you posted back in May. GSI, I want it to be clear that the sole reason that resulted in the purchase of a guitar from you is in essence, per the conversations that I had with Dave Tate over the last half year. I'm also glad that you offer these guitars. Dave, initially I was not sure that this was going to be achievable. Thank you for working with me so that it could. And please forward my compliments to Teodoro and Sergio.
New Guitar
Posted October 2, 2014
By oc chuck
Ken Nagatani and GSI.

With Ken's help, I have just recieved
a new special order Rafael Moreno Rodriguez CD/BR

To keep it short----- the whole process
was a great experience!!!!!!!!!

Thank- you.
Thanks to David Collett
Posted October 2, 2014
By Tsolak
I would like to take the opportunity to thank GSI staff, particularly David Collett.

Over the past 4 years, I bought 4 excellent guitars from GSI and David played a major role in giving me excellent guidance.

There are great guitars out there but are not necessarily for everyone. It all depends on taste and the person who is playing it. What David was able to do, was simply listen to my requirements, assess my abilities and direct me accordingly.

Specially with the last one that I bought, being the “Esteso Reedition” blanca. The guitar that he described to me on the phone, as being “old world, excellent, out of this world” ended up being true. He assured me that if I played it, I would love and never leave it.

David’s knowledge on guitars surpasses to what other guitar dealers could offer, and if I were to buy one, before playing it, I would ask his opinion. That would have a great impact on my decision.

Thanks David for all your help.

The Holy Grail…
Posted October 2, 2014
By GSI Fan
It’s probably hard to believe there’s any such thing as the Holy Grail; but, two of them can only be described as mind-boggling. Both of my fortunes are so close to perfection it’s nearly impossible to put one before the other. GSI, Tim, David, and Dave are positively the Holy Grail of customer service and integrity. My new Teodoro Perez “1884 Torres”, on the other hand, is positively the Holy Grail of classical guitars.

Since the perfect guitar is far too personal and very subjective and a matter of opinion; it seems almost anticlimactic to extol the wonderful attributes of my new Perez. Someone will certainly disagree; citing their’s is perfection. Regardless, I can only say that there are not enough adjectives to describe just how wonderful this guitar really is. It is a masterpiece I’ll forever treasure. The gang at GSI can proudly take responsibility for my jubilation. They patiently took the time to understand me and my wishes, suffered through my pettiness and channeled their knowledge to find me my perfect guitar - an unheard of level of service in today’s business world and truly commendable.

Beyond just the service, I feel very fortunate to have developed a friendship with the GSI team. It’s important to me that I share my good fortune with everyone and I sincerely hope the forum membership and casual observers will take the time to experience what I’ve experienced and enjoyed. The GSI team is a group of talented and knowledgeable professionals with one common goal; all of them. I can say without any reservation, they will never give up or quit on you. At any time along the way they could have with me; and rightfully so. Instead they hung in there and I'm glad they did. I’m deeply indebted to the entire team for the patience and support they unselfishly gave. Most of all, I’d like to thank the GSI team for being a true friend and partner during my quest for the perfect guitar.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you GSI, Tim, David and Dave. What you’ve done for me will never be forgotten.

Your #1 Fan,
Strength of Ramirez guitars
Posted October 2, 2014
By Sharstrom
Recently, a friend brought his six-year-old daughter over to my house, where he wanted to hear the latest Bach piece I'm working on. I was playing for him, with my 2001 Ramirez 1a, bought new from GSI, when his daughter got up off the floor, ran across the room, and threw herself onto the guitar's face, knocking me and the guitar off the back of the stool with the kid on top of us. [Maybe she wanted attention?] Before you ask, I was concentrating on the guitar playing and not the kid.... Anyhow, the result is that the guitar is fine, not a scratch. This was a full-on blow, too, her whole body smashing into it. For several days, I'd awaken in the a.m. and open the guitar case to make sure the guitar was really, really ok. I am still a little emotionally rattled. But the guitar is fine, so I'll get over it. One day.
Thank you!
Posted October 2, 2014
By Terry Dickson
Dear Mr. Miklaucic,

I am writing this letter with sincere thanks and appreciation for all of the great service that I have received from GSI over the last few years. It has indeed been a wonderful experience for me.

I first contacted GSI back in 1993. At that time, I talked about purchasing a Hauser III guitar. I was sent a number of pictures of a Hauser I as well as a new Hauser III guitar. GSI also sent me an illustrated history of the classical guitar. Well, finally last month it became a reality for me. My new Hauser III looks as beautiful as it sounds!

Over the last several years, I have been in touch with David Collett and have now purchased a total of three guitars from GSI. I have nothing but superlatives to say about David. He has always been so helpful and so informative. I have been encouraged to pursue playing the classical guitar even more after talking with him. He is like a walking encyclopedia on classical guitars. Seriously, if he ever gives a lecture on the history of the instrument, you can count on me being there. David's help has been phenomenal and that's an understatement! You can tell that he really loves the guitars that he sells and that classical guitar is really a passion for him.

One thing that I wish I could do is to go back in time and start playing the classical guitar at an early age. I am now middle-aged and still an average player but I will keep practicing everyday because I really want to play a lot better than I do now.

Again, thank you for all the great service. I will always recommend GSI to others whenever the opportunity arises.

Terry Dickson
Traverse City, Michigan
Blown away by Angela
Posted October 2, 2014
By Todd
I recently purchased an Antonio Loriente Angela model
from Dave here @ GSI.

I must say, excellent service. Dave's a great guy.
He got me a smokin deal.

What a spectacular guitar!!!!!! WOW...

This thing is amazing. I would expect to pay thousands
more for a guitar of this quality. I was honestly flabbergasted
when i first played it. Didnt realize a production guitar
could be this exceptional. Ive played 5000.00 dollar
luthier guitars that dont sound and play as sweet as this guitar
at a meeger, and affordable 2500 bucks.

My review of this guitar can now be found in the General Discusion
forum here at GSI. It includes high res Video and Audio of the guitar.
So tune in!!

Todd Kreuzburg
My Second Loriente
Posted October 2, 2014
By GSI Fan
I’ve purchased my second Loriente. Call it curiosity. We’ve all read and/or heard about the world renowned guitar builders and the occasional disappointments they produce. I’ve had thoughts that maybe the opposite could be a possibility. Was it plausible I received the sole superstar among an array of mediocre guitars when I received my first Loriente? Well, here’s my answer; No. My first Loriente was not a fluke, mishap or coincidence. These guitars ARE the real deal. They are positively concert worthy instruments regardless what the price tag may perhaps imply.

My newest Loriente is the “Angela”. I’ve nicknamed her “Angie” (pretty creative I’d say) and she’s one of the sweetest maple and spruce guitars money can buy. The workmanship is positively first rate as is the choice of tone woods. The playability is exceptionally easy. The intonation is perfect and her voice is absolutely beautiful. Maple creates a charming, almost hypnotic, tonal character that must be experienced to fully appreciate. My only dilemmas are which guitar to play first and when will I ever get any sleep?

Tim, you and the Loriente team have the perfect vision and the execution is first class all the way. I consider myself very fortunate to have purchased both my Lorientes. Keep up the great work.

David, thank you for your hard work as well as for guiding me in the right direction with each and every guitar I’ve bought from GSI. I look forward to working with you and the GSI team for years to come.

Another Ramirez 1a happy customer
Posted October 2, 2014
By guitarlover
To cut the story short, my client's baby banged on his guitar and made some dents on the top and back of the guitar. It's a Ramirez 1a.

I brought the guitar in and asked Ken to take care of it. I was received a prompted service, quality work, and best of all... another satisfied customer.

My customer could not believe how nice it turned out. His guitar now as like new condition.

So, where to go for this kind of service? Guitar Salon is the answer. Don't take my words for it. Check it out and experience it!

Thanks Ken and GSI!
Posted October 2, 2014
By David Kim
Dear GSI,

Buying a quality instrument online, sight unseen, unheard and untouched is certainly a tough decision, especially when investing a considerable amount of money. However, based upon my first experience dealing with GSI and Ken Nagatani, I can emphatically recommend without any reservations GSI for any classical guitar purchase. I purchased an Antonio Loriente “Sofia” model that was ‘expertly repaired’ at a reduced price and I must say that the luthiers you have on staff did a fine job repairing the crack on the back. The re-application of the French polish was beautifully executed and I would have never noticed the location of the original crack if I were not told of its location.

I’m not a musician by any means and only consider myself a hobby guitarist. Nevertheless, I appreciate fine things and instruments alike and value the ‘sound’ and ‘tone’ of an instrument as well as the aesthetics and character afforded by the perfect combination and complement of various qualities. The Antonio Loriente line is a fantastic value for the money and I am so very happy with the purchase. Ken was very patient with me, describing the warm refined sound of the ‘Sofia’ versus the other instruments I was interested in. In fact, I had conversed via email with him over a year ago when I first initiated my research into buying a classical guitar and he was very thorough in his description of the guitars.

Thank you Ken and GSI. I will call upon you for my next musical needs!

Thanks GSI!
Posted October 2, 2014
By Gregg_Goodheart
Dear Guitar Salon,

I wanted to write to you to thank you for the wonderful treatment of numerous students of mine.

As you can imagine, students in a beginning classical guitar class at a high school most times will have very poor instruments when they start. When some of those students go on to my advanced classes part of what I do is try to convince the students and parents that a step up in instrument quality is a good investment.

Since I first explored Guitar Salon as an option for this two years ago, until now when I send my students to you with confidence, you have helped do wonderful things for my program. All of the hard work in the world would not sound good on a bad instrument.

I appreciate your patience with my students, and their parents, in explaining the guitars, workmanship, aspects of sound quality and playability, and generally treating these young students with respect throughout the process.

It has been such a pleasure to work closely with David Collett who has been a great help not only with my students, but with the building of my CD and print guitar reference library at the school. Thanks David. Thanks also to David Tate who has also spent time with my students looking for guitars.

I would like to thank Tim Miklaucic, the owner, for his support of pre-college guitar education in general. I could not include in this letter the things he has done, and offered to do, to help with not only my program, but the effort to include such programs in other schools as well.

Thanks as well for the tangible support for the concert in which we hosted Dimitri Illarionov last year.

It has been a pleasure working with all of you. I look forward to more in the future. Thanks for everything.

