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Behind every incredible guitar is an amazing luthier.

Meet the guitar makers

Over the years we have cultivated important relationships with premiere guitar makers around the globe. These relationships continue the excellence and dedication that Guitar Salon International places on supporting everyone in our guitar community.

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I evaluate the potential of every single piece of wood.

Italian luthier, Giancarlo Nannoni, has dedicated his life to the continuous pursuit and passion of traditional classical guitar making. He’s been working as a guitar maker since 1994. Since his childhood, he’s always been interested in music at an amateur level. He played the guitar, as well as other instruments. He became interested in lutherie when he had the opportunity to visit the violin maker Contavalli in Imola, where he saw raw materials, tools, and became fascinated by the remarkable smell of wood that is always present in any professional workshop. To follow his dream of becoming a guitar maker, he studied all topics relevant topics including physics, acoustics, and classical guitar construction. He also visited many museums to learn…


Master guitar maker exclusively for GSI
Richard Reynoso has been involved with the arts since his youth, having a passion for drawing, music and in particular, playing the guitar. His first guitar was actually one that had been loaned to him for several years, and when the day came for it to be returned, Richard began the search for a new guitar. During that time he learned there were makers around the world crafting these instruments by hand, and was thus attracted to the idea of pursuing the art of lutherie. Aside from the complexity and beauty of the sound what attracted Richard mostly was a combined practice of science, chemistry, art, physics, architecture, design and the music. His formal studies began when he found a…


Master guitar maker exclusively for GSI

The idea is to respond to contemporary demand which is to produce a guitar offering greater volume

We are proud to announce that as Jean-Noël Rohé’s exclusive US dealer, we are within days of receiving our very first instrument from him, his fiftieth guitar. Although we agreed to this collaboration about 2 years ago, after I had been to visit him in Strasbourg (at the advice of both Daniel Friederich and Dominique Field), Rohé insisted that he take the extra time necessary to work out a few subtle design changes to ensure that he would be sending us the best guitar he is capable of both envisioning and building. Well, that time has now come and we are very excited. Photos attached are of the actual guitar, which he will string up tomorrow and ship to us…



I had played the instrument since 1932. In that year I returned to Paris, I couldn't bring my piano with me but I was introduced to the guitar and was captivated at once

Robert Bouchet was one of the greatest makers of the twentieth century and the founding father of what is called today as the “French school of guitar making”. His career was quite unique, because he built his first instrument at the age of 48. It didn’t stop him from establishing a reputation of one of the most influential makers of the twentieth century. Before becoming a luthier, Bouchet was a painter and an artist. He changed his career path, when he decided to built a new guitar for himself. His old guitar was stolen during World War II and this motivated him to try to built his own instrument. Therefore, shortly after the war, in 1946, he built himself a guitar which…


Master guitar maker exclusively for GSI
Manuel Reyes Maldonado was born in Jayena, Granada, Spain, but he has long been associated with the beautiful neighboring city of Córdoba, where his famed workshop was established and is now run by Manuel Jr. Reyes was born on July 18, 1934 and just recently passed away on November 10, 2014. We would like to express our admiration for both his life as a lover of music and for his masterful craftsmanship that we were priveledged to experience over many years of playing and selling his passionately-inspired guitars. His instruments, to us, have always been the epitome of the true flamenco sound – one of boldness, snappy attack, great balance, percussive yet creamy qualities (when necessary) – overall, instruments of Spanish…

See some of MANUEL REYES’s guitars


Master guitar maker exclusively for GSI

I believe that it is necessary to study and to understand the past to be able to act with great correctness in our job today

Gabriele Lodi was born in 1976, and his relationship with the guitar began very early, as his father was a luthier and player. During school, Gabriele would spend several afternoons a week in his father’s shop, where he would take lessons with his father and with many of the players who stopped by. The sound of the guitar moved him, but he never took his playing very seriously, and at 13 he began helping his father in the shop and spent any time away from school in the shop learning to make guitars. At the age of 20, after a year of military service, he began his career as a guitar maker. He worked side by side with his father…


Master guitar maker exclusively for GSI

I use traditional guitar making techniques, but I won’t discard modern methods and materials if they help me achieve better results.

Italian luthier Paolo Coriani’s career began when he took on an apprenticeship at the Masetti workshop in Modena, between 1975 and 1980. In the initial years after setting out on his own, Coriani spent a good amount of time researching, performing, and building hurdy gurdys, as well as classical guitars influenced largely on Kohno and José Ramirez designs. He began making frequent trips to France after meeting and befriending Cristian Aubin, a concert guitarist and guitar maker who specialized in making copies of his 1867 Torres (interestingly, Aubin was also the guitar teacher of Daniel Friederich). Coming into contact with such a monumental instrument was a real pivotal moment of discovery for Coriani – the incredible depth of sonority that…


Master guitar maker exclusively for GSI
Guitar-maker Sebastian Stenzel is a great friend of GSI, whose works have gained great praise among many visiting players who have experienced his guitars in our showroom. Continue below to read about Stenzel’s rise as a luthier and his support for environmental causes. Sebastian Stenzel was born the son of a university professor of German literature and a schoolteacher in Goettingen in 1966. He enjoyed working with wood from a very young age, and he began playing classical guitar at the age of 10. Sebastian made his first guitar at age 13. At that young age, his guitar teacher suggested he choose guitar-making as a profession, seeing that Sebastian was very passionate about the art. Still, Stenzel graduated from high school with…

See some of SEBASTIAN STENZEL’s guitars



The goal of my guitars is to give you goosebumps when you hold them in your hands.

Youri Soroka is a French-Ukrainian luthier from Orléat (Puy-de-Dôme), France. He builds guitars using traditional construction methods and local supplies. Youri used to be a computer software development engineer for a large banking company in Paris. However, at the age of 38, Youri started reading books about guitar-making and cabinetmaking and decided to become a luthier. All of this was triggered by a simple project when Youri wanted to fix an old Czech plywood guitar that he bought for $30 in Ukraine as a teenager. He learned how to replace the soundboard with solid wood and was very satisfied with the result of his work. It motivated him to explore more guitar building techniques. After becoming a full-time luthier Youri’s…
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