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2011 Ashley Sanders #51 Lattice Braced Classical Western Red Cedar East Indian Rosewood

Condition:Very Good
Category:Classical Guitars
- Scale: 650mm, - Nut Width: 51mm, - String Spacing: 44mm at nut and 59mm at the bridge, - String Action at 12th fret: 3.4mm for low E and 2.6mm for high E, - Top: Western Red Cedar, - Bracing: Balsa Carbon Fiber Lattice, - Back/Sides: East Indian Rosewood, - Neck: Brazilian Mahogany, - Fingerboard: Ebony, - Bridge: East Indian Rosewood, - Head Plate: East Indian Rosewood, - Weight: 4lbs 12oz (or about 2.15kg), - Case: Visesnut Premiere (Pearl Black) with black case cover, - Strings: D'Addario EJ45 ---I've purchased this guitar couple of years ago in need of a louder guitar, and this guitar does achieve that quite well. It is not only quite loud and full, but also it can produce really velvety and round sounds. The guitar already had good amount of signs of use (small dings, blemishes, etc.) when I purchased it, but I have taken care of it as best as I can (always keeping humidity around 50% inside the case) while playing it extensively past two years. There are two things to keep in mind: - I have installed a permanent golpeador (tap plate) as I wanted to explore more percussive playing. The sound hasn't been affected other than maybe slightly lessening the boomy bass from before. The most resonant part of the guitar is under the bridge, so I don't think there's much difference in sound from having a golpeador. - There are couple of square transparent thin surfaces that I've installed on the sides of the guitar for suctions cups of guitar support (Neck-Up support) to protect the finish. They are not too obtrusive aesthetically, but they are there and I wouldn't recommend trying to peel it off. Below are some of the things that I love about this guitar and the reasons I am selling it. - The sound of this guitar surrounds the people in front. It has very full and rich sound with good amount of variety in tone color and sustain. It is great for small concert halls without any amplification. (There aren't any classical guitars that don't need amplification in a large hall) I have never played a Smallman, but from what I can hear, it is not nasal like Smallman guitars at all. Overall, this is a splendid guitar of high quality for performance. - Now, there are two main reasons I am selling this guitar: Firstly, it is a bit heavy. I thought I wouldn't mind heavy guitars but I don't think I quite enjoy the weight of it. It does feel quite secure and grounded and when you're playing but it is a bit heavy for me still. Secondly, while I love certain sounds and characteristics of this guitar, I think I prefer the feel and sounds of traditional, lighter guitars more. Honestly, if this guitar was lighter with same sound quality, I would not sell it; but some things have to be sacrificed. From what I know, Ashley Sanders makes only a few guitar per year, and they are not as easy to find, and from what I can tell from the guitar, his craftsmanship is very careful, clean and well-thought out. I hope the Youtube video gives you a rough idea of its sound.
Product details
Guitar maker Ashley Sanders
Model #51 Lattice Braced Classical
Year 2011
Top Western Red Cedar
Back & Sides East Indian Rosewood
Scale Length 650mm
Nut width 51mm
Finish French Polish Top, Lacquer B/S
Country Australia
Condition Very Good


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