Gregg Goodheart

Director, Classical Guitar Program
Chair, Fine Arts Department
Loriente / GSI
Posted October 2, 2014
By GSI Fan
To the GSI Team,

I received my new Loriente Clarita. I can say it's nowhere close to what I had expected. The workmanship is outstanding. Aesthetic is tastefully simple and charming. Playability, set-up and neck contour are very comfortable. And, if all this wasn't enough, the intonation is dead on the money. I'm amazed!!!

The truth is I was expecting a very good quality all-purpose classical guitar. A knock-around if you will. Instead, I received a concert worthy instrument that could rival guitars at 2-3 times the money. I would high recommend the Loriente line-up to anyone.

Thank you for a fine concert worthy instrument at such an incredibly reasonable price and the professional, honest service that comes with the GSI experience. Everyone at GSI is a winner in my book.

"GSI Fan"
Guitar Salon
Posted October 2, 2014
By CoreyR
Guitar Salon is one of the best guitar sites i know, its a great place to shop and look at the newest models in guitars, and its a great place to chat with other guitarist with the new forum. this site is awesome....!
Tarrega poster
Posted October 2, 2014
By Eric Franklin
Hello - I am such a huge fan of your store and web site. I recently purchased one of the Tarrega posters. It is SO wonderful. I don't know how you guys acquired it, but...a similar poster of Andres Segovia in action would be just as amazing. I'm sure it would be a great seller.

Anyhow...keep up the good work!

Eric Franklin
Ramirez 1A repair
Posted October 2, 2014
By Tom Pitts
Dear Tim:

I received my Ramirez 1a back from your shop yesterday having been called by David the day before and simply wanted you to know how pleased I am with the result. First, as you may recall, this is my only classical instrument and I was anxious to get rid of my cheap rental. You helped speed the process and I am grateful. More importantly, the work is faultless. I challenged my wife to find the area that had been repaired and she could not. Now French polished, I will need to exercise a little more care with the top but have ordered the plastic shields (Kling-Ons) from you to make that a little easier.

Thank you, Tim, for the great service. Happy holidays to you and your family.

Tom Pitts
Thanks again for your courtesy
Posted October 2, 2014
By Frank Gordon
Dear Tim,

Many thanks for your kind e-mail and for your gracious offer to exchange the standard case for the deluxe. I have decided to save us both the hassle and irritation of exchanging cases and to keep the standard case.

Thanks again for your courtesy. I've told you before, but I'll say it again: I really do enjoy doing business with GSI, and I like your website very much.

Best regards,
Frank Gordon
These brochures are so well done...
Posted October 2, 2014
By Roger Cope
Hello Mr. Miklaucic: Yesterday in my College mailbox I received the recent mailing of Summer/Fall '01 GSI brochure and letter to guitar teachers and students. This recalled an idea I had during fall term and would now like to advance to you.

I'd like to receive a dozen of these brochures for distribution to my students.

These brochures are so well done they meet not only the highest marketing standards but would also serve well as an educational tool. I'm certain my students would benefit from the detail information contained therein, would find the material a stimulating source for discussion, and of course there's always the possibility we might generate a few modest sales.

Yours very truly - Roger A. Cope
Happy repair customer...
Posted October 2, 2014
By Tom Pitts
Dear Tim:

I received my Ramirez 1a back from your shop yesterday having been called by David the day before and simply wanted you to know how pleased I am with the result. First, as you may recall, this is my only classical instrument and I was anxious to get rid of my cheap rental. You helped speed the process and I am grateful. More importantly, the work is faultless. I challenged my wife to find the area that had been repaired and she could not. Now French polished, I will need to exercise a little more care with the top but have ordered the plastic shields from you to make that a little easier.

Thank you, Tim, for the great service. Happy holidays to you and your family.

Tom Pitts
A new lifetime customer...
Posted October 2, 2014
By Richard Conway
Dear Mr. Miklaucic,

Before you deal with a company, you never really know what kind of relationship it will turn out to be. You always hope for honesty, integrity, good service and of course - superior products. If everything goes perfectly, you sometimes still never find out. It's when there is a problem with your purchase that you really find out what you are dealing with. This Christmas, my wife ordered a Ramirez guitar for me. As it turned out, when I opened the package on Christmas morning, there was a problem. With one phone call to David Collett, he not only fixed the problem in a more than satisfactory manner, but gained a new life time customer for you. It is rare to find a company that operates with a sense of integrity in its daily operations. Not only do your products stand out, but your employees easily out-shine them.

Richard Conway
Colorado Fly Fishing Guides
Thank you for the extra effort
Posted October 2, 2014
Thank you for the extra effort. I really appreciate it.

You web site is the finest I have seen (guitar or non-guitar). Your photographs of the individual guitars (& ability to enlarge) is the high standard of presentation in the industry.

If I ever buy an instrument over the web, it would be through your site.

Kenneth Brögger guitar
Posted October 2, 2014
By Mark
Hi David,

Mr. Brögger's guitararrived yesterday in perfect condition. I can't tell you how impressed I am with the instrument. The details on it are superb and the pictures of the rosette on your website (although excellent by themselves) don't do it enough justice; but then again, photos never do with fine art of this detail and skill.

The guitar sounds even better than I thought it would. In fact, my wife swears that my playing skills seem to have improved vastly just by changing instruments!

Thanks to yourself, Mr. Brögger, and all involved at GSI for all of your help, your honesty, your prompt replies, and kindness. I hope to one day send others to GSI and perhaps introduce Mr. Brögger's guitar to another guitarist who can appreciate a fine instrument.

It's 2:00 AM and I have a 7:00 AM meeting. I've been playing this guitar since about 7:30 PM and I'll probably be up another hour playing it.

I recently bought two guitars...
Posted October 2, 2014
By Gautam Sarup
Dear Mr. Miklaucic,

I recently bought two guitars (an Estrada Gomez and a Stefano Moccetti) from GSI and I would like to thank GSI, especially the knowlegeable Mr. Collett who took the time to play both instruments and comment on them.

I did not know that owning these guitars would lead to a problem of sorts; with these two it is difficult deciding which one to pick up and play.

I look forward to continue dealing with GSI and with your staff.

Best regards,
Gautam Sarup
The Abel Garcia looks great and sounds great
Posted October 2, 2014
By Ronaldo Medina
Hello Tim,

Thank you and your staff for the excellent service you have given me over the past year. The Abel Garcia looks great and sounds great. My Rubio also plays very well I used that guitar to teach beginning guitar from Fredrick Noad's first book for guitar. Well, just a short hello. Wish you and your staff the best.

Ronaldo Medina
Happy with Asturias "Custom"
Posted October 2, 2014
By Victor Avdonin
Dear David,

Just wanted to thank you for allowing me to trade my 1982 Ramirez 1a for the Asturias "Custom". I am very happy with my new guitar. Working with you and your company was a pleasant and rewarding experience. I'll be sure to recommend Guitar Salon International to all of my guitar friends.

Thanks and regards,
Very unique and impressive
Posted October 2, 2014
By Ken Wey

Just wanted to thank all of those (especially David) involved in making my buying experience a pleasurable one. I had withheld the upgrade from an old Goya G30 to a concert guitar for many years because of the mind and ear boggling experiences I had at various Guitar shops throughout California. I was expecting more of the same when I first made an appointment to visit your facility in Santa Monica. What I experienced was very unique and impressive; extremely patient, knowledgeable, caring staff committed to finding me the perfect sound from a quality instrument. Kudo's to your business and your staff. I now have a lifetime to enjoy my new guitar and the memories of a pleasurable experience in finding it.

Ken Wey
Encinitas, CA
Just wanted to say thanks
Posted October 2, 2014
By C R Coates
Tim, just wanted to say thanks for selling my Contreras guitar. Every one of your people I worked with were knowledgeable, helpful, and just a pleasure to communicate with. You are running a good shop.

Bob Coates
My first classical guitar, Otto Vowinkel 2A
Posted October 2, 2014
By Robert Runyon
I recently purchased my first classical guitar, an Otto Vowinkel 2A, and the quality of the instrument can only be matched by the quality of the service I received.

Robert Runyon
A new lifetime customer for you
Posted October 2, 2014
By Roger Conway
Before you deal with a company, you never really know what kind of relationship it will turn out to be. You always hope for honesty, integrity, good service and of course - superior products. If everything goes perfectly, you sometimes still never find out. It's when there is a problem with your purchase that you really find out what you are dealing with. This Christmas, my wife ordered a Ramirez guitar for me. As it turned out, when I opened the package on Christmas morning, there was a problem. With one phone call to David Collett, he not only fixed the problem in a more than satisfactory manner, but gained a new life time customer for you. It is rare to find a company that operates with a sense of integrity in its daily operations. Not only do your products stand out, but your employees easily out-shine them.

Richard Conway
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Thank you for that gift
Posted October 2, 2014
By Allen Wesley Root
Dear Tim,

I had been meaning to write this note long ago but was caught up with the holiday obbigatos and, of course, playing that terrific guitar I sometimes can't beleive is my good fortune to own. But now, after receiving your most generous gift of the guitar stand, I can no longer put the writing of this aside. Thank you for that gift. You have class I can't begin to comprehend.

Even if I had gone away from the Salon empty handed (I can't imagine that ever taking place) the trip would have been worth it. Those two days with you in that room of guitars were a highlight of my year. I learned so much, under your tutelage, about fine guitars and about my own playing style. I have met a rare few people whose business it is to sell something who not only instruct in a pleasant and engaging way but also enlighten. You top the list.

The Kohno has radically changed my approach to playing. Whereas it was a struggle to get through an hour and a half of practice with my old guitar (torture is a better word and I would most times quit after an hour) I now find myself so ensconced in the playing and the music produced that I'm hitting my stride after two hours...every day! You were absolutely right about the wider neck. Difficult passages are less so and I have remarkably reduced my string buzzing routine. And I'm learning the joys of dynamics that were never possible with my old cigar box. In short, I think I might actually become a decent guitar player someday. Maybe then I'll be ready for that $15,000 guitar, at which time we'll talk again.

Give my thanks to Duk for his patience with the credit card snafu and for shipping the guitar such that I received it at exactly the given hour.

Again, thank you for all your time and talents in guilding me toward my goal of owning a truly fine instrument.

Yours sincerely,

Allen Wesley Root
Maryland, New York
Philip Woodfield "Ruby"
Posted October 2, 2014
By David Maxson
Hi Tim,

I just got done purchasing the Philip Woodfield "Ruby" thanks to the great assistance from David Collett. He took the time to answer all my questions and play the two guitars I was thinking about to help me make the right choice. I have no doubt the Woodfield is going to be exactly what I am looking for, and if not you certainly have plenty of equally great choices to consider.

I have been a long-time fan of GSI and your website is outstanding, so when I decided to get a really nice classical I knew there was only one real choice. Again, thanks to David for his help, and thanks to GSI.


David Maxson
Cordoba 40R
Posted October 2, 2014
By Mark Roghmans
Dear Tim,

I feel compelled to write you a short note of thanks. I live in LaGrange, GA, originally from Connecticut, and access to the world of classical guitar is zero. Your web site is a God send, complete, and really well done. I'm getting back to playing with one of your Cordoba 40R entry level guitars, recieved it a couple of days ago and am thrilled with it, just beautiful.

Mark Roghmans
Many sincere thanks
Posted October 2, 2014
By Stephen Robinson
Dear Tim,

Many sincere thanks for your generous support of our Stetson International Guitar Workshop. The funds will go specifically for international students as I had mentioned. Both of us appreciate your (GSI's) presence within the guitar community, and are expecially happy that your are a part of the Stetson Workshop family. Hope to meet you in the near future.

With fondest regards,

Stephen & Patrice Robinson
appreciate your kind demeanor
Posted October 2, 2014
By Terry L. Cairns
Tim: After you and I hung up earlier today, I put a new set of Savarez Alliance 540R's on the guitar and you wouldn't think it was the same guitar! From low E to high E and at all points in-between, it has much more punch. The "G" string is explosive and I think that the "B" and "E" aren't far behind. Because of that change, I'm a little embarrassed about my earlier email and subsequent phone call. I want you to know that I REALLY appreciate your kind demeanor on the phone. In my case it is simply that I want to be all that I can be musically and to a large degree, we are dependent upon the instruments that we play.................. especially when playing acoustically. I really am stunned with the difference in the voicing of these new strings. I have played Savarez on my laminated Takamine for a couple of years now and they even make that laminated, stiff, glue laced strata of a sound board sound respectable. (O.K., maybe not respectable but it doesn't sound like a plywood top anymore.) I never asked you on the phone about the strap for the case. Is one to be included with the case? There is one for the case cover but not the case itself. I'm not even sure that I'd ever use it but thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks again Tim. You really run a class act there at Guitar Salon. I am VERY impressed. If the Lord should continue to bless my company (looks like 2000 will be another banner year), I'll be contacting you for another guitar later this year so be thinking of a Luthier that will build me something really special. ($10,000.00 to $15,000.00 range maybe).

God Bless.

Guitar Performer and Teacher
Posted February 18, 2020
By Brad Melnyk
I can't say enough about how great it was to deal with the Guitar Salon. They go above and beyond what I expected. I was worried a bit a first about shipping quite a distance but was pleasantly surprised how they put me at ease to deliver it.

Finally, I now own a Conde Hermanos - a beautifully crafted guitar. I was very happy with the transaction and their support. JohnPaul Trotter was an exceptional professional to deal with he knows his instruments

The Guitar Salon was a pleasure to deal with from the first day, I will definitely give all my recommendations to them in the future. Thanks again
Cordoba Master 18:1 ratio Tuning Machines
Posted January 8, 2020
By John Offutt
I have a Cordoba C12 cedar top and did some research on Luthier sites about tuning machines. And I have learned a lot not only about the ratio's and different types like open, closed, etc. But how important the maintenance is and using the right type of lubricant ( Tri-Flow lubricant with P.T.F.E.) not the other type that says dry. Also about the upgrades where they are more heavy duty, last longer, strings stay in tune. I am 64 years old and play between 25 to 28 hours a week. I have noticed the tunings were getting worse so I switched out the 14:1 ratio that came with the guitar for the Master Series 18:1 ratio. Wow before I changed them I noticed a big difference the quality was much better and heavy duty. The other tuners 14:1 came on the guitar were very flimsy and the cylinders are not made well. Andrew Lee at Guitar Salon International was so helpful with the specifications and any questions that I had and I wanted to say thank you. Their are tuning machines that are even $500.00 for a set but their is a reason why better quality, better craftsmanship and you get what you pay for. For all the guitarist out there do not forget to do the maintenance on those machine tuning heads. When they wear out talk to Andrew Lee he can help you with what will fit your type and model of guitar. Always enjoy and have fun playing your sheet music. John Offutt
my asturias guitar from john paul
Posted November 14, 2019
By susie croteau
dear gsi and john paul I have been a customer for over 8 years and bought and traded a few guitars from here, as I was maturing as a player and growing to know my own needs, john paul helped me many times over the years, last year I discovered a new Asturias guitar from gsi and iam still in amazement of her, she came to me brand new with a beautiful case packed with so much care, I knew then and there she was the guitar for me !! she was perfect,, fast forward to a year or more later, I felt I should write an update,, my guitar and I are one !!! she has opened up and grown with me.. the fret board on her is just amazing the most gentle touch produces the most amazing voice, this guitar should be priced as a concert grand !!! I have never played with such ease and enjoyment. I cant put her down , I want everyone to know my happiness with her and the guitar salon and john paul, also I must have gotten about 10 packs of labella 2001 strings and they fit her like the most beautiful diamonds to bring out all her beauty, so you can tell iam so so happy with my guitar ,I protect her like a child in my arms .. she is perfect THANKYOU. Susie croteau
Bernardo Romero
Posted August 26, 2018
By Josh Duncan
What a beautiful guitar! It's a pleasure to have this guitar in my home. Bernardo built a really amazing instrument and I'm excited to see his future builds. Thanks JohnPaul for answering all of my questions along the way!
Cordoba C12 Limited
Posted September 18, 2017
By Mike Zimmer
My Nashville-based guitar teacher David Fisher suggested some models from Guitar Salon when I told him I was interested in getting a new classical guitar. I liked the looks of the Cordoba C12 Limited, and contacted John Paul about the process. It arrived here on Tybee Island, GA from Santa Monica, and when I opened it up, it was in perfect tuning! John Paul made the whole experience great, and the playing that Cordoba is like fingering on a fret board made of warm butter. Just beautiful. Thanks Guitar Salon!
Cordoba GK Pro Negra
Posted June 28, 2017
By Dean Tsioropoulos
My new Cordoba GK Pro Negra is a dream guitar! True to Cordoba’s credo of building nylon string guitars for the modern player, this guitar combines traditional elements like the Spanish heel construction and Esteso rosette with contemporary features like the neck dimensions and electronics. It nails snap and definition of a flamenco guitar while the rosewood back and sdes (the “negra” element provide the deep bass tones of a classical guitar. The GK is a supremely responsive guitar that truly does it all.
GSI, Andrew Lee
Posted June 28, 2017
By Dean Tsioropoulos
Guitar Salon International is your only choice for classical and flamenco guitars! Andrew Lee went the extra mile and just kept on going to make sure my guitar buying experience (Cordoba GK Pro Negra, also highly recommended) was as positive as it could be. He simply could not have been more helpful, responsive and accommodating. I have become a GSI fan and lifelong customer and you will too!
Thank you Saad
Posted May 5, 2017
By Ben
I received my Loriente Marieta yesterday. I wanted to drop a quick note thanking Saad for all the help he gave me, since the expierence was noteworthy.
The guitar is exactly what was advertised and he took the time to thoroughly answer my questions and helped me to be able to afford this instrument. Being my first GSI guitar purchase, he also spoke very highly of the company and told me a lot of nice and interesting things about what GSI does. He was very informative and he seems very passionate about his job.
I had wanted to wait a week to ship the guitar due to my travel schedule and Saad went ahead and overnighted the guitar to me so I'd have it before I left town, which was really nice for him to do. I'll be able to take the guitar with me now.
He also called me while in front of the guitar asking me about my choice in strings and put a fresh set of strings on the guitar and cleaned it up nicely. Inside the case there was some nail care items and another set of strings.
This Marieta is a wonderful instrument but I think that Saad's customer service, personality and geninue interested to help me is what impressed me the most.
I will definitely be a returning customer and will recommend GSI and Saad without hesitation.
Someone should definitely give Saad a pat on the back for all that he did.
Great experience
Posted March 1, 2017
By Tim Crawford
I just wanted to give a huge a thumbs up to GSI. I received my new cedar top C10 and have now been using it long enough to say I love it! The decision to purchase this guitar was not easy for me for many reasons. In fact, originally the direction I was going was to purchase a guitar made just south of me in Oxnard. That was a Cordoba Torres.

My plan was to wait till about June and then purchase either the Torres or a New World player guitar from Chuck Marfione ( great guy by the way) at All Strings Nylon. I'd been reading as much as I could on classic guitars, looking around our own city ( Santa Barbara,CA) and listening to videos demoing the different guitars. Then I heard Tavi Jinariu playing Wild Mountain Thyme on a Torres. I was thinking how much I would love to learn to play that song. This lead me eventually to Elite Guitarist where I found the music and tutorials.

Mr. Jinariu mentioned buying a guitar on his website. One guitar around $1000 was the Cordoba C10. He also wrote he favored the cedar version. This is one of several guitars that I originally found to be of interest. And at the time, it was for sale at Guitar Salon International, a company he highly recommended. My interest was raised so much I called. It was a deal I couldn't pass up.

But, here's the kicker. I found so many people at GSI so upbeat, positive and so helpful, it went far beyond my expectations. Andrew, John Paul and Hugo were so kind and generous with their time. Not being a great guitarist, I had many concerns and they answered many of my concerns easily.

So, the C10 cedar sounds very deep at the low end. I was concerned about the upper strings, 2nd and third in particular. At first I found it hard to keep it in tune. John Paul assured me these guitars take a bit to settle in. Also new strings need to stretch and seat ( I didn't know this either). After a week or two now, I am seeing how it is settling in. It just sounds better all the time.

It can't be me either. I am studying a Fernando Sor lesson. Lesson one of twenty, you know the ones. I worked on it for a couple of weeks now. Finally I heard John Williams play it. It took him around a minute and a half. It took me the same day about 40 minutes to stumble my way through it. Kind of like watching a bear cub trying to play guitar.

.For the price, it's hard to beat this machine. The craftsmanship and quality build really lend to its voice. I say, if you are looking for a pretty nice classic guitar around the $1000 mark, be sure to give this one a try. You guys at GSI really made me smile.

Tim Crawford
Thank you JohnPaul!!
Posted June 15, 2016
Thank you very much JohnPaul. I really appreciate your guidance in steering me toward the right guitar...then hand picking a fine example to send my way. My Loriente Clarita is just perfect for my needs and will be an excellent platform to grow into this style. The case upgrade was a wonderful touch, and there's NO way I could've beat the price for this setup. Shipping went smoothly as well. If and when I decide to upgrade, or just buy a higher level instrument outright you bet I'll be contacting you again. I couldn't be more pleased with this whole experience.
1990 B.Cohen guitar
Posted March 31, 2016
By Giovanni Nibale
I would like to thank whole GSI team for the strong professionality and commitment to follow all the commercial loop about: guitar proposal and presentation, pricing deal, shipment care and customer satisfaction;everything was matching perfectly.
At the end I purchased a wonderful instrument with amazing features(selected woods,rosette. head machines.etc.) with an unbilievable sound...

A special thank to Johnpaul which assisted me during all the process.

GSI is a real professional and credible partner into classical guitar world.

What a sweet guitar!
Posted August 31, 2015
By Dan Stauffer
I realized that it was time for me to upgrade my instrument so the first thing I thought of was to check out GSI since I was very happy with all of my past transactions with them. I researched the best I could all of the guitars in my price range (3-6k) and finally decided to try out a spruce top crafted by Fructuoso Zalapa in Mexico. It arrived at my house the very next morning via UPS overnight(the cost of which Andrew split with me!. It was love at first sight and play. Very well built instrument and very playable. Andrew made the whole transaction seamless and easy. I will certainly do business with Andrew and GSI in the future.
Thank you Gsi! Thank you Andrew Lee!
Posted August 28, 2015
By Owen W.
With the help of GSI, and their salesman Andrew Lee, I recently purchased a beautiful Teodoro Perez. After two trips to the store, and hours of playing/discussing the guitars I was looking to purchase, I ended up very excited and happy with with the guitar i purchased.

Also, it was made very evident the professional, knowledge, and friendly qualities GSI and Andrew Lee had towards their customers. The shared passion for spreading premium guitars into customers hands made the experience even enjoyable. If you ever want to play, or to purchase the best classical/flamenco guitars in the world purchase them at GSI. They will always be willing to help!
Thank You my friend!
Posted July 20, 2015
By Peter
Dear JohnPaul: I've been meaning to take a moment to thank you for the stellar service you afforded me during my nearly four month sojourn to find a guitar that would meet my needs/requirements. You were most gracious and prompt to answer my many emails and occassional phone calls to ask you questions about the guitars I was interested in. I felt that our relationship quickly developed into what I would characterize as a warm and cordial friendship. My trust in your judgement has never been undermined by anything you have said or done. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you. I look forward to visiting you at GSI in the near future. Peter
Posted July 16, 2015
By George
Just got the Hauser III! WOW. Looks better in the flesh, sounds amazing too.
Hauser III told me it's got the best CSA rosewood which he can't buy anymore and an 80 year old top taken from Josef Hauser I's secret stash!

Very pleased and top service from you my man!

Thanks again

Great Flamenco Guitar!
Posted April 27, 2015
By Dan
I have nothing but high praise for JohnPaul Trotter and GSI. A classy company!

JohnPaul selected the flamenco guitar that was sent to me, and he arranged for me to ship an instrument back for store credit. When a snow storm delayed the arrival of the flamenco guitar until the day before I had to go out of town, JohnPaul was accommodating. Thanks to him I had sufficient time to evaluate the guitar before deciding to purchase it.

Initially I was concerned about getting an instrument that I had only seen and heard in a video. I have played for many years, and I am quite fussy. However, JohnPaul listened closely to what I was looking for in a flamenco guitar and gently steered me from a "blanco" to a "negra." The instrument he selected continues to impress me.

My only regret is that I don't live near GSI. I would truly enjoy trying some of the incredible instruments I have seen in GSI's mailings.
Posted April 20, 2015
By Monique
Hello JohnPaul,

Just a word to say that the Marietta I purchased last October turned out to be everything I was hoping for in a guitar, and more... As I mentioned to you I once owned a Monch spruce top guitar and was quite convinced I would never find another guitar with that quality of sound...well thanks to your expertise and advice, I decided on the Marietta which turned out to be just that! As a matter of fact, after six month of daily playing, she turned out to be outstanding, very responsive, well balanced, with clear singing trebles, and a sound that it warming up with time, this guitar has a voice!

In short, I am delighted with my guitar. and so thankful to you for your knowledge, and outstanding services. It was a leap of faith for me to order a guitar without first trying it, and it turned out a winner!

Again many, many thanks JohnPaul, and kudo to the GSI team, you guys are great!

With kindest regards,

Montréal, Canada
Marlon Navarro Alvarez cedar/palo escrito guitar
Posted December 6, 2014
By Rene
This is a very nice guitar for little money given the qualities of the instrument. The cocobolo fretboard plays as nice as an ebony fretboard, workmanship is excellent inside the box as well as outside. The lacquer is applied thinly and uniformly well. The guitar is quite light in weight. Action and saddle height at the bridge leave nothing to be desired and the intonation is spot on. The tone is immediately appealing, an excellent first string with very good sustain and no bad notes, and a very sweet sound. The basses are typical for a cedar guitar, well defined and deep. It is not the loudest guitar (note though that it has yet to be played in) but it already sings wonderfully. In short, if this is an "estudio guitar" you can study quite far on it before needing something better! If I didn't already have several good spruce-top guitars I would snap up the spruce version of this instrument. I suspect they'd make a great pair for an incredible price.
Thank You for another great Perez
Posted November 26, 2014
By Jonathan Laue
Thank you to JohnPaul, David Collett and Hugo Castaneda (and the whole GSI team).

I would strongly recommend that anyone considering purchasing a classical or flamenco guitar look no further than GSI. I have now made five purchases over the past decade and have experienced nothing but outstanding customer service (you ultimately receive what you are looking for, as opposed to what someone is trying to sell you) on every single occasion.

JohnPaul will phone you (whether residing locally or internationally), listen to you intently and patiently and will follow you up until you have peace of mind with your purchase as we all know what a potentially expensive and stressful time it can be.

Safe and efficient delivery of your instruments is guaranteed by way of damage insurance, good packaging and an internationally reputable shipping company. All five of my guitars were received in flawless condition.

I have only ever returned one of my purchases (in 2008) due to a selection error on my behalf, not GSI's. I exchanged a Spruce guitar for a Cedar one and their willingness to assist was simply outstanding, in spite of the process involving international shipping. Another major reason why you should select GSI above any other sellers. Their return policy offers you complete peace of mind and eliminates any potential for "buyer's remorse".

My latest purchase - a 2013 Spruce/ Maple Teodoro Perez is my "dream guitar". This instrument has well and truly exceeded my expectations and continues to do so as it settles in.

A good guitar may cost as much as some vehicles but consider this. A decade from now a well selected guitar will bring you even greater satisfaction than the day you purchased it, as it improves with age. Your vehicle on the other hand will be a dated, undesirable and worn out entity.
Solista CE CD/IN
Posted October 2, 2014
By big frank
As said a Solista with a cutaway. Cedar top and Indian Rosewood B/S. It has the Fishman ProBlend. I kind of wished it had a tuner with it.

I am curious when they switched to the BBand 2.2. I am fine with the ProBlend.

I was looking for a higher level guitar than what I had. I have to say I don't have a bias cedar vs spruce other than I likely favor spruce.

All that said I got a great deal on a cedar top. While I can't compare apples to apples I think I agree with the general consensus of cedar vs spruce. I like my cedar just fine. Warmth vs clarity? Both sound good to me and warmth is just fine with me in a tradeoff. I have also read that the warmth mentioned is more forgiving on the less experienced of which I am one.

Any opinion on how these stack up would be nice to hear. I think it sounds great. It projects and has a great warm tone. I can tell vs my Fusion 14RS but I am no expert on classical guitars. But this is a step up in a very big way. I wonder how many more big step ups more expensive guitars might offer.
Lor cordoba luthier c10
Posted October 2, 2014
By lorenzol74
Hi John Paul Trotter,

The guitar arrived from LA to Miami in perfect condition (great packing).

Thank you for picking this one for me.

The Cordoba Luthier Series C10 is definitely a beautiful instrument,
good tuning (piano), easy to play, you can even feel the
redwood vibrating the notes on to your chess

It has been a great experience dealing with you & GSI, and
will definitely refer other guitar aficionados.

Best regards,
Thank You Guitar Salon Int.
Posted October 2, 2014
By benny
I recently purchased a wonderful Felipe Conde CE-4 which is a delight to play and hear, on John Paul's insightful recommendation and would like to express my gratitude to the individuals who make the GFA (Guitar Foundation of America) discount possible on guitars at GSI. The discount that GSI offers made it possible for me to own this great guitar.
Thank You GSI ::
Another Thanks to David Collett.
Posted October 2, 2014
By NFalla
Great experience working with David on finding the right flamenco guitar!!
The 2012 Lucas Martin SP/CY is awesome. It plays any flamenco with a snarl, yet can play Bach, Negri, Dowland or any modern classical compositions just as well.
Two thumbs Up! Thanks!
Great Customer Service from JohnPaul
Posted October 2, 2014
By fbaudino
Really great customer service is largely a thing of the past, but not at GSI. I want to compliment JohnPaul on the great service when I purchased my Ramirez 1a.

Besides supplying me with a very fine guitar case and some extra Savarez strings, JohnPaul went the extra mile by supplying a missing certificate of authenticity.

Bravo, JohnPaul, y gracias.

yet another "thank-you JohnPaul" thread
Posted October 2, 2014
By brooks
Thanks to JohnPaul Trotter and GSI I have found the last guitar I will ever need or want (I see you all smiling ironically, but it's true!). Generally I don't recommend buying a guitar at long distance but there is no question that dealing with GSI minimizes the risk. JohnPaul's endless patience and expertise in assessing my preferences and needs, discussing options, creating high quality sound files, taking numerous measurements on several guitars, answering dozens of email inquiries and many phone calls, and even adjusting the action on the guitar I ended up buying before I had committed to it, speaks to a level of customer service that is totally unique in my experience - with guitar dealers or anwhere else - as are GSI's generous exchange policies. I couldn't be happier with the instrument - a Henner Hagenlocher - which has everything I had hoped for and more.

So once again, thank you JohnPaul. I will be forever indebted.

Best regards,
GSI Service
Posted October 2, 2014
By Jonathan Laue
Special thanks to David Collett, Hugo Castaneda and John Paul Trotter who worked together as a team to ensure my latest purchase (Jose Ramirez FL2) reached me in perfect condition and in timely fashion in spite of challenges associated with Australian Customs and Quarantine requirements.

The instrument is stunning and I am intoxicated by it! Exactly the sound I was after as described by David.

This is the second purchase through GSI. The last being in 2008 when I purchased a 2008 Teodoro Perez Especiale SP/ BR which they effortlessly exchanged (due to my preferences for different tonal qualities) for a 2008 Teodoro Perez Concierto CD/ IND which effectively has in my opinion, the perfect sound, balance and sustain of any guitar I have ever played.

I am honoured to own these two instruments and what profound joy in having to make a tough decision every night as to which one to play! So I play both for their contrasting styles. Both equally beautiful.

I would not purchase a guitar through anyone else due to GSI's service standards, business ethics and inventory of amazing instruments (my belief is that they receive only the best guitars from luthiers/ suppliers due to the exposure gained by providing their finest works to what in my opinion is the leading classical guitar shop in the world today)

Thank you once again
Thank you, JeanPaul
Posted October 2, 2014
By wadetalbert
I want to again thank you for the time spent showing me one beautiful instrument after another and for educating me in their subtle differences; each a remarkable piece of work. But most of all thank you for introducing me to the Lucas Martin that is now the center of my musical world. The instrument is one that I plan to grow old with and to also help bring the joys of playing music to my children - as you have similarly done for me.

Warmest regards,

Wade Talbert
Dave and Jochen Rothel
Posted October 2, 2014
By neberhardt
Kudos to Dave Tate for the fantastic experience I had at GSI in October. I was lucky enough to visit LA on two separate occasions in October and I was able to visit GSI for the first time for a hands on experience. On the first trip I tried a Contreras double top, Perez cedar top, Pepe Romero, and Blochinger (which delighted, especially with Bach). I found myself leaning toward Perez perhaps price being a consideration. On the second trip to renew my acquaintance with the Perez, I played several other guitars, including a Bernabe. While just on the verge of purchasing the Perez, I asked Dave if there were any others and he immediately thought of the Rothel. This guitar had a deep, resonant bass that really grabbed my attention and a bright, clear treble. I was wowed... Half way through I thought this guitar would sound great with Bach and switched to a prelude that I have been working on. I immediately had the same experience that I had with the Blochinger and was sold.

Dave spent a great deal of time with me questioning me about what I was interested in and at the end of our almost 3 hours together, I think he had me figured out, so that he intuited that I'd really like the Rothel. He was right, I said I'll take it, and I haven't had one second thought about the purchase. Thanks for your patience and insight Dave.

3 great guitars
Posted October 2, 2014
By truculence
I have purchased three myself, but I only have two hands?A 2009 Rothel cd/sw, and both Guitars I received, a Trezzini and Field, in 2011, All are built to the highest standards and are beautiful. I have received excellent service from Guitar Salon in finding the perfect match for where I am at the moment. Thankyou again for your kind attention, Robert
Third Time Repeat Customer
Posted October 2, 2014
By baymoose
Dave Tate and David Collett recently helped me complete my third purchase from GSI. This was my first experience with Dave Tate and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Davit Collett was very helpful and informative at the beginning of the transaction and due to his travel he had Dave follow through with me. GSI has been extremely professional, knowledgeable, and fun to work with on all three of my purchases. From beginner/student guitars to the highest-priced collectible guitars, this company knows what they're doing and are always a pleasure to work with!

Thank you for the outstanding experience Dave Tate and David Collett!

My GSI Experience
Posted October 2, 2014
By R. Peggio
Having read Teknoguitar's feelings about dealing with GSI, I thought I would share my experience dealing with them thru Dave Tate.

In late 2008 I had finally reached a place where I could look for a nice classical. I identified 2 specific models GSI had listed and contacted Dave about them. To my disappointment, both guitars had sold. I told Dave I'd just keep an eye on the website and contact him when I saw something that interested me. Dave then asked me what my price range was. I told him and he said he had another guitar that he could offer me in the range. It was a guitar I'd looked at but couldn't afford. He said he'd fit it into my budget and send me the guitar to try. While GSI's stated policy is 72 hours for a trial period, Dave told me to keep it for a week and let him know then.

Well, the guitar arrived and was just beautiful! The problem was, I found the action to be very uncomfortable for me. I called Dave after 3 days and told him it was a great instrument but not for me. I was prepared to send the guitar back at my expense but Dave had another idea. He offered to have me send the guitar back at no cost, let GSI re-work the action at no cost to me, install a different set of strings and re-send the guitar, again at no cost. If I didn't like it then, I could return it AGAIN at no cost. Well, how do you say no? So, off went the guitar and a few days later, it was back. It was MUCH more to my liking and after finding the right strings, I just couldn't be more pleased with what I have!

So, to recap, GSI sold me a guitar I couldn't afford for a price I could afford and went waaaaay beyond my expectations in terms of service, courtesy and professionalism. This may have just been a special case where Dave had more flexibility than might be usual but should I ever need to find another special instrument, I know where I'll look first!
2008 Stenzel
Posted October 2, 2014
By Enlil
This testimonial has been a long time in the making.

I got this Stenzel SP/BR two years ago right when it came in. David Collett knew that I was in the hunt for another spruce Stenzel after I made the huge mistake of trading in my 98 SP/IN Stenzel. I still miss that guitar

But this instrument is incredible. I actually fall more and more in love with it as the days pass. This guitar will stay with me until my last day and will be willed to a family member or close friend when I die.

I love everything about this guitar: it's full sound that mingles with it's supernatural, mysterious qualities. It's neck profile and craftsmanship and solidly built nature. It's sonic consistency that is paradoxically countered by new and pleasant aural surprises as it develops.

With all that said, what I love most about this guitar is how she gives back so much of the love and attention that I devote to her on a daily basis. I don't know how to describe it in words? How a seemingly inanimate object can come alive. I believe she really is alive. A living, breathing, dynamic, ever growing expression of music and God's love for music and for me.

Enrique Guerrero La Farge
Vowinkle 2a Sp/In
Posted October 2, 2014
By ssante
Just have to say that I am so glad I took the time to speak with David Collette at GSI. Very knowledgeable and so helpfull. I am very short (5'3"), and have the dreaded short stubby fingers. David, took alot of time to discuss my physical requirements and consider the types of music I enjoy listening/playing: Classical (older), Modern (Towner, York, Barrios, etc.), Brazilian and Flamenco. Since I intended this guitar to be used for several styles of music and I prefer closer action David suggested we set the action for 2.5/3.5mm. My price range was in the $2000 range. So I was looking for a small Torres size guitar with great clarity, upfront presence, yet retaining sweetness and lush tones. David suggested the Vowinkle 2a Sp/In. I had never heard of Vowinkle but on Davids recommendation I decided to take a chance.

After having played the Vowinkle now for about 45 days I believe this was a great choice. The Vowinkle is very easy to play, has a wonderfully robust yet modern tonality, is capable of expressing a wide range of tone colors, and is very well made. Over the weeks I have become increasingly charmed by its voice which I feel is definitely concert quality.

I have also had the pleasure of speaking with Dave Tate regarding Flamenco guitars and have found Dave to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

When you combine this kind of in depth knowledge, great customer service (both before and after the sale), wonderful trade up (exchange) policy its hard to beat.

GSI, David Collette and Dave Tate have gained my admiration, respect and my business.
Thanks Dave Tate and GSI!
Posted October 2, 2014
By Plucking1
Another round of applause for Dave Tate please!

With his help and advice I just purchased an Otto Vowinkel
2A. It has turned out to be everything I wanted--fantastic playability and nice cedar sound.

I can say that Dave has the ability to get to know what you are looking for better than you probably do yourself, and it's great that GSI has such a large inventory to choose from.

Thanks guys -

2006 Sakurai Kohno Sp/Br Prof. J
Posted October 2, 2014
By rdc1991
I would like to thank Dave Tate and Mr Sakurai for this guitar. It is the first concert quality guitar I have owned and it is superb. The transaction went off without a hitch and Dave was very helpful and easy to deal with. Did I mention that I LOVE THE GUITAR?

New Guitar Euphoria
Posted October 2, 2014

I wanted to thank you for the time you spent on the phone helping me to
make a decision on a new guitar. As we discussed I chose the Loriente
Sofia and have been walking on clouds ever since I picked it up. When I first picked up the guitar it had just arrived and I wasn't really sure whether I had made the right choice or not to pursue the Sofia. Thanks for telling me to give it a day to acclimate and then play it for three hours or so before I made up my mind. The next day the guitar was nothing short of sensational for a new guitar. The volume grew exponentially and there was considerably more sustain. (I am sure that my wife will start yelling if I push the guitar when we are both watching TV) The notes have really started foreshadowing the clear piano like bell tones that I will be seeing when the spruce really gets broken in. I have already started hearing new nuances to tone when I hit the treble strings and that really excites me because the guitar is so new. The guitar is really well balanced, no one string or group of strings overpowers the others and they all respond well when I push it for more volume.
When I first got the guitar I had a friend (luthier) and one of his friends, a retired professional flamenco player (Andres Faz) spend some time playing it. Both were incredibly complimentary on the guitar's sound and how easy it was to play. I got to sit back and hear the real intonation of this guitar and was blown away... One of them said that it almost had a Hauser clarity (even at this early stage) and will make a great instrument for playing on stage.
Finally, the Brazilian rosewood is just incredible, it isn't the stump wood that you see so much of on the higher end guitars. The grain is clear, straight and fairly narrow (1/4 -1/2 inch or so) and the finish is perfect. The workmanship looks to be really high end as well, I saw no blems, scratches, poorly joined wood or sloppy glue globs anywhere. Thanks again for your patience with me and for your answering the 101 questions I asked without so much as a groan or "Uh Huh" during my investigation period... (Way too long, I should have gone with my first impulse a year or so ago...)


Phil Lavie
Thank you David Collett
Posted October 2, 2014
Dear David Collett:

For the record, I am pleased to add my praise, to the many you receive and deserve. You have guided me through a fantastic journey in the quest for the instrument of my dreams, helped me find it, and encouraged me to fully appreciate it above any preconception as to Labels, Wood or Country of origin. I am exceedingly happy about my 1999 Jose Ramirez 1a Spruce and Indian Rosewood. It is the one “you cannot put down”. But this is not a praise for the Guitar, but for your patient, knowledgeable, generous and open-minded advice and concern through the process.

GSI and the community of musicians that needs its resourceful contribution, both are lucky to have your tutelage, and sincere passion. During our lunch, I also had a rare opportunity to learn your elegant and intelligent approach to many other -and apparently- unrelated matters. But learning about you, established that sense of trust one needs when appointing his guide... and I have chosen well twice today, as the names Collett and Ramirez will always be One in my fond memory of this wonderful experience.

Thank you is a rather over used sentence, but please appreciate it as if spoken with gratitude and gravity, after a long meditating pause... David, Thank You.

Yet another pleased GSI’s customer.

GC "Michelob"
Many thanks, Dave
Posted October 2, 2014
By Douglass
Hi Dave,

A short time ago you me helped arrange a guitar exchange that enabled me to get a Teodoro Perez cedar top classical guitar. It has proven to be a remarkable classical guitar in terms of comfort and ease in holding, playability, and quality of sound. Additionally, the workmanship is absolutely outstanding ... and tastefully decorative. It is one beautiful instrument in all regards.

I was so impressed with the Perez classical guitar that when I noted that you had just received a Perez flamenco model I called and we had a long discussion regarding its qualities and characteristics. As usual, you were very candid, frank, honest, and accurate in your appraisal of it. For me, these are some of your many strong points. I can ask you about any guitar that you are familiar with and count on getting a truly valuable and usable response.

As a result of our discussion, I ordered the Perez flamenco and I am delighted with it. I feel that it is a world-class blanca and could only possibly be exceeded in quality by one of the stratospheric class guitars such as those made by Miguel Rodriguez, Archangel Fernandez, Manuel Reyes, or the like.

This Perez blanca is comfortable to hold and has very excellent playability. Sound-wise it is very bright and loud [without being too brash or offensive] and the notes absolutely ring in all registers. It has a very beautiful and pleasing 'voice'. Intuitively I had a good feeling about this guitar before I bought it; it has more than exceeded all of my very positive expectations. This is definitely a "numera una" among flamenco guitars!

Based upon my experiences, I would recommend Teodoro Perez's guitars without reservation.

Well, Dave, we have had another very positive and worthwhile experience together regarding guitars of excellence and, as always, I truly appreciate your very helpful, congenial advice along with your accurate and honest information.

Another plus is that we have both played several of the same guitars and as a result we rather easily tune in to each other's tastes, experiences, and evaluations.

Mil gracias, Dave.


Douglass McGreggor
Great repair job to Ramirez 1A
Posted October 2, 2014
By Willem
GSI has restored my Ramirez 1A to pristine condition. Several small cracks were developing on the soundboard, much to my dismay. Ken recommended a soundboard resurface and the results are fabulous. GSI's luthier also lowered the action making the instrument much more playable.

Great job folks - I'm very satisfied with the quality of service and the interactions we have had.
New Kenny Hill 'Rodriguez'
Posted October 2, 2014
By fugue
Thanks GSI! I purchased my Hill 'Rodriguez' from you about a month ago and I love it!!! The tone is incredible and the sound literally jumps out of the instrument. I am practicing harder than ever because it is such a fun guitar to play. I couldn't be happier with both the guitar and the exceptional service you provided. When I'm ready for my next guitar, I'll be back.

New Loriente
Posted October 2, 2014
By guitar60
Many thanks to Ken Nagatani for his assistance.I received my new Loriente Isabel this week. It is a gem . This is the second guitar Ken has selected for me . Four years ago he selected a Sean Hancock for me when I visited Guitar Salon. This time he handled my request over the phone. I could not be more pleased with his committment in getting me this excellent instrument.

Thanks Ken if I go for a third one I will call you again

Joe IN Flagstaff, Arizona
Kurosawa guitar
Posted October 2, 2014
By Janie

Thank you for your recommendation on the Tetsuo Kurosawa. As you know, when I began my search for a new classical guitar I was only considering those that were Spanish made. You convinced me to try the Japanese made Kurosawa and I'm glad I did! It has all of the qualities I was looking for and more. Luthier Kurosawa makes a fine guitar. Beautiful workmanship.....amazing spruce soundboard with extensive cross grain silk and a sound that is equally amazing. This is a lot of guitar for the price. It's a winner and I am enjoying it immensely.

Thanks again!

great as usual!
Posted October 2, 2014
By Steve_C
Dear Tim,

I've just purchased my third guitar from GSI and as usual, and as I've come to expect, my experience couldn't have been more pleasant. For each of my purchases, Ken nagatani has been my contact. I've found him to be very professional in his conduct and exceptionally helpful. I see him as having the patients of a saint, especially as I'm quite particular when it comes to the quality of workmanship and sound of an instrument I'm considering buying. I also would like to thank Dave Tate and Dave Collett for their feedback on the several guitars I was considering. I'm so thrilled with my new Tobias Braun sp/sw its hard to describe. I hope in time I'll be able to play up to its level. Its absolutely inspiring to me. I'm sure there's another guitar in my future and GSI will be the first place I'll look. Thanks again for the service and the quality of your staff.

Thank you to Ken Nagatani and Guitar Salon International
Posted October 2, 2014
By sergio131
I would just like to attest and aver to the customer support GSI has in dealing with their customers. I would sincerely like to thank Ken Nagatani for helping me pick a concert instrument(which eventually boiled down to a ramirez 1a CD/BR) and being patient with my fluctuating decisions.

Best wishes,
Thank you, Dave Tate
Posted October 2, 2014
By Douglass
Greetings Dave,

I have been wanting to thank you for your help in my acquiring the Conde Hermanos A-26 and the Conde "Esteso" model as well. Your help, descriptions, evaluations, and advice were flawless.

My experience with GSI was altogether a satisfactory and rewarding experience. Your expertise and pleasant ways along with the congenial policies of GSI's Management made this possible. Again, a hearty and warm 'thank you' to all.

I am still 'getting to know' the two Conde guitars and as I do so, I appreciate them more and more. As you so cleary and accurately stated, their voices are very distinct and different.

I recently wrote to a friend:

When I developed the interest in the Conde Hermanos I had it sent out on approval and while they were at it they also sent an '06 Esteso [Re-edicion] by Conde Hermanos. God help me! ... I had no choice other than to keep both guitars. The Esteso model is a blanca, but it sounds much sweeter than my Devoe negra and it has an even easier action and playability. Overall it has a much better voice and tone. IT IS ONE OUTSTANDING GUITAR!

The A-26 is quite different with a more raucous, bright, crisp, in-your-face kind of sound. It would be perfect for juergas ... unfortunately, I am not a juerga-qualified guitarist. Furthermore, there simply are not that many juergas here in Tennessee.

The Esteso is built for solo concert work and even though that level of playing is out of my realm, I can enjoy this guitar thoroughly. It is certainly the sweetest sounding guitar that I have ever come across. Classical selections and flamenco both sound absolutely beautiful.

Interestingly, I continue to enjoy playing the 1990 Marin Montero that I bought from you a while back. I tend to alternate the guitars or play them in casual rotation. It is like having a circle of very pleasant and interesting close friends, all of whom are thoroughly enjoyed and treasured.

I thank you the part you played in my guitar odyssey.

In closing, Dave, I have to thank you once again. In a manner of speaking, when you sold me the Esteso Re-edicion you "put the crown on the Queen".

Sincerely and warmly,

Thanks Hugo for your Your Superb Service!
Posted October 2, 2014
By sseow
Before my trip to US, I placed an order with GSI for the Segovia DVD, strings, books...when I received them, one of the book was wrong.
I called up Hugo yesterday and told him I'm leaving shortly and he offered his help immediately by sending the replacement overnight. I got the right book I originally ordered today in my hotel.
Thanks Hugo for being so thougthful...bravo GSI!

P/S: Hugo- I have also sent back the wrong book to you today by US Postal Service
Have you watched Segovia in portrait DVD?
Posted October 2, 2014
By guitarlover
I just bought the Segovia in portrait DVD from Guitar Salon. Words could not describe how beautiful the music he played and his lifestyle. Check it out for yourself, you're going to love it. I don't want to spoil the detail story in this documentary video.

Best wishes.
98 Stenzel
Posted October 2, 2014
By Enrique Guerrero
Hello All,
I just bought an incredible instrument from Guitar Salon. A 1998 Stenzel. I just have too many GREAT things to say about this guitar, and even MORE GREAT things to say about David Collett. This man is a representation of his company, and if so I will say this about Guitar Salon. Guitar Salon is a company that is trustworthy, considerate, patient, knowledgeable, and just a complete pleasure to work with. I spent, for me, a very considerable amount of money. This is just not an instrument for me but a life long commitment.
This is along the lines of a marriage for me. I tell you this so you may know how important this whole thing was and is for me. A HUGE COMMITMENT! I will tell all of you that are considering buying an instrument from Guitar Salon to do so with complete confidence. Absolutely no worries that you are going to get the finest service and finest instruments from this company. A completely refreshing experience in a world filled with mediocrity. I can't tell you how happy I am with all the special and extra work that David Collett did for me. And I bet that he feels that he did nothing more than his job . So if you have any doubts, let them all go and put your faith in Guitar Salon. You will get the best service and best instrument if you research and ask questions.

So With Special Effect and Thanks to David Collett, Enrique Guerrero La Farge

p.s. Just a short word on Sebastian Stenzel guitars. This guitar makes me want to be a better human
Asturias Standard ... Wow
Posted October 2, 2014
By TimMoore
Hi All,

I'm a long time lurker and first time poster.

As an electric guitarist turned ss acoustic guitarist turned cg wannabe (or cg "student" is a better name), I decided to take the plunge and finally upgrade my cg.

I decided on the Asturia Standard based on price and on the comments regarding it's playability. I figured that it's playability would ease the transition from ss acoustic to a nylon cg. I was under the impression that improved playability would be a "relative" term to very unplayable cg's that I had experienced in the past.

When I recieved the instrument, I was stunned. I immediately realized that this instrument was as playable or more playable than all my other guitars. For reasons that I still don't undrestand, barre chords, my long standing nemesis, are no longer a problem. They sound full and no dead strings or buzzing. I can't believe that I became a better player just by getting a new instrument.

The craftsmanship on the instrument is superb and I can't find a single flaw anywhere on the instrument. The tone out-of-the-box was a little disappointing but I'm amazed at how quickly the instrument opened up within a few hours of play and the tone is continuing to improve. Given that I've only had it less than a day, I can't wait to see how the tone of the instrument will continue to evolve.

I was also very impressed with the service from GSI. Literally within minutes of my placing the order over the internet, Ken was on the phone with me confirming my order and suggesting ways that I could save some money on shipping. I did not expect this level of service on a "student" instrument.

My only "complaint" about the instrument is the lack of any side dots. I'd like at least one dot for the 7th fret. But, I guess that this will just make me a better player to not have to rely on the dots

Finally, does any one know what type of strings come standard on this instrument and does anyone have any experience with other strings and their effect on this instrument ??

The thing that I've noticed is that the D and G strings don't sound very well together and although each one sounds great alone and intonation and tuning of the guitar seems spot on, if you play two notes together on the D and G strings they tend to "resonant" badly against each other causing some "sourness". For example, with the standard Aminor chord, if you play the full chord it sounds great. If you play just the D and G strings together, it sounds sour. I've not experienced this before on any of my instruments, and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this and if diffenent strings would have a difference.


Consignment w/GSI
Posted October 2, 2014
By GSI Fan
To The GSI Team,

You guys have amazed me again. I’m very pleased with your consignment program. The sale of my Ramirez 1a was effortless and risk-free; as promised.

Once again, I will highly recommend GSI and the entire team to any client that appreciates the value of honesty and integrity. Doing business with a respectable organization like GSI is worth the extra penny or two and there’s no arguing that point.

Keep up the great work GSI! It’s an absolute delight working with you guys.

Steve “GSI Fan”
just got my Moreno Rodriguez...
Posted October 2, 2014
By Richard_S
It has a great, high-volume, warm sound. The action is nice and low without buzzing, creating the illusion that my technique has improved! It's not bad to look at either. FYI, I purchased the 2004 model from GSI for $5,200 so I feel I got a good deal. I've seen it for $6,500 elsewhere.
Another fantastic GSI experience (and guitar)
Posted October 2, 2014
By Mitch
Five years ago, I purchased my Giussani classical guitar from GSI. The experience was terrific, and I wrote a glowing letter to Tim at the time. This was pre-forum, so the rest of the world was not privy to my satisfaction. I’m pleased that there is now a publicly viewable area for this type of letter, as I will gladly steer anyone who asks toward dealing with GSI. I am including some of the text I posted in another forum to give you an idea of the experience I had with them five years ago, and then I will add some thoughts on the latest interaction.

Here’s what I posted in another forum about my original experience:

“I used to live in West L.A., so I have been able to conduct most of my business with GSI in person. I have enormous praise for this organization. Although GSI may be one of the biggest names in the world for fine classical/flamenco instruments, you would never get that impression when dealing with them. I am not famous, wealthy, or notable in our field. I am a casual player who appreciates fine instruments. I spent approximately five years researching my “good” guitar purchase. I must have spoken with the sales staff at GSI countless dozens of times. I was never rushed; never pressured. In fact, I was always treated with the same level of respect that I assume they give to their more famous clientele. All of the staff at GSI are experts in their field. I traveled to famous stores across the country looking at guitars. I went to R.E. Brune’s workshop, Sophocles Papas’ store, Sherry-Brenner (don’t ask), CGI, GSP, and more. I had tea with Kohno in his home in Japan, and he walked me to Gendai to show me some guitars (This was shortly before his death). I was treated with respect at all venues except one, and GSI rivals the best of them.

When it came time to try the guitars out, I arranged an after-hours appointment. I had spoken at length with the staff prior to my appointment. When I arrived, all of the guitars we had discussed were arranged beautifully in a private room. I don’t know if I was the only customer in the store, but I certainly felt like it. The salesman at the time stayed hours after their normal closing time fielding endless questions from me. He played Guitar A for me, then B, then back to A, then C, then B, then back to A, etc (you get the idea). He left me alone to play as long as I wanted until I had more questions. I went into the store with some fairly strong preconceptions about what I wanted, but I ended up with the Giussani, which I would have never anticipated. The intimate setting and the ability to really play and hear each instrument without distraction allowed me to discover a magical instrument for me. It was a delightful experience, and every time I have done business with them since, it has been positive. None of my other business has involved a guitar (yet) - they are just as helpful if you are only buying strings...

I get the feeling from reading these posts that some people might equate a high level of success in business to a sort of “selling out.” I confess that I too sometimes harbor these types of feelings. I do see a significant amount of reasonable criticism on these forums, but I also get the feeling that there is some antipathy toward GSI that might be unwarranted.

GSI is enjoying great success, but my impression is that this comes from a genuine love of the instrument, coupled with good business skills. I spoke directly to every employee at GSI, from their web designer (who shared some lovely guitar music with me, courtesy of Scott Tennant, his teacher) to Tim himself. All in all, it is a very personal, friendly environment, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with them again.

… terrific customer service, exceptional staff, and knowledgeable, friendly assistance. I end up happier knowing that I have been taken care of, and I also know that any issues I have will be handled promptly and respectfully.”


My new thoughts:

I recently switched my playing style and lessons from classical to flamenco guitar. As much as I loved the Giussani, I needed a flamenco instrument. After a lengthy “discussion” with my wife, the Giussani had to go. It’s a lovely instrument, with a unique, rich sound. It is missed.

I finally became serious about buying the new flamenco about two months ago. This was when Dave Tate received his first e-mail from me. He had no idea what was in store for him then! Hundreds (literally) of e-mails and dozens of phone calls later, I had fulfilled my obsessive need to have every minute detail of every available option explained to me in depth. Dave was always gracious, considerate, patient and informative. He is well versed in flamenco guitar construction and history, and was always generous and honest with his opinions on individual instruments. His descriptions of each guitar’s feel, sound, projection, etc. were very informative. By the time I was ready to fly to California, I felt like I was already familiar with the virtues of all the instruments on my list.

The day arrived last week when I flew in to L.A. to see all of these lovely instruments in person. GSI looks like they are going through some moving pains at the moment, but the new store has a lot of potential. I guess that success has forced more floor space. All in all, it was an interesting layout. The listening room we used was quite spacious, and I was able to hear the sound of each guitar in a nice, open, airy environment. All of the lovely instruments in their inventory were within quick reach, so I was able to compare guitars I was interested in with some great classics that I simply can’t afford. I watched the repairmen working on some guitars in the back, and the place was simply alive with “guitar energy.” It was pretty exciting.

Just as David Collett had done with me several years earlier, Dave Tate sat and played piece after piece for me on guitar after guitar. He’s a very talented player, and I often found myself listening to the music and forgetting to pay attention to the guitar itself. His talent and enthusiasm for flamenco shines through in his playing, and I can see that he is happy doing what he does. How many other jobs let you sit and play guitar on the clock?

My testimonial is becoming quite lengthy – I’ll stop writing soon. I ended up with a gorgeous, raw Ramirez blanca, and I couldn’t be happier – well - I would have loved to take the 1953 Rodriguez home with me, but something was missing – funds in my account.

I’ll leave it at this. GSI is a world class establishment, and their success is well deserved - top notch professionalism, passion for the instrument, and respect for the customer.

Tim, congratulations on retaining your focus as your business expands. I know you are aware of the quality of people you hire, but I’d like to give special attention to the fine young flamenco you’ve picked up. Dave Tate is an exceptional addition to your staff, not to mention one heck of a guitar player.

GSI, thanks again for a magnificent experience.

- Mitch
Sean Hancock guitar/GSI
Posted October 2, 2014
By brian_richardson
saturday morning 10:30am-still reeling from the night before pre-guitar
arrival party.
there's that brown truck!! what's that he's got? a package from GSI for me?
naturally i know the score. i open that box up, take that puppy out and dig my fingers in.
very rarely am i excited about material things but, this is different. this is artwork
and a chunk of sean hancock's life and gifts.
it sounds great right out of the case(thanks b.t.w. for the hiscox case!) i know
i'm in store for some pleasant surprises as i play it more. 2am sunday morning
there is a revelation-as if it has shifted gears-the sound noticeably changes(for the
better naturally). i'm busting at the seams. i take a breather outside to gain some perspective
and enjoy a beverage and bask in my good fortune. i return to the hancock and play a few
more hours. a couple hours of sleep and i'm chomping at the bit!! there it is, like a faithful
friend, silently on its stand, begging me(as it were) to pick it up and play.
needless to say i do just that. it's improving again-i'm stunned-i know it's only guitar
today. it's bright, crisp, tight, focused, basses are gold-trebles are bells. if it were
legal to marry a guitar, we'd be husband and guitar!!! i'm over the moon!!
it was a 1,2,3 deal with GSI-no funny business, no games, perfect right down line-from
start to finish, it was painless. i asked a question and got an answer-perfect.
maybe GSI is a bit more pricey but, the leg work is done for you, the quality is there, and they
know their stuff. peace of mind and honesty alone is worth that. to all you folks over there at GSI,
it's nice to see quality, honesty, and respect still exist in the business world and i "Thank You!".
what's that dear? you're bored and would like to be played? absolutely!! no problem honey.
brian richardson

p.s. yer not getting this guitar back!!! lol lol lol lol
brian richardson
got my Ramirez today
Posted October 2, 2014
By selma600
Out of my mind with delight. GSI threw in a beautiful case with my AE...I can't put the guitar down! I would take it to bed with me except I have a dog who thinks all the world is just one big chew-toy!
Well, back to playing....
Classical guitar treasures
Posted October 2, 2014
By Sam Monoscalco
Thanks for this great web site. I have spent hours viewing all of the information and would like a catalog sent to more fully absorb the content. I have selected some items of great interest to me and will order after veiwing catalog. I will be in California in February and hope to visit you at that time. Thanks for such a complete package of Classical guitar treasures.

Sam Monoscalco
GSI eNewsletter
Posted October 2, 2014
By Dave Maxson
Outstanding !!!! The print catalog I get from you guys is great and the
email newsletter is just as good. I still think you should take professional quality photos of your inventory and make a book of the high end guitars you always seem to have in stock.

I still have my Philip Woodfield guitar ( Ruby) that I purchased from you a year ago and am still totally pleased with the whole process of buying a fine classical from GSI.

Keep up the great work. Happy Holidays.

Dave Maxson
New web site
Posted October 2, 2014
By Gerald Klickstein
Hi Tim,

I just wanted to drop you a note to congratulate you on your new website. It is very slick and user-friendly. I can imagine how much work it must have been to put it together. Well done, indeed!

Gerald Klickstein
Senior Guitar Faculty
North Carolina School of the Arts
I love these e-mails
Posted October 2, 2014
By Ben
I love these e-mails (eNewsletter)...they make my affection for the classical guitar shine even though I work for the post office...keep 'em coming....I just know I'll order something soon!

Excellent site
Posted October 2, 2014
By Walter C. Reel III
Excellent site. I love the articles and the forums. Just browsing around reinvigorated my love of classical guitar.

Walter C. Reel III
My dream finally came true!!
Posted October 2, 2014
By Alan Shikoh
Great site. When I ordered my Asturias Prelude it came within no time and I have become such a better player because of the exquisite instrument provided courtesy of Guitar Salon!!! I have enjoyed countless hours of instruction from my teacher Charles Evans at the McCallie school in Chattanooga, TN. Whether its Bach or Brouwer or anything in between it is so much better to play on such a wonderful instrument. Thanks to Guitar Salon's easy to use web site, my dream of owning a "real" concert guitar finally came true!!

Thanks Guitar Salon International.

Alan Shikoh,
Rafael Moreno Rodriguez
Posted October 2, 2014
By Rafael Martinez

I will be keeping the Guitar-beyond the 48 hr period

The Guitar is more beautiful than I imagined, low setup and fast, perhaps the most most playable guitar I've ever tried.

I really like the Spanish tone, that seems to get warmer as I play along and the guitar opens up.

Tim and you were very helpful and accurate in describing it over the phone.

I just made my first purchase through your website
Posted October 2, 2014
By D. Olsson

I just made my first purchase through your website and I thought I would let you know how pleased I am, both with the book I bought and with the service you provide. Although I've played guitar for many years, it's only in the last year and a half that I have summoned up the nerve to attempt to play the music I've admired for so long. I have proven to be reasonably adept at it and enjoy it far more than I ever would have guessed. Your website has proven to be a wonderful resource, providing information and inspiration that I would otherwise be hard pressed to come by. I'm looking forward to visiting your store in the (hopefully) near future to enlist your aid in selecting for myself a new and finer instrument. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Dave Olsson
I wish to commend Guitar Salon
Posted October 2, 2014
By Tim

I have not a question, however; I wish to commend Guitar Salon with its amazing site (it suits exactly what I have been searching for). As well I recently requested a catalogue, received it in several days and being in London, Ontario, I was truly impressed with the promptness (not to mention the talented luthiers and information in the catalogue).

Thank you.
You guys are as good as everybody told me you are
Posted October 2, 2014
By Brad Marquardt

I would have emailed you earlier but I was busy checking out my new guitar! It arrived in perfect condition. Actually I was wondering if this thing has ever been played, it is in beautiful condition. The instument plays beautifully and I love it. I do need to have my instructor check it out can I have until Monday on that?

You guys are as good as everybody told me you are, please feel free to pass this on.

What I liked:
You spent time with me even on a relatively small sale
You know your stuff, and know how to handle it
I especially liked the ability to do business on the internet - You guys are doing this really well.
I ended up with exactly what I wanted.

Thank You

Brad Marquardt, MCSE
Source Technology Group, Inc.
Compliments to GSI!
Posted October 2, 2014
By Frank J. Gordon
Dear Tim,

Compliments to GSI! You have a wonderful selection of fine guitars, accessories, books, and music. Your website is very informative and easy to use, your service is very prompt, and you and your staff have been very courteous and helpful to me. Keep up the good work!

Frank Gordon
I just got my humidifiers
Posted October 2, 2014
By Ed Houde
Hi Tim,

I just got my humidifiers. I really must say it is a pleasure doing business with GSI. I recently bought a Ramirez 10-string from you, as well as sheet music and strings, and I expect to keep doing business with you for a long time to come. I have been a classical guitarist since 1965, and I have managed to learn quite a bit about the classical guitar.

But even with my background, I am consistently amazed at how much your staff knows about the guitar and all that goes with it. Dave Collet has been a great help me.

I have often wished I had the time to fly out to visit you guys and check out your inventory of guitars. I own 8 guitars myself.

Ed Houde
The R4 is one great guitar!
Posted October 2, 2014
By The Williamsons
THANK-YOU to both you and Duk for making my son, Randy the happiest 17 year old in Carroll Co. The R4 is one great guitar! He had borrowed an R2 for about a month in the summer and loved it. He worked this summer painting houses and saved for a new guitar that would take him thru college. His teacher, Michael Boyd, recommended either the R2 or R4 Ramirez. This Sunday, after the 3 hr. drive - one way to Hattiesburg, Michael gave his stamp of approval on one fine guitar. First of all the price, then "impeccable craftsmanship", great tone clarity and ...He has seen and heard guitars costing twice as much and more, not sounding as well as the R4. Michael Boyd is a member of the Mississippi Guitar Quartet, solo artist with 3 CDs, doctoral student at the the University of Southern Mississippi under Giovanni(John)DeChiaro, and teacher at Jones Community College. We (the Williamson family - Randy, Billy and Sharon) are very pleased with the purchase and service provided by GSI and staff. We are a one income family and this is a major purchase in our budget.

Again, thanks for what you have done for our son.

Billy & Sharon Williamson
It really has the "old world sound"
Posted October 2, 2014
By Günter Weber
The old box has arrived today and is in good shape. It has really the "old world sound" as you described it. The Brazilian rosewood back and sides are an eyecatcher. I just put some new strings on it (Hannabach Golden Carbon) which gave a little more volume.

Thank you for your friendly way of handling an oversears customer.

Best regards from Saarbrücken, Germany.

Günter Weber
My Asturias Prelude
Posted October 2, 2014
By Alan Shikoh
Great site. When I ordered my Asturias Prelude it came within no time and I have become such a better player because of the exquisite instrument provided courtesy of Guitar Salon!! I have enjoyed countless hours of instruction from my teacher Charles Evans at the McCallie school in Chattanooga, TN. Whether it's Bach or Brouwer or anything in between it is so much better to play on such a wonderful instrument. Thanks to Guitar Salon's easy to use web site, my dream of owning a "real" concert guitar finally came true!! Thanks Guitar Salon.

Alan Shikoh
Signal Mountain, Tennessee
These brochures are so well done
Posted October 2, 2014
By Roger Cope
Hello Mr. Miklaucic:

Yesterday in my College mailbox I recieved the recent mailing of Summer/Fall '01 GSI brochure and letter to guitar teachers and students. This recalled an idea I had during fall term and would now like to advance to you.

I'd like to recieve a dozen of these brochure for distribution to my students.

These brochures are so well done they meet not only the highest marketing standards but would also serve well as an educational tool. I'm certain my students would benefit from the detail information contained therein [and] would find the material source for disscussion.

Yours very truly - Roger A. Cope
Brevard College
Department of Music
Brevard, North Carolina
I consider it a mark of honor to be represented by GSI
Posted October 2, 2014
By Sebastian Stenzel
When I approached Guitar Salon International to represent my work in the US, I was not aware what a lucky choice it was. The recognition came quick, though. I remember well the long telephone talks with Tim Miklaucic that followed the first acquisition of a Stenzel guitar by GSI some years ago. Tim's serious dedication to offer nothing less than the best guitars in the world, his knowledge and appreciation of guitars was just overwhelming and matches perfectly with my attitude as a guitar maker. To call GSI a dealer of classical guitars would not do justice to what it really is: a partner for both guitarist and guitar maker, a middle-man of the guitar world in the best sense of the word. It has created a situation that never existed before: the possibility to compare and purchase from such an assorted range of guitars has no equal in the world.

I consider it a mark of honor to be represented by GSI.

Sebastian Stenzel
Manuel Contreras II C5-S
Posted October 2, 2014
By Peter J. Canney
Dear Mr. Miklaucic,

I am writing this testimonial letter as a way to thank you all for many, many hours of pleasure I have experienced with the guitar I purchased from you just about a year ago. It is a Manuel Contreras II Model C5-S, and it is just a beautiful thing! It has a lovely, sweet tone and incredible resonance. Virtually everyone who has heard it loves it, and several players now lust after it -- needless to say, I don't tell them where I keep it!

Your staff helped with the purchase and were wonderful in aiding me with my selection. I was coming back to guitar after about a 20 - year absence, and needed guidance. I asked them to recommend a guitar that had an easy action (I quit originally because the guitar I was playingwas a beast -- the action was VERY hard), sweet tone, and a big "bang for the buck" in terms of quality vs. price. You recommended the C5-S. I asked about strings, and was pointed to the D'addario J-46's, which have been terrific. I now see in the literature that the J-46's are considered by several professional players to be very, very fine strings!

I ordered in December but waited, on your advice, until you got in a fresh shipment in January, 1999. I asked you to select the "pick of the litter", which I must have received, given the beauty of the instrument. I am VERY happy with the instrument and with the service you have provided. You all gave great follow-up service, answering little questions as they came up. It is clear to me that Guitar Salon International is run by people who love guitar, and treat what they do as a calling, as well as a business. I would not hesitate to recommend Guitar Salon; indeed, I would and have
strongly urged players to purchase instruments through you.

For those who may read this on the website, let me say that first, I initiated this letter -- no one from GSI asked me to write it. Second, if you are considering making a purchase but are concerned about making a sight-unseen, large dollar purchase over the internet -- don't be. GSI will take very good care of you. Their products are superb, as is the service. They will take the time and effort to make sure you have the right guitar. My guitar is in the $2,000 range, but I would not have even the smallest qualm about ordering a $20,000 guitar from GSI over the internet. They are good people.


Peter J. Canney
Many sincere thanks
Posted October 2, 2014
By Stephen Robinson
Dear Tim,

Many sincere thanks for your generous support of our Stetson International Guitar Workshop. The funds will go specifically for international students as I had mentioned. Both of us appreciate your (GSI's) presence within the guitar community, and are expecially happy that your are a part of the Stetson Workshop family. Hope to meet you in the near future.

With fondest regards,

Stephen & Patrice Robinson
very pleased with both guitars
Posted October 2, 2014
By Craig R. Steury
Hi Tim,

I'm very pleased with both guitars. They're both quite impressive and remarkably different. The differences are themselves a source of entertainment and fascination. I've spent a few moments wondering at my extravagance but so far have experienced nothing resembling regret. The only *problem* has been staying up till all hours playing them!

I've never considered myself a collector but now that I've broken the "2-guitar" barrier who knows? In any case, I look forward to doing business with you in the future!


pleased with Ramirez 1a
Posted October 2, 2014
By Michael Blanchette
Tim, just wanted you to know that I'm very pleased with my new Ramirez 1a. The spruce model sounds great and is nice change from my current cedar Cordoba. I also love that the IntelliTouch tuner you recommended. It's the best one I've seen. Thanks for your personal attention on my order.

Mike Blanchette
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