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Sold - SKU: GUFLBAR-07963 - Francisco Barba

2022 Francisco Barba CD/CY

Year 2022
Top Cedar
Back & Sides Cypress
Scale Length 656 mm
Nut width 53 mm
Finish French Polish
Country Spain
Condition New
Exchange ExchangePlus


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Of the same generation as Manuel Reyes and Gerundino, Francisco Barba is considered one of the top constructors of flamenco guitars in Spain. He is also the best-known builder in Seville where his guitars have been played by many of the city's top guitarists including Riqueni, Manolo Franco, Nino de Pura and many others. This cedar-topped blanca is visually stunning and features many unique and lovely details including a striking alternation of a red/green motif in the rosette and purfling - the central mosaic being a sequence of red roses with green stems and leaves. Tone is fat and balanced with a lot of punch, volume and flamenco edge. In other words - a very powerful and lively Andalusian flamenco guitar by every measure. Playability is a breeze - it has an easy and sleek neck with low flamenco action and just the right amount of "sizzle" which adds to the authentic southern Spanish flamenco sound. The guitar is also light as a feather - absolutely in line with the best flamencos made by Barbero, Arcangel and even Santos. This is a top concert instrument for any professional flamenco setting - whether on stage or in studio. This is a rare opportunity to own a brand-new instrument from this legendary maker.