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I think is that in a musical instrument it is not only the single element that matters, but rather the project in its entirety.

Marco was born in the early eighties in a small town in Italy in the midst of vineyards, vegetable gardens and dismantled engines. He comes from a family of hard workers and learned early in life from his father how to hold every type of tool in his hand. As a child he built wooden machines and disassembled (and reassembled) bicycles.

When Marco was 14 years old, music became an indispensable thing in his life and like many teenagers Marco studied guitar and started playing together with friends. During this time, for every 20 guitarists there were 2 bass players and 1 drummer. Therefore, this led Marco to embrace the electric bass. Initially, he borrowed one, then built his own – this was the first musical instrument that he ever made.

Years went by and Marco enrolled in a university to study industrial design. These years had been fundamental for his training as a luthier, because he learned about production processes and design stages. Marco learned about the materials and processes that go into making a product. He lived for 5 years in a fantastic environment, surrounded by friends who were passionate about the most varied forms of creativity. Towards the end of Marco’s studies, he realized that guitars don’t just come out of factories, but that there are also craftsmen who manage to live building splendid musical instruments. So Marco decided to go and meet one; He chose a luthier at random from the yellow pages and the next day he met Dario Pontiggia. Dario immediately proved to be very kind and shared the story of Antonio De Torres. After an hour of conversation Marco Bortolozzo understood that being a luthier is what he wanted to do in life.

Nowadays, Marco is a professional experienced luthier and guitars have become his life. He has built many guitars and has always made sure that his instruments are easy to use, have correct intonation, deep basses, brilliant high frequencies and broad dynamic capabilities. His guitars are the result of the passion and study of the great guitar makers of the past.

2020 Marco Bortolozzo "Torres" SP/MP

What Marco calls “the first classic”, this is his “Torres” model which he tells us is not a literal copy of any one particular Torres guitar, but rather the result of the study of several Torres instruments. The plantilla is taken from FE09 (ex Miguel Llobet) which has been admired for generations of luthiers for its elegance and graceful curves. The guitar is extremely lightweight and efficiently built which results in a powerful, explosive sound with deep resonant basses and singing, voice-like trebles. The guitar has immediate and fast response making it incredible easy to play, particularly for the right hand due to the quick attack. Absolutely delightful to play and hear, this is a fantastic guitar built on the…
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