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L.R. Baggs Anthem SL Nylon Pickup/Internal Mic


The award winning Anthem system with Tru•Mic technology is specifically tuned to track the unique frequencies and dynamic characteristics of nylon string guitars.

Unlike previous internal mics, the patent-pending tru•mic handles the majority of the guitar’s frequency response - well into the magic lower midrange to 250 Hz. The tru•mic also blocks the reflected sound waves inside of the guitar that are responsible for the notorious internal mic “honk” and behaves as if it were outside of the guitar in a studio. The capsule floats inside of the guitar, just 3mm from the underside of the top, delivering unprecedented feedback resistance. An Element undersaddle pickup is used to augment only the lowest frequencies. The crossover rolls the pickup off at 250 Hz, eliminating the quack common to all undersaddle pickups. Hear all of the detail, warmth and personality of your guitar as only a real mic is capable of, without a hint of quack or honk.

Built into the endpin jack is a pure, all-discrete circuit that combines the Tru•Mic and Element pickup for the just the right amount body response and direct attack. This blend is perfectly balanced for all playing styles and is especially natural for percussive performances. The Anthem SL Classical also includes a soundhole mounted remote with volume and mic level trim controls.