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In Stock - SKU: GUCLFER-07824 - Gerundino Fernandez

2021 Gerundino Fernandez Hijo "Negra" SP/PF

Year 2021
Top Spruce
Back & Sides Pau Ferro
Scale Length 656 mm
Nut width 52 mm
Finish French Polish
Country Spain
Condition New
Exchange ExchangePlus


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We are thrilled to have befriended Gerundino Fernandez Hijo, son of the legendary Almeria builder of the same name. He was able to show us a couple of instruments and we were immediately convinced that he possessed the same subtle touch as his late father. This should come as no surprise, as he grew up constantly in the workshop, assisting his father over many years with such tasks as sanding wood, inlaying kerfings, gluing backs and tops, etc. He also regularly accompanied and assisted his uncle Eladio in locating, cutting and selecting the best woods that would eventually become the material for his fathers guitars, and now, his own.

This is an incredible flamenco negra from him built with gorgeous pau ferro for the back and sides. It is a powerful guitar with robust and penetrating trebles and fat, bold basses. The original design of his father has been maintained (including the famous carved head) as well as easy playability and excellent craftsmanship. Overall a fantastic and iconic instrument in every way.

We are very pleased to be representing Gerundino Hijo exclusively in the USA and can highly recommend this guitar to the most discriminating flamenco players.


2021 Gerundino Fernandez Hijo "Negra" SP/PF

Iron Maiden's "The Phantom Of The Opera" by The Bassett Bros on two 2021 Gerundino Fernandez Hijos

2021 Gerundino Fernandez Hijo "Negra" SP/PF

Chris Fossek plays his composition "Camino Cielo (Solea)" on a 2021 Gerundino Fernandez Hijo “Negra”