Ignacio Fleta (ex Norbert Kraft)

This particular Fleta has all the elements that one could possibly want from one of their top examples - tremendous power, perfect balance, deep warm tone and ample clarity between voices in all registers.

Arcangel Fernandez

Like his master Marcelo Barbero, Arcangel's work has played an integral role in defining the archetypal flamenco guitar, which still to this day, serves as the model for contemporary flamenco luthiers trying to obtain that classic, mid-century sound.

Marcelino Lopez

Although a Madrid maker, Marcelino Lopez has always built in the traditional style of Torres, keeping to the smaller body design without the use of double sides, and mostly building spruce tops, with French polish finish.

German Vazquez Rubio "Monarca Elite"

Along with the "Custom Elite", this is the top-of-the-line "double-top" model from German Vazquez Rubio. It features his own soundboard design with a nomex interior, sandwiched between a spruce layer on the inside and a cedar layer on the exterior.

Manuel Contreras "Carlevaro"

Built in the Contreras workshop, this is perhaps the most 'unconventional' and at once 'well-known' model built in all of the 20th century by anyone. The great Uruguayan guitarist, pedagogue and composer Abel Carlevaro is credited with developing the idea in the early 1980's with Manuel Contreras.

Santos Hernandez

Santos Hernandez is one of the elite makers of the historical pantheon - along with Torres and Hauser I in terms of collectibility and historical importance. Santos became a very established maker early in his career as he was known as the builder of the Manuel Ramirez guitar of 1912 that was owned and played by Andres Segovia.

Orfeo Magazine, 6-10

GSI is proud to present the second installment of the gorgeous, coffee-table style book housing issues 6-10 of the online publication, Orfeo Magazine, whose featured articles have profiled the lives and work places of a selection the world's finest classical guitar makers - both past and present.
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