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In Stock - SKU: STLABPR-05259 - Pepe Romero

Pepe Romero Vintage & Flamenco Strings GLOW Light Tension

Tension Light


$20.00 -15%
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Pepe Romero Strings has worked with La Bella to customize this American made set of guitar strings. This set was built with a lower tension clear nylon to bring out the best in your vintage guitar without putting too much stress on the instrument. Also ideal for flamenco guitar, these strings will give you a certain grit when you dig in and will fell easier on your hands. Pepe Romero has been working with La Bella for many years and they have now teamed up to bring you string sets that will boost your instrument's power, sustain, clarity and overall performance. Pepe Romero and La Bella are proud to bring these special strings to you.