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Every step in the manufacturing of a guitar is done patiently and carefully.

Luthier Zoran Kuvač is based in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ex Yugoslavia) and has been a full-time luthier for many years. He built almost 300 instruments up to date. Initially, his style was mostly based on traditional Spanish makers such as Torres and Romanillos (he has participated twice in the Romanillos masterclasses) however, his current instruments are based more on the contemporary French school. Zoran is particularly inspired by the work of Dominique Field, especially his bracing system. Although Zoran’s guitars show some structural inspirations, aesthetically his guitars utilize Zoran’s design. He always uses very elegant, high-quality materials.

Zoran has always been fascinated by the sound of the classical guitar. He learned how to play the instrument as a child, but always wanted to create his own guitars. When he was young, he saw a hand-crafted guitar and realized that guitar makers don’t require a factory to build their instruments.

When Zoran moved to Serbia as a result of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993, he didn’t have much opportunities to work and decided to start his career as a professional luthier. Finding a guitar maker to teach him the craft wasn’t easy. Zoran learned his craft from one of the best tamburica luthiers, Duško Rajković who used to work in Sremska Mitrovica. In 1998, Zoran has opened his own workshop. Now, after decades of working as a luthier, he’s certain that his guitars are going to satisfy guitarists. Many well-known players, including Zoran Dukić and Edin Karamazov have played his guitars.

In order to make a beautifully sounding guitar, Zoran picks the finest wood very carefully. Bosnia and Herzegovina is famous for its lush forests. Having more than half of its land in forests, there is access to exquisite wood which lends itself to the manufacturing of guitars. In particular, spruce and maple from Bosnia and Herzegovina are famous for their tonal and aesthetic qualities. Zoran inspects every piece of wood to make sure it is only of the highest quality and will produce the most pleasant timbres.

Zoran usually bases his designs on Friederich, Torres, Dominique and Romanillos Guitars. With these beautiful bases, he carefully and patiently designs all details – from the rosette to the headstock. All parts of Zoran’s guitars are handmade except the tuning pegs.


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