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Learning the Classical Guitar, Volume 2


There are five major areas in classic guitar study: technique, reading music, memorizing music, interpretation, and performance. Thus, the three parts of ``Learning the Classic Guitar`` are arranged as follows: Part One: Technique; Part Two: Reading and Memorizing Music; Part Three: Music Interpretation and Performance

These books are designed to help you at whatever your level of accomplishment. Proceed carefully, and you`ll begin to discover and progressively solve the problems which have held you back - this is the most efficient way to fill the gaps in your training.

`Part One` and `Part Two` should be used together. This allows you to simultaneously develop your technique and music reading. Begin `Part Three` as soon as you can confidently play short pieces.

These books are practical guides to learning the guitar. Be assured, however, that the information in these books has been successfully used by many students